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Two Words – Chick Flick!

I was minding my own business, sitting with my laptop composing my next onemikesmind blog post, and not paying attention to the TV my wife was watching. I have to admit, I am a romantic comedy fan. However, I do draw the line when the estrogen level is so high in the plot that … well, let’s just say the opposite hormone can barely be found. Such was the case tonight.

The movie was Bride Wars, from 2009, starring Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway. The two women are bff’s from childhood who end up practically clawing each other’s eyes out before they finally (he chokes back tears) realize their friendship is more important than any jealous rivalry. I was trying to stay focused on the writing at hand, when my wife made a comment. Something that went like, “Kate Hudson’s eye makeup shouldn’t be so smoky on her wedding day, don’t you agree?”

On a side note: I know we guys are not always the smartest when it comes to answering questions from the opposite sex. The famous, “Do I look fat?” question has tripped up many a conscientious, well-mannered fellow. And the “smoky eye” question at first blush seemed pretty straightforward. After quick and thoughtful consideration I responded with a safe “I don’t know.”

Anyhow, the whole “chick flick” dynamic and “smoky eye” question got me thinking: “Should we (read “men”) know whether the wedding makeup is too smoky? Have we been SITC’d (Sex In The City)? Men and women, weigh in on this. Better yet, a poll is appropriate:


  1. Mike- I like this post a lot- It cracks me up a little. I’m married to a man who doesn’t possess a drop of estrogen. I think that makes him hot. It also makes me want to pull my hair out sometimes because he is unable to notice things like smoky eye make-up or other minutiae we women sometimes focus on. But, I get over it-good thing he’s hot. :)

  2. Mike I liked it too there is no right answer when a woman asks you such a question ha ha ha. The vote so far is 100% no so that speaks for itself.

  3. Your post made me laugh! I can actually see you guys in my minds eye and I can hear Cate asking the question. You are wisely deliberating your answer and a resigned look comes on your face before you answer with a non-commited, “I don’t know”. Now Steve may not know the “correct” answer but he has an opinion on everything and is willing to share it with me. I value his opinion but I am careful about the questions I ask. Now back to your situation…….I didn’t even notice there might be something wrong with the make-up, I don’t have an opinion on whether the eye shadow is too “smokey” so I would give the same non-commited answer you did. That is why we are friends.

  4. well.. there might be men like that but today’s generation is so much different.. Boys at my college can completely scan girls from top to bottom about whether a girl has put on make-up or not and its the same story everywhere among guys of my age..believe it or not.. some could even be critical :O :O

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