"It's like taking a nap on that little rug when you were in kindergarten."

He’s So Peaceful … When He’s Sleeping!

Ain't he sweet!

Our little Australian Shepherd puppy, Duke, is now twelve weeks old. For those of you math types, that’s 12/52 weeks = .23 of one year. If a dog year is seven years than he is .23 x 7 years, or 1.62 years old. So basically we have an 18 month old on our hands!

I had ALMOST forgotten what it was like to have a puppy – the last time was eleven years ago. And about twice as long since we had a human, little one. Yes, they do sleep a lot of the time. Seems like 80% of the day. Most of the other 20% is pretty low-key, as well.

However, there is about 7% of the day (one and a half hours!) where the little guy is:

When he hits this “witching hour” there is virtually nothing that can be done to pacify or calm him down. Running like a whirling dervish (what is a dervish, BTW?), he goes from room-to-room, or yard-to-yard in random circles, barrel rolls, and somersaults. The couch that seemed impossible to jump up on, is no obstacle to this hyped up canine – hopping up and down at will, over and over.

To match the “need for speed” he also has to chew on everything in sight. It could be your hands, arms, toes, shoes, the edge of a table or book, or anything else that is not meant for puppy chewing.

All this being said, he is the sweetest puppy ever! In another few, short months he’ll be out of the toddler/terrible two stage and on to adolescence. Until then, we’ll just enjoy him … and hide the shoes!


  1. When Snicker would go crazy like that we called it “the zoomies”. She was a rascal and really she still is even though she is 4 years old in puppy years.

  2. I don’t know if I can go through it for three years ;). He’s good almost all of the time. It’s just that small percentage of the day that’s interesting.

  3. I was cooing over how cute your baby was and then I burst out into hysterics at the sight of the crack dog. Oliver looks just like that when you want to take away whatever booty he’s managed to land his mouth upon – in the beginning, besides being terrified by his bared teeth, I just couldn’t help laughing – those sharp little teeth were such a contrast to his sweet wiggling body. Funny!


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