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The OC’s Guide to Blogging – A 5 Step Plan?

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Welcome to the Orange County guide to blogging, er sorry … Obsessive-Compulsive guide to blogging. More than likely, you’ve already started a blog. Been through these steps in your mind, or on paper. If you’re like me, you might be a little bit on the obsessive or compulsive; or both obsessive AND compulsive (two-for-the-price-of-one!) side of the mental health equation. (Regardless of having been, or not been, clinically diagnosed – and no, I haven’t been in case you’re wondering!). Let’s trace back the five steps to successful OC blogging – that MAYBE I went through; oh, and maybe you did, too:

1. The beginning
Everyone has to start there, and for the OC this is a whole new world of wonder and well, tremendous consternation – jackpot! (Like I didn’t have enough to rattle around in my head!) What should I be blogging about? I need to think about this for days! Stay awake at night, mulling over the possibilities. Ask my friends. Ask my family. Research the blogs. What’s not being done? What can I do better? What do I know? Do I know enough? Do I know ANYTHING? Should it be funny? Serious? Long posts or short posts? Oh no! … what IS a post?

2. Naming the blog
The name has to be perfect. It has to be. I don’t wanna get down the road in a couple of months – when I have millions reading my blog – and have to change it. How will I get all those dear readers to migrate over if that happens – uh, millions of readers?? *pseudo-cough*

Do I use my name, or something that describes who I am, or what I write? Will it be a name people remember? Will they liiiiiiiiikkkke me?? *uncontrollable sobbing*

3. Public or Private?
OMG!!! … do I want my family and friends to know I’m blogging and writing this stuff … about them?? (See #2 above to cyclically start worrying about the name of the blog again). Maybe I should just have it available to my friends … ? No, the world just HAS to read my blog! Otherwise, how will the masses ever experience these narcissistic fantastic, amazing compositions?? Decision made. Must go back to “naming the blog” since this could change EVERYTHING about the name.

4. Write first post
With the first three steps nailed down, it’s off to my first post. It. Has. To. Be. GREAT!! Hear me, self?? Three weeks later – say WHAT?!?! – I’ve written “the perfect post.” Having spent every waking moment, when I’m not working, poring over every sentence … I’m certain the words, so carefully chosen and crafted, flow like honey. Just the right amount of spirited wit and seriousness. So creative and interesting. I’m sure this post will set the blogosphere on fire; it’s gonna go VIRAL!

5. Wait excruciatingly patiently for feedback
The last step (thankfully, you say?) is opening up the post (over and over and over) only to see the hundreds of two comments flooding in during the first five days. Unfortunately, I found out, it’s like that show “48 Hours”: If the feedback hasn’t come in during the first 48 hours, it isn’t coming in! *sound of bubble bursting*

Mind you, this is the simplified version of the process. I would love to hear some of the steps that you took on the OC blogging path (if you care to admit it :)).


  1. The exact process I went through. I went into it telling myself I was writing for myself and it didn’t really matter how many readers I had, but I still stalked my own email and blog for feedback. And every time I get a new follower that I’ve never actually met (like you), I get super excited.

  2. lol Funny post. It is very close to what I went through though. I was so so so excited when I got my first comment.

  3. Critters and crayons says:

    This is hilarious!!! First post? 3 comments is awesome!!!

    • Not that I’m obsessive, but I went back and looked at my first post again to refresh my poor memory – I only had TWO comments. And one of them was my reply :(! Gotta edit my post now …

  4. newmanblake says:

    Haha great post! That’s exactly how I felt/am feeling since I just started my blog. I have such a broad spectrum of interests and don’t really know what all to blog about so basically my blog is just a random collection of things I enjoy.

  5. The final two have become almost a daily routine for me. Unfortunately, I have yet to set the blogosphere on fire. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • I know! What’s up with that?? Maybe we’re not using the right tags – it couldn’t be the content! :)

      • Haha, oh yeah. I come up with all sorts of justifications for why my posts don’t immediately get flooded with readers. If the tags aren’t the problem, it must be the time of day we’re publishing our posts. Yeah! That’s definitely it!
        I always wonder what time of day generally has the best ratio between number of bloggers publishing posts and number of readers surfing the tag pages. In theory, if you could isolate an hour of the day during which, on average, fewer bloggers publish posts, but there are a lot of people surfing the tag pages, you’d receive the most traffic from the tags during that hour than any other time of day, because they’d be bumped back slower while the tag pages are getting more views.
        Yeah, I’ve put a lot of thought into the whole tag thing. ๐Ÿ˜› Unfortunately I don’t have access to WordPress.com’s traffic statistics lol

  6. I hated choosing the title, and then do you use the blog title or your own name for the web ID…ugh the agony! Add to it that I too am a bit OCD and it took a long time to write, rewrite, repost, move around, and decide what to do. Then moving from Blogger to WP. I check my stats on my phone constantly even if I don’t have a chance to post during the day, just to make sure I haven’t driven people away!

  7. I was so young and foolish when I first started my blog…a good 5 months ago :) I literally spent almost 3 months gearing up for it, however. If that doesn’t put me on the OC list, then I’m not sure what will! I have this problem where I think way too hard about something until I just kill it in my head (a gift maybe?) I found that I didn’t find my “voice” until about month 2 in blogging and that is when the followers came. People can tell when you are trying to force something vs. being genuine. Now, if I can just *stop* being obsessive about my stats page, that would be great…

    • You’re right, Cara. Obsessing about the stats page should be step #6! That’s what I can’t get away from now. You have a great blog. I look forward to reading it more.

  8. Before I started The Write Practice, I had a personal blog. It was painful getting by with a dozen views a week and one or two comments. When I started The Write Practice I was determined to avoid that. But I didn’t. Another set of painful weeks.

    But it got better, and I’m so glad it did. I still am obsessed with stats and comments. They fuel the same side of me that once was addicted to video games. Someday I’ll kick that habit. Hopefully.

    • I don’t know, Joe. The stats are tough to shake. I think most of us write to connect with others, and the stats are the confirmation of that connection. Not everyone comments, but they might view our writing anonymously. Thanks for the comment.

  9. Haha sounds like me when I first made my blog! I’m very surprised that I haven’t changed the name or the layout since January 1st! And that I actually carried out my idea over the course of the year when I am one who usually starts ideas and doesn’t finish. I look forward to reading more of your posts! There’s a lot to catch up on.

  10. LOVED your post and can completely relate even though there’s this ridiculously silly side of me that wishes I could say…no, not at all, not me! :)
    I just recently got back into writing after a long, long hiatus. A few friends had mentioned blogging to me; I’ve never been a big internet person…doh doh doh…until now. I was home sick from school a few weeks ago and BAM. I just went for it. Wrote what I was feeling and published it. Mostly I just wanted to design the page! That’s my kind of thing. I didn’t actually think anyone would read it except for my family and my best friends. And then…people read it. And it kind of scared me. And exhilirated me. And made me become obsessed with reading other people’s blogs. And started stalking my own blog!!! My partner keeps reinforcing with me the idea that I did this just for me and not to get hung up on what anyone else thinks. Yup. He’s right. But. But. But….
    Thanks for sharing! And thanks for coming to check me out. I’ll look forward to more great reading on your fantastic blog.
    Happy Friday!

  11. i agree with number 5…. such false hope!

    if you need some laughs or cheering up:

  12. I started blogging earlier this year. About 6 weeks ago, I posted my 100th blog, with the title “The Bloggers Relationship”. You can check my reflections at https://hermitsdoor.wordpress.com/2011/11/20/the-bloggers-relationship/. Finding a good site name is key.

    • Hermit, I enjoyed your comments on the blogger’s relationship. I think the distance bloggers keep between other bloggers differs, but it’s all about relationship and connecting with other communicators.

  13. I have been up and down the blog road from a few thousand readers on an old site to starting over…. Good luck. It is an illness you just have to learn to cope with.

  14. Cave Story says:

    Blogging…not easy really ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. i just post whatever comes out of my head and thats it. didnt care much if its a hit or a miss.

  16. I think I am doing step one and step two at the same time. Now.

  17. Mike! I knew you’d do it! Proud of you for FP! Woot Woot! Glad the FP hunters found your great only-mildly-obsessive post. :)

  18. OC! long live the OCs hahaha. your post is enjoyable. Ive just started blogging yesterday.

    would anybody check it out? also, give me recommendations for good blogs, please!


  19. TheEverydayMuser says:

    Ah, the dilemmas every blogger faces when starting up a new blog. Unfortunately, I didn’t do enough worrying about one of my blog’s names, and ended up having to create a new blog with a new URL…but thankfully, all of my dear readers came along with me! :)

    Nicely written, congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!


  20. I loved this post! It’s so funny and true. I also tend to be a little OC, and blogging just seems to really make it worse. I think I am actually driving my fellow SurlyGurl insane. (Poor Whitney)

  21. K.J. VanH says:

    This is a very well done blog. All I could do was laugh at each comment. I’m going to read it again and again and again and– hey, that’s a form of OC. :>) How funny. Thanks for making this blog!!

  22. Summer Said says:

    I like this post and wish I had looked around at other blogs before I began mine last January. I don’t think I ever got OC over my blog though. Well, that may not be entirely true. I did worry about going public, what anyone would think, who’d really care, etc. Then, I just decided to write what I know and feel and made my blog for me and didn’t care at all. My tag line is, “I’m a girl with a lot on my mind, so I write about it”. Oddly enough, though never pressed or awarded anything, people do come regularly and read my ramblings. The search results thrill me so much! Poland, Argentina, UK, Russia! I think what is key is just to write and not to worry at all about anything. And to write everyday. Do it for the fun of it and they will come. Sort of like that haunted baseball diamond in Field of Dreams….

  23. Scott, you have a nice blog. Check out your link up: When I clicked on your name, it came up as ..com (two dots, instead of one). That may keep readers from getting to your site. Happy blogging.

  24. This is a awesome post. Thanks for tips!


  25. I guess I wasn’t OC enough with my blog because I changed the name of it not too long ago. Your post was really comical and well written. Great read! Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  26. I loved this post… I was like this in the beginning..

  27. Thank you tgbtp!

  28. frenchtippedwanderlust says:

    This was so perfect and true! I enjoy your humor! Had me laughing multiple times! Ironically enough now that you’ve been “Freshly Pressed” you probably will get those “millions of readers” and those hundreds of comments you’ve been hoping for! =)

  29. heavenliner says:

    that is so ME! : )

  30. It’s interesting how most of us go through the same process.

  31. You are bang on with this post. Enjoyed reading it. This one deserve FP for sure.

    • I enjoyed your post on running to your dreams. Thank you for the nice comment.

      • Thanks a lot. I also liked your other posts and waiting to read more from you. Hope we will be in touch after you will get free from replying to these comments. Nice to see someone, who not only replied to comments but also visited blogs of other people after getting freshly pressed. Best wishes to you. :)

  32. isn’t blogging just a way to express yourself? does it matter if anyone notices? ok, silly question. i could easily express myself in a private journal that no one would ever see. but, blogs are public. anyone can look, see and judge. we all want to be looked at (more hits is good) and seen. we all hope to be judged favorably. although just being noticed can be nice.
    obsessive, compulsive? don’t bother. too much thought is a waste of time. just put it out there. it gets noticed or it doesn’t. don’t tie your self esteem to the success (or failure) of your blog. just do it because you have something to say.
    i’m not looking to be flamed. i agonized just like you and many other bloggers when i first started blogging. then reality set in. i am very comfortable with my blog and my posts. how many hits do i have? how many people *like* my posts? how many comments do i get? it doesn’t matter. i blog just because i enjoy putting my thoughts (mostly recipes :-) out there.

  33. I think I just diagnosed myself having OCD by comparing myself to you.

  34. Omg great guidelines!! These are the steps I took for my blog too.

  35. Hey great post…. I have just started blogging and whatever you said was spot on man!!!
    But i also like the first comment by Scott. In my opinion you are just expressing yourself… it doesn’t matter what is the other guy’s opinion is.. your views is not dependent on others. But i must agree a good discussion is also required to share views…
    Just posted a article in my blog… waiting ‘excruciatingly’ for the feedback… i like that part :-)

  36. Great post.. and the waiting is the most painful stage.. especially you have no viewers for days.. ๐Ÿ˜€

  37. mm523, it’s so true, isn’t it? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  38. I tend to be a bit lazy when it comes to blogging. I like talking about myself without giving out specific details (odd…). I heard somewhere if you want to be recognized (at least about blogging) you have to introduce yourself. that’s just not me.

    Anyway, in order for me to have the discipline to write in my blog, I made a writing challenge. It is a 30-day writing challenge where I write about random topics from different sites – essay type. I also gave myself a target – 250-words per post.

    It is also (excruciatingly) painful to wait for feedback, but I learned to be patient. Just when you thought no one’s reading your blog, someone pops up…

    So far, I’m on my third 30-day challenge. And I love it. Gives me a place to practice my writing skills.

  39. Joe Labriola says:

    Haha great guidelines!

  40. booksfan13 says:

    i specifically named my blog so others wouldnt know its the realme although i just randomly write, my problem is the first tab i always open is gmail so i can check if anyone has commented or liked:P
    got my first two likes today! yay!

  41. Very funny how you smile while reading this cuz’ it’s like starring into a mirror. I’m glad I’m not the only blogger who has these battle of emotions!

  42. word! is `laughing` thank you for that!

  43. Oh, yes. The ‘writing for self’ argument holds – until no one else notices. Don’t think I’ve felt like this since I was a small child. Problem is, as an adult, you’re not allowed to go around with the sulks so much. The whole thing is a bit of a pendulum of hope – keep writing for self and enjoy it and if folk come along to visit, then get the kettle on and bring out the refreshments ๐Ÿ˜‰

  44. The Pencil Pirouette says:

    I used to do this when I was blogging during my college years. Now that I’m working (and started a new blog) I just can’t be overly meticulous, otherwise I’ll only have a new post every two weeks or so. But I still think of whether I should have an overall theme or weite about anything that catches my fancy. I chose the latter. It’s much less complicated. So yes, I guess I’m not OC anymore. Hurrah for me!

  45. Nice!… #3 is interesting

  46. Yeeeeah. Don’t forget the “Oh. In order to get famous, I actually have to *work!?*” and the “another post?” in a plaintive, pathetic voice…

    That’s me. ๐Ÿ˜€

  47. This was priceless. Seriously hilarious. I was diagnosed with OC many years ago, and either I’ve outgrown it or I’ve become so used to it that it doesn’t faze me. Anyway, your tips on blogging are great, and the way you presented them, even better. Thumbs up :)


  48. a blog is like any relationship…
    Express it. Nurture it. Obsess over it. Over-anaylize it. Sleep with it. Talk about it. Then look for another. ; ) cute post.

  49. slightly discouraging for bloggers just starting out… but entertaining nevertheless

  50. Lol; i can totally relate to this! I have attempted a couple of blogs in my time, but the perfectionist nature of my personality often slows down the posting process. I also found it difficult to dream up topics that i considered could be deemed worthy of discussion. And then it was imperative that anything i said on the matter HAD to be better than anything anyone else may have stated on a similar subject. : )
    As well, having recently commenced a new blog, i too have experienced disappointment upon not receiving an instant fan base. I suppose it comes with time and interesting writing. The good news is i am confident that my current project will not burn out, as there is a core theme on which it is based. I’d love it if you checked it out; it is a record of the soon to be commencing year of my life, in which i am throwing in my career and moving interstate in an effort to find contentment and discover my dreams. http://www.theyeariquitmylife.com
    best of luck, OCD fellow blogger!
    Michelle x

  51. Healthy Freedom says:

    Too funny and so true it was a bit scary!! I’m still “obsessing” over all the steps… loved it!

  52. Great, fun plan!

  53. sooo true…it’s like you’ve read my mind… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  54. Tom T Hall once said the most important thing for an artist to have was identity. One should know what makes them unique.

    I am the world’s only physician bluegrass fiction writer. It might not be hip, modern, or sexy but at least I am unique.

    Dr. Tom Bibey, author, “The Mandolin Case”

  55. Too painfully true, yet funny. I wrote about a dozen stories before I began my blog — just in case I’d run out of ideas. Then I chucked some of those out after I began blogging. I also start with one idea and it morphs into something entirely different by the time I’m ready to write. O.C.? Yeah, I’m there. Keep up the great posts.

  56. First timer here. Oh my … if it were only that easy! Thanks for the simplicity!

  57. I had just recently done a post entitled ” Blog Envy” …and mentioned being obsessed with my page views. I had to laugh when you said “opening up the post (over and over and over) only to see the hundreds of three comments”….
    Congrats on being Pressed !!…. Now you have a bit more than 3 comments to read ๐Ÿ˜‰

  58. Oh, how I needed this! The thing with being OC is that you obsess about whether a) you are OC and, if so, b) how many people know that you are OC.

    It is very comforting to know that I am not alone. After ruminating, obsessing, scenario-building, etc. I started my first blog 3 weeks ago. I felt like I was shouting into the abyss and I seriously wondered if I would get any response. Then I received my first comment. To my first post. I wanted to throw a party. But I was too busy checking my stats. And writing drafts of my next 10 posts. just in case I run out of things to write about. and I’m not sure if my title is eye-catching enough.

    So thanks for giving us neophytes some comfort. I don’t have any additional steps to add; I just keep repeating the 5 steps. over…..and over….and over….

  59. As a first time “proper” blogger (not counting those angsty “woe is me” blogs), my mind is blown with the complexity of the blogosphere. Thank you for the article and hopefully I’ll survive in the long run!

  60. i’m a starter now (though I’ve not started actually). I signed up for wordpress some weeks ago just to comment on some of the blogs I love. I want to start a blog soon of my own. It won’t be easy but i strongly hope it to be as you’ve mentioned.

    Congrates on FP.

  61. Not Corey, hang in there and continue writing.

  62. The most important elements in this thing are to trust and surrender with developed discernment. First though you have to survive the authors first five steps. Once that is accomplished your on the way. Maybe, hopefully, most certainly? If that doesn’t work just “shut up and blog”. Lastly isn’t life a work in progress? Wow, there you go let me put that title down so I can work it later. (In my – probably not going to go viral so get over it – folder.

  63. I started on a whim with no research. I write about my experiences. I mulled over the title for a brief second. I edit a million times sometimes even after it’s been posted. And I obsess about the stats. Why aren’t people reading my awesome posts?

  64. I started one on the only thing I felt like I knew enough about: literature. It’s brand new, so we’ll see how it goes! Luckily I picked my name pretty easily–which is lucky, considering I can never. Ever. come up with usernames.

  65. Love this post and,yes, the process was not dissimilar. Chief difference was that I knew what I wanted to write about, being a frustrated travel writer. Having started I’m glad to say that it’s hard to stop.
    Must now go and have a look at what else you’ve applied yourself to- cheers from another obsessor.

  66. After reading this post of yours, I guess I am OC. I know I am! But now, you made me know for sure…There’s a sixth step somewhere – writing ‘About’ – oh well, it goes into No. 1 ‘The beginning’. “(a work in progress)” – that’s Brilliant.

  67. I write about my experiences too… but I don’t want it to be same old, same old. So I am trying to have some unique experiences!

    Or I just find creative ways to write about everyday life.

    I can relate to your post, fun to read, thanks!

  68. 3 comments? Wow you are good. I only have one comment so far! Any help please :) I am definitely a bit OC about my blog though.. 14 posts in. ๐Ÿ˜› I write daily though so hopefully my work will pay off soon :) I’m an artist and post pictures of my work.

  69. so funny! and (unfortunately) true!


  70. sam frazer

    5 percent of what you said is true . if you have to worry about so many variables then i am sure you will have problems down the road with content and with the masses.

    its simple —blog on a topic that you know a lot about then continue to build on that same topic by giving daily or weekly updates

    the internet is vast. and over time the viewership will build…looking on the catagories you blog about you are all over the place.. you will not have enough content to build readership so i just believe you gone about it in the wrong way…

    very few made instant sucess ..To .building an audiance is like trading the stock market..very few made it big over night, however the market is so vast/global and placeing small bets and wait with some patience you will make it big

    so calm down you will do just fine….remember you cannot please everyone…some will say your content is great.. others will say its not worth the paper its written on.

    O by the way i just start blogging about Forex on wordpress.com .. You see so many NEWBIES out their in blogisfaire want to know how to make money with Forex if i give them the how to strategies for free they will come over time
    I am a resident of fullerton here inthe OC….my blog is http://kcsystems.wordpress.com

  71. I loved this post mj! I’m embarassed to admit that all of your steps have just described my yesterday evening and I am still on the last one :)

  72. Such a precise documentation of the stages every blogger goes through. Really liked it…and what I want to admit in addition is ‘going back and forth to the Dashboard and check the site stats and the increase in number of views, after publishing a post’. It’s really funny but still something obsessive/compulsive.

  73. I have run, trudged, and leapt through all all these steps, often in a quite unorthodoxed manner. But now that I have this guide, I am sure I can tackle it all in a more orderly manner.

    Great post.

  74. ancientfoods says:

    Wow, reading this is like looking into a mirror! Sometimes you pick the perfect name like ( ancientfoods) but sometines the name isn’t quite right-do
    i change it or what. So I am there, have been there and understand. It’s good to know there are others out in the blogging world who feel the same!

  75. I think being slightly obsessive/compulsive is prerequisite to blogging. I started out not wanting to blog at all (a friend convinced me to try it) and I came up with my blog name in about 2 seconds. Now I’m afraid I’m stuck with it for eternity. And my first post was terrible. In my defense, I was only writing to myself at the time. Congratulations on being FP and thanks for dropping by my blog.

  76. spot on… have gone through still on step three, rethinking step 2 … slowly getting to step 4 and that word perfect 1st blog. : )
    This post is so me.

  77. This post is so me, it’s not funny. Am still on step 3 and beginning to rethink step 2. Perhaps after reading this post I will get to 4 & 5. : )

  78. You’ve got it in a nutshell! Disarmingly true! It is SO much like 48 hours haha.

  79. Wow ….

    Are you really that OC? Or are you getting your hit count up?

    I can’t help much on the former. But, the latter just takes a little marketing.

    • Wayne, I’m going to say, both! I would like to resonate with readers, but I want to be coherent and readable. Am I saying anything earth-shattering? Probably not, but maybe I’m a good diversion ;)!

  80. The only thing I knew for sure when I started blogging was the name. And I even cheated on that, it was my old license vanity plate that I used to use in the news business. The rest was, and still is, trial and errors. Great post.

    • First of all, I LOVE the name of your blog – my wife is a former anchor/reporter/newspaper/radio person as well! Second, I think your writing is fantastic! Thanks for the kudos!

  81. remember that show the oc???? that was great!

  82. melissakoski says:

    Great post!

  83. The first post – come to that, the first comment. Well, to be honest I saw the first comment in fairly selfish light – there was a link on my stats page that seemed to suggested if I commented on others it would increase the likelihood of others viewing mine.

    As for my first post(s), as any reader can probably tell, they haven’t had a huge amount of OC attention, but that was mainly on purpose as that comprises part of the change I wish to make to the way I approach life. For years I’ve felt that I’d like a stab at blogging – I started once and then deleted the account. I decided no way on earth would anyone want to read what I have to write. But this time, its more about choosing to take action rather than no action & to deal with any failure (or success) that is produced. SO, if no one reads what I write or even if people read it & dislike it – I do not intend to let that bother me – it’s a personal exercise & even if I fail as a blogger I will till have succeeded.

    Corned beef sandwich anyone?!

  84. how’s my blog guise?? i think it’s a pretty nice name with super dope contents!

    if you wanna learn about how to personalize your denim, then come thru!

  85. All of this is so true. My blog (The Chronicle) is only a couple months old, so this stuff is fresh for me. Once things get going, I noticed that when I post two or three times in a day…those are my busiest days so make sure you post a lot.

  86. exactly!! glad I’m not the only one. Took me like a month to pick a name, and I’m still not sure I’m happy with it.


  87. this article pretty much sums it up for me….:)

  88. Oh no, you’ve diagnosed me as an OC blogger! Thank you for such a fantastico blog post, really made me chuckle. Feeling super glum now remembering how utterly LAME my first blog post was (*flinch). Congratulations on making the Freshly Pressed too. Your style of writing is right up my street, great to read!

  89. Lo mรกs difรญcil es elegir el nombre. Y tambiรฉn muy difรญcil aguantarte las ganas de cambiarlo… :)

  90. Totally feel the same…always waiting for feedback on the posts…and pitying the world for missing out on such “genius” work…

  91. Yep, pretty much how I started! Congrats on being freshly pressed.

  92. haven’t tried yet, so it’s interesting that it leaves me wondering what blogs are doing well….?

  93. Step 5 is where the real compulsion comes in. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve refreshed my stats page today.

  94. Well since I’m new at this I won’t judge.Very interested to see what others write. I’ve just noticed above the: Please leave a comment: it says Previous 1 8 9. Does that mean you have Nine pages of comments.

    How do you get to page Two?

    • Screenprintr, Just keep pressing “Previous” and it will take you to page 2… :) Hope that helps… I too am new at the … I am searching how to start my blog as I navigate through the VA System … ERrrrr… LOL !!! Good luck !

    • Joy is correct on getting to page two. Best to you and your blog.

  95. I just started blogging last weekend! I’m dying just to get up to 3 comments…

  96. looks like you got your feedback within 48 hours.

  97. lifeloveandbaby says:

    I had a small inkling that I might be OCD, but now you’ve confirmed it. I went through every one of those five steps. I did admit to the first part of being OC – obsessive at least when it comes to blogging and checking my stats (no less than every 5 sec!). But what a relief to know I’m not the only one!

  98. Step Whatever (I have no idea how many steps people have written by now):

    Not being able to sleep at night because you have a post in your head that you need to write down and then getting writer’s block the next day and constantly editing what you wrote because it just doesn’t sound as good as it did when you thought about it the night before…and, yes, I know this is a runon sentence because that is exactly how this conundrum works for me.

  99. Yup. Me too. I must check in every hour on the hour to see all my, ha! comments. But, who cares really. I have fun doing it ( blogging) it gives me some satisfaction so I guess it’s achieved SOMETHING.

  100. Hi mj,

    I began blogging last month and am 3 posts young.

    For years, I fought (and won) the ‘I don’t want to blog just because everyone is doing it’ battle. I finally began last month because I was ready.

    The naming (of the blog) process was longer than I expected, but it was worth it because it captures exactly what I want my blog to be about.

    Anonymity was a given from the moment I decided I was going to blog. If people read, I’ll be thrilled. If they don’t, wish they would. But mostly, I am happy writing anyway.

    A part of me is dreading my blog may go viral one day (cue: laughter among the ranks) because I don’t know how to deal with fame in the cyber world. I only have a lil’ experience dealing with a lil’ bit of recognition in my lil’ bubble-of-a-world.

    I went back and read a couple of your earlier posts, and I noticed that you have responded to practically every comment. Wow. That doesn’t just require effort, but it also requires someone to be nice to acknowledge everyone who took the time to have their say.

    Congratulations on being FPed! And good on you for being so nice to those who commented!

    Best wishes,

    • Kate, thank you so much for the kind words!! I wrote a reply previously, but somehow it has gotten separated from your comment and I can no longer find it. I love your blog and the dedication to your daddy – it’s what every daddy hopes to hear/see from his daughter. Thanks again!

  101. I must say that i am kind of loving this post. Being slightly OC myself i definitely experienced a lot of what you described here in my walk towards beginning a blog. Espically the naming stage of things.

    Eck imagine how bad it would be starting a business or trying to decide on a name for a website with these tendencies! Now that would be a nightmare

  102. I have experienced absolutely none of that …coughing whilst saying this. This post had me laughing from the beginning to the end and its all very true as well. On a side note I am considering changing, well shortening, the name of my blog in January 2012 and no it hasn’t gone viral at all. The name is just to long.

    Congrats on being FP

  103. Funny, but I guess all of us who wrote here are going or went through this.. I think everyone should write a blog only because they like it,they want it,they have time or they can help others with info. Otherwise there’s no point..you can’t really learn to blog..if you have no real reason… and if you are good,and like to blog,in time..someone will find you and read you. Some are writing ‘fiction’ things just to have more readers… I guess that’s one way to do it… And yes, I opened your page just because I saw you on freshly pressed..otherwise it’s difficult finding anyone here!!!!

    • simphonyblue, very good comments! There are so many reasons to write. I’m finding that if you want an audience to read your writing, you can reach out and connect with other bloggers, like you and I are doing right now. Your blog is marked private. Do you have a public blog as well?

  104. Hahaha this is so me! Add to this my OC-ness when it comes to posting. I always make sure that my paragraphs and photos are evenly spaced. And before publishing, I try to meticulously proofread everything like the grammar, sentence construction and basically the entire post. Im a certified OC blogger. Haha

  105. Edgar Ritman says:

    Good post, but it seems like you are approaching this wrong.
    A good blogger should never worry about what other people will think. You worry too much, you want to make a blog most will like, not something you will. That will result in cheap content.
    You just gotta write about whatever you think and like, and hope you gather around people who think the same way as you do. Kissing ass never works out in the long run.

  106. Great post. Love the humor and honesty. :) Good advice perfectly wrapped in just the right amount of laughter and reality!

  107. Interesting blog…

  108. I have found that blogs have about a 3 day life. My average views per day is probably 10 to 20 (with some of those being the same person reading several things). Then for unknown reasons, I may have 60 to 100 in day. Then 3 the next. Fickle world. Comments? If in that 99% of the readers remain silent. Siblings are good for regular, and thoughtful responses. Friends usually respond directly when we meet.

  109. I have nearly the exact same post but entitled “Ways to Write a K-Pop Blogpost” (because K-Pop is huge now and i’m just stealing the irony)

    Same feeling everytime i wanted to write so ended up just one post a week. then, i decided to do a 30daybloggingchallenge..scary ride still into my 11th day.

    but we all love the adrenaline rush rite:) keep up the great work.

  110. Why waiting for the feedback? A real writer should not care about that. He knows that what he writes down should exist in this world, regardless of what his contemporaries say.
    He senses this in his soul and simply has to express it because he feels responsible as the unique “chosen” one infested with this complex emotion that needs be.

    • Kamiel, I hear what you’re saying, but some write TO the audience. For example, a comedian wants someone to laugh, a poet may want to read to the audience, etc. Thanks for the comment.

  111. Congrats MJ! Well done, sir!

    I think the most important thing is to just write a lot. We’re all gonna publish some stinkers, but if you put enough posts up something is bound to stick. haha That sounds like a really pessimistic theory! Anyways, I’m happy to see you Freshly Pressed. Keep up the good work!

  112. so you got more than 3 replies then? lol

  113. My first step to creating a blog was to accept the fact that I am completely nuts and to just write whatever pops into my mind on any given day. I went from 2 to 3 hits per day on my first year in 09 to 200 to 300 hits per day presently. Only because I pay people to read them. (only kidding) If you want to blog you have to blog about your passion, which to me is humor. If you have that passion, whatever it is, you will never run out of things or subjects to write about. Each day I take the MisfitWisdom blog and turn current events into humor from my own demented perspective. It seems to work so I stick with it.

  114. Oh gosh my friend and I were so OC about blogging that it took months before we finally got around to launching it. It still amazes me that our blog exists given how we nitpicked every little tiny detail. Is it the right font? How about the size? The color? What categories are we gonna use? Should we have a footer or a side bar? Etc etc. Even until now, we are OC-ing about everything but we’ve learned to relax a bit and let people love us or hate us.

  115. I’m new to the game and appreciate your post. You preach well to the OCD blogger choir!

    My secret: once I accepted that the world (like my wife) probably wouldn’t think I was funny, all was well.

    • Yet another blog name I wish I would have thought of! Congrats on Claire, and btw … how did Christian get the big guns?? Isn’t DNA cruel sometimes? ๐Ÿ˜‰ hehehe I have two brothers myself.

  116. I started off as a no one. However, I wrote an article which a famous blogger seemed to like, he tweeted my post, and that helped a lot! Just continue to write your best and you will be noticed one day!

  117. so true, i struggle with the OCD and the right brain creativity. i’m still new to this blogging world i want to make a creative outlet for myself, but have them organized in three separate blogs. its good to know i’m not alone. :)

    • You are adventurous with three separate blogs, angelsunshine. I like what you’re doing on your blog. Good stuff. Keep it up. Oh … and I say “put a ring on it.” Woops, did I say that out loud?? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  118. Kate, thanks so much for the kind words. Your blog dedicated to your daddy is really great! Keep on writing.

  119. My Congrats on being chosen for “Freshly Pressed.” I have been with WordPress for about five years with two different blog sites. The current site just surpassed 19,000 hits. I have received such joy from my WordPress family over the years in feedback and comments during that time. There is never a week that passes, that I feel that my non-profit published poetry (which serves the homeless cause in Texas), in some small way helps someone in their own struggles in life, by my own personal sharing of my life struggles, and gained insight through my poetry.

    • Wow! Congrats on 19k hits. That’s amazing. I’m really enjoying blogging and making connections with fabulous writers/poets like you. Great that you’re helping the homeless as well. Thanks for the kudos.

  120. aewl, I can’t believe how similar our two posts are! I actually think you captured a few things that I missed. If any new bloggers are reading this, please see aewl’s link above. It’s really good.

  121. MJ Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! I am glad that I finally stopped by your blog. I am not sure how I missed it!

    I can relate so well to what you have written; especially the part about refreshing the page only to see that I have had only 1 view in the last 4 hours….ouch! Isn’t it soooo cool to see THESE views???? I think you get about 1 per second for hours!

  122. Good write up.

  123. Point 5 is the one I relate to. It was incredibly disspiriting to realise that a lot of page views over at my old blogging platform came from Russian spambots (which is why I migrated to WordPress in the first place). Anyone who can figure out how to consistently get comments from visitors is a blogging hero in my book…

  124. I’m going through this now, a young blogger trying to get my blog seen, followed and and enjoyed by viewers. Its progressing slowly….but I guess thats what it takes sometimes. 1coffeehouse.wordpress.com. Do you have any other advice that you could share with me?

    • See my thoughts on the comment to Matthew, below. Amber, I think you really have to look at what others are doing well and what you might need to improve. Your writing is good. I like it.

  125. Well, it seems you made it :) I guess Iโ€™m going to go through the same process, since Iโ€™ve just started blogging. I never thought writing was so hard, last time I did it at school. :)

  126. Very well written. I went through all this too. My blog “askanadulttohelp” is a bit of a keyboard full to type so I”m still angsting over whether to change it before I too gets millions of visitors. Ha ha.

    • Thank you Paula. I like the term craftalicious! It’s a tough decision on the name. You have to be comfortable with it. If you’re not, you might try something else.

  127. dagagda

  128. “So creative and interesting. Iโ€™m sure this post will set the blogosphere on fire;”

    Sure did! Congrats MJ :)

  129. This is so true! And congrats on the Freshly Pressed!

  130. I can really relate to your blog…………..that is me now…..struggling to put the right words down and hoping it doesn’t sound lame……..spending hours wondering how I’m going to write it and do I have enough info to put down. I started one and eventually deleted it because I came to a dead stop, even though I had lots to say, just couldn’t find the right way to put it. I think it’s called brain freeze…………dead stop in the water. Well I’ll just keep trying until, hopefully, it all comes together. At least now I know that I am not the only one who is struggling.

    • It is a struggle. Sometimes I write parts of four or five posts and a sixth one is the one I actually post to the blog. I keep the pieces of the other ones and sometimes I get back to them, sometimes I don’t.

    i’m all the day thinking:

    even is kinda annoying sometimes ” i need a psychologist LOL!!! “

  132. I’m always obsessing about how often I should write. Should I be writing every day? Every other day? I put this expectation on myself that I need to write everyday so I feel guilty if I take a day off. Ugh! Totally relate :)

  133. I kind of loathe myself for editing my posts after I publish them. It’s never ending!

  134. Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed! For me the way to get started is just to write. Don’t worry so much about the quality of every word, (so long as your spelling and grammar is reasonably OK :) ). It’s like learning to play an instrument, it’s not going to be perfect straight up, that takes practice. But the only way to practice is by doing, right?

  135. Oh my goodness, you have hit every painstaking step that goes into blogging!! Perhaps we should start an online “Bloggers Anonymous” group.

  136. isarandomthinker says:

    Oh my God, this is totally what I did when I made my blog haha. Thinking about how should I name it, should I use English or my mother language, should I make it serious or not, and things like that XD. Even until know, whenever I want to write a blog post I will think about it all day on my way to school, in the train, in the lab, in the cafetaria, in the train… Then I check for responds at least twice a week. I do think I’m OC after all :p

    Nice post! Glad to know that I’m not alone ๐Ÿ˜€

  137. Anitha, send me your link so I can check out your blog. Thanks for stopping on my blog and for your nice comment.

  138. Bravo, you have hit the nail on the head and pushed it clean through the board!!

  139. D*** true! Reading this brought me so much fun. Should I say laughter. Seriously, you said it all in a humorous way and that’s simply, BRAVO! (A big hand to MJ, please!) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  140. Funny and true! I guess you got your viral post after all, congrats. :)

  141. Hilarious! Exactly what I went through ๐Ÿ˜› and i’m sure almost everyone else has too.

  142. Great post– and spot on. Happy Blogging!

  143. Patience is the key. Haha!

  144. Jeez! You just described my last 2 weeks! :$

  145. OMG! I am soo glad that there are people like me….Its a relief to know I am not the only one!….
    Btw…I also obsessed about my dashboard and the number of hits in the first week ๐Ÿ˜› Guess thats normal too eh…;)

  146. Sounds like the story of every blogger’s life! Though 3 comments over 5 days on the first post is marvellous performance isn’t it? Or is it just me, because I probably got like 3 comments over 5 months. Patience is definitely key.

  147. You speak sooth!!! Congrats! I am so happy to find you on freshly pressed. I’ve been in bloggers block for a while and you have me inspired to come through with some blogs again.

  148. :-) Going through the same thing. I have about 15 posts, but I am not very ‘comfortable’ letting the ‘world’ know about my posts. This is mainly because I don’t think I have found the write subject area to blog about. Good post

    • It’s okay to throw them out there and see what resonates with your readers. I think you have to dip your toes in the water first and find your voice second. IMHO ;).

  149. It’s like reading my thoughts only someone wrote it for me but better and funnier. Cool post!!! Congrats. Happy Holidays.

  150. I went through the same process, although I dont neccesarily have a problem on what to blog about. My issue is that, due to my blog being public, the Goose, which to a certain extent is an alter ego, is in fact the goodie two shoes side to me and pretty politically correct. And the real me is in fact the “evil twin”. So my blogs are perhaps only 50% me, for there are certain boundaries I have when it comes to my private life that I dont care to share with everyone.

    • Understandable, goose. It depends on how comfortable each person is and how much you want to put out there. Thanks for stopping by.

    • Benoni Goose, I feel the same way. I actually already have a ton of things I’ve written, mostly crazy, haphazard and daunting experience I’ve gone through but I’m indecisive of how to go about posting them because I want to maintain a level of discretion and respect for the people in those crazy stories, aka the people in my life who I don’t want to inadvertently defame. I’ve had several people tell me to write a memoir of some sort, but I’ve always kinda laughed at the idea. I feel I can’t really do that unless it’s under the blanket of an alter ego that appears fictionalized. I still feel unsettled on the boundaries I want though. Any advice? I know I’m asking you randomly here but I’m just curious about how you went about it.


  151. Great Humor. Do you also obsess about the comments you leave?
    ….Just Asking

  152. Mine was on the same lines, a little different:
    #1 – Most of my friends have a blog, so should I.
    #2 – Name issue (My blog’s name has been changed thrice to arrive at what it presently and finally is)
    #3- Where all to socialize my blog.
    #4 – Panic attack on very few (nearly zero) visitors and/or comments (my blog stats for the first whole year were 478…. in the second year they are way above 50k)
    #5 – Before, every post… what do i write about, and after every post – did i put it up well?

  153. You should check out my blog for some cool stuff

  154. Funny! Spot on with #2!

  155. Orange County guide to blogging, er sorry โ€ฆ Obsessive-Compulsive – absolutely love it! V.funny!

  156. Awesome! and totally guilty as charged! :)

  157. How about being jealous of those blogs with hundreds of Followers…. “what’s so great about what they write??? All they’re doing is posting photos of their grandkids/recipes/whatever…” Your list was great. Thanks for the early morning laugh.

  158. Hahaha I can relate!

  159. Lovely! Found myself laughing and blushing as I read.

  160. You nailed it! Loved this post! :-)

  161. Great comments, PAZ! All true, too. And yes, I go back and reread posts and edit them when I find errors. I know, kind of crazy, but what can I say? Happy blogging, my friend!

    • btw … I am so stealing the word maundering that you had on your blog tagline!

      • Steal away. And thanks so much for visiting it and commenting the other day, even though I was disappointed at myself for not taking down that tester post you came across. And for subsequently misleading you. Terrible. I did come up with at least the title of that post though. ha. See like someone else said on here, I’m guilty of starting two blogs at once, which is probably a terrible idea for an OC. hehe. Anyway, that one you saw is meant to be a future portfolio self hosted site of some of my media production pieces (I’m a recent grad and desperate for work). so if you’re interested, I can keep you updated if and when I create the site. Yes? For now though, I just plan on posting on my other blog. Cheers!

  162. Thanks Jake!

  163. Nope, nothing to add; you nailed it perfectly! Step 5 is the eternal hell I live in 3 months later. Guess step 6 would be the acceptance that those narcissistic yet fantastic thoughts aren’t all that interesting and step 7 would be denial, lol.
    Really nice post to help me realize I’m not alone. Thanks. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Thank you for the sweet comment! Your blog is well done. I’ve found that connecting with other blogs is very helpful. There are some great writers, photogs, and poets in the blogging world.

  164. Ah, not just me then. Excellent.

    Not that I obsessively think about what to blog or anything. Goodness me, no…

  165. I had a hard time with step 2. Hahahaha

  166. Great work here indeed. As I write, I’m learning just to clear my head, do some research and reading of articles and books and just throw it out there. VERY good advice though!!!

  167. Nice post…I can relate to your #5 especially….ahh the wait is excruciating at times!

  168. Sometimes it is, and sometimes it’s not spontaneous, unfortunately.

  169. I love these tips LOL.

    #5 hits home…I wrote a post about visiting Green Bank, WV, a place with a satellite dish that supposedly contacts aliens. I thought a lot of people would comment, but only one LOL. She said the problem is people may think it’s a short story instead of what really happened to me. Oh well.

    Keep smiling,

  170. Grace, can you do strike through on comments? I’ve tried to figure out how, but can’t. Anyone??
    Thanks for the comment!

  171. Thank you, Joshua!

  172. Funny and absolutely accurate! I OC’d about the layout and “Theme” for weeks… I must have changed it five times… because it shouldn’t just sound brilliant it should look beautiful too, right?! Great post!

  173. I really like your last post (12/11/11). Really well written. You are quite clever, my friend! Keep writing!

  174. Haha… I’ve started new blogs a bunch of times and have gone through this process pretty much each time, especially the name thing.

    I thought my last blog had a cool name, but I couldn’t really keep up with the format of what the name was. For my most recent blog venture, I just decided that using my name would work.

    • Josh, I like your line from your About page: “… Iโ€™m fairly certain that more are laughing at me rather than with me.” Whoa, I know that all too well!

      Thanks for stopping by, my friend.

  175. Great post MJ!

    When I started my blog I went through a lot of the same mental gymnastics. “Does the world really need another beer blog?” “Haven’t thousands of people already written about this stuff a million times better than I could?” “Should I wait a couple of weeks before I tell people about my blog so it doesn’t look like an anemic little thing with only two posts in it?” “Does this theme make my blog look fat?”

    It’s like setting a great table for dinner. You adjust the silverware, plates and glasses a hundred times to make sure everything is perfect. Think of all the clever little things you’re going to say during conversation – and then hope someone shows up.

    Keep up the good work – and congrats on being “freshly pressed”!

    Ed – TDoB

    • Ed, thank you so much! It means a lot coming from anyone who says “Does this make my blog look fat?” hahaha That is awesome! I may *steal*, I mean borrow that sometime ;). And great analogy on setting the table – very true. Love your sense of humor.

  176. OC? Me? Shut the front door!

    Does leaving a comment in my own blog count as feedback? If I opened my blog without logging in, does that count as a visit? Why is it that I have no site stats when I check on them at 12:05AM? Where is everybody? Isn’t OC good for pain?

    I heard that there is a secret limit to the number of times that you can ‘Preview’ a post before publishing it. From experience, I know that it has to be over 100. And why does this Comment function not have a ‘Preview’ button? Is that too much to ask? Geesh!

  177. First, as someone who is mildly OC, I loved all the jokes. I also especially love the narcissism reminder, as if I didn’t have enough to obsess about. :)

    Steps I took? I was posting fiction in my Facebook Notes for months before I realized that counted as a blog. As a result, my content, name, visibility and my first 30 or so posts were all out of the way before I ever knew I was a blogger! How’s that for the OC’s perfect serendipity?

    #5 Feedback. I have to say that 48 hour thing is pretty disheartening. It’s true that most people only click what shows up at the top of their feed or at the top of your page. I did want to mention though that you can use the Sticky feature to put an older post up where people will see it again, if it fits a season or an event or just because you thought it was worth reading and no one did.

    • Great story on the facebook notes – love that! I would probably be horrified at first and then glad it was out.

      I like the idea of the Sticky feature. I’ll have to remember that.

  178. You forgot to add the part about starting multiple blogs, for all your different interests. Off the top of my head, I have 3, maybe 4 blogs that I’ve started. Number 5 is definitely SOOO true. In my most recent (and consistent) blog, I’ve had enough posts of interest that even when I don’t post for months, I have people looking at my blog. That gives me incentive to post more too. Also, I don’t worry too much about the perfect post, I like to just write out how I’m feeling (swearing included) and post that for all to see.
    Funny list!

    • Thanks, IE! Yah, I think you’re right about more people viewing a blog, and that being incentive to post more. Some people don’t care. I guess for me I want to know that I’m connecting somehow.

  179. If you’re not OC before blogging , you will be soon enough. Great post!

  180. Ha, ha! I think I wait about 5 minutes before starting to worry about the next blog entry. Thanks for posting – I enjoyed this.

  181. Whoa?! How did you know… lol. :-) Sounds just like me.

  182. Yeah, it’s tough at first. Thanks for the nice comment. You are definitely not alone in the blog world, renboy. Happy blogging!

  183. Thanks for the valuable information

  184. I had the name first (notnicolajames) because I’m getting really pissed off when people remember my name wrong, and I’m not Nicola James. Then it took a week to think about a topic (I’m telling the whole story here: http://notnicolajames.wordpress.com/about/). Now I’m obsessed with checking the statistics – when I don’t have more than 3 by noon I think I need another post right now…

  185. By the way it must be a nice feeling to be on freshly pressed! Congrats!

  186. you are sharing your trepidation, good move, congrats on freshly pressed MJ

  187. I’m sill struggling with point number 2. The name of my blog sucks. So many people ask me what it means and I tell them, “I can’t tell you that…it would eliminate the mystery of it”.

    Really, it’s because I don’t even remember/know/care.

    I should probably do something about that…

    Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday and I’m so glad that you were FP’d!! Fantastic post! :)

    • Thanks PCC! It’s great to meet other bloggers, and FP has opened up a lot of cool doors I wasn’t aware of.

      I too, had that same question about the name of your blog.

      And before I forget, I’m with you on bacon – EVERYTHING tastes better with bacon!!!

  188. Ha! Great post! Yes, all the considerations can be crippling. Everything you wrote was so true. I finally had to stop thinking and just do, then wait. I still don’t know what I’m doing. Congrats on your “Fressly Pressed” you must be doing something right!!!

  189. Oh so so so true…
    And the drafts – so many drafts because publishing it without just the perfect wording, or the right picture, or it’s just a little too long – but you can’t cut this or that out, or So-and-so just MIGHT read this – so I will have to wait until So-and-so is no longer alive, but it HAD to be written so the world will know… Oh, the drafts!

    Great post!

  190. There ought to be an additional comment which explains the difficulty of commenting on a post dealing with the issue of not settling on a topic to post about due to retention in general, but I can’t come up with anything…

  191. Again, I really appreciate you linking to my blog. Thank you SO much!

  192. 6. Promote your blog. :-)

  193. Want a cure or killer for OC writers? Try being learning disabled–dysgrapia and not dyslexia.

    Perfection impossible, you give up or decide if anyone reads and has a positive comment you have hit the jackpot/

    You write for your own pleasure, , edit every time you read it after it has been published, cringe at the mistakes you keep finding, toughen your skin and carry on.

    Thank you for following. Think you will provide some interesting material for my blog.

  194. The responses is still overflowing. I am really amazed at how this post went. Well deserved, MJ!

    This is, indeed, a masterpiece.

  195. great job. I feel like how did you know me =)

  196. Cynical Reviews says:

    Nicely put together my friend

  197. interesting one :)

  198. Howdy. Your posts have been going into my junk mil, and I just discovered them. I get to catch up all at once. Fun posts!

  199. He he. I liked those strike overs, especially the ‘hundreds of comments'(2 actually!).

    And for me, there another step somewhere between step 4 and 5 – register in the blogging networks, tweet your post and go around reading and commenting so you would get some in return(some time very mechanically!).

    • Thanks Sundeep! Good point about registering in networks – that does help. And yes, everyone wants to hear that someone actually read their posts, so you do have to read others. It’s fun to do that anyway, I think. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  200. Ok I have to admit im ocd about writing and not getting enough traffic. I check and check and check and couldnt figure out what was wrong. I added my blog to my facebook did links and still nothing. I posted each blog to my facebook each time I add one and still minimal. What I started to find out is that if you tag all your posts they start to come up in search results for others. :) i think this is a cheat way but awesome way to have your stuff read. Another thing I recently noticed is that everyone has an email signature with their personal website or link on it. Why didnt I know this before?? I changed my signature on all my emails added my link to everything I could think of and seen a rise in traffic on my blog. :) I enjoyed your post!

    • Thank you for reading and for commenting, Shelley! Your photography is awesome. I’m still working on taking good pics.

      I didn’t think about adding the link to emails. That’s a great idea. We all want to share our work, and that’s an excellent tip. Happy blogging! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  201. Wow. I just started blogging (again) and this is exactly what is going through my head! :)

  202. You got that right, Ian! :)

  203. Nice post!
    Can we use couple paragraphes for our site http://yeahiloveit.com ?

  204. retroflections says:

    wow- love this- but have no idea how I got here! All this blogging stuff is very new to me and I feel a bit like a teenager with a secret diary. What fun to step into so many peoples lives for just a moment. :)

    • Oh, I just started this about three months ago, so I’m really new myself. It’s fantastic getting to know so many talented and creative people. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

  205. Hi, I saw your comment on Stacie’s post about how to get on the FP and I just had to take a peek… this is a totally new perspective for me! I didn’t think any of those thoughts when I started a blog (but I’d still like to claim I’m OC or OCD in another area of life, just give me time….) I started a blog because that’s what I read you should do to support online sales of your work, in my case, ceramics on Etsy. To give people that “behind the scenes look” into your process, your studio, your brain. Hmm. I guess I’ve gone about this all wrong if I ever EVER had any intentions of blogging fame. I should put that on my 2012 to-do list. Thanks for sharing your own OCD process. Interesting!

    • Laura, so sorry I missed this comment when you first posted it!

      I love your blog, BTW. And it is a good idea to have one if you have art, for sure. It takes time, but it’s worth it!

  206. I can certainly relate to much of this post. Thanks for the laugh. :0)

Love to hear from you.

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