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The Christmas Crunch – 6 Days Left??

It’s the height of my Christmas shoppingon Amazon.

What is this curious message
in the corner of my screen?

I panic!

Panic. shopping. days left. Christmas. crazy face. face.

This is my calm face!

And do the math. That’s … yes – 48 hrs!!

Time and Yule-Tide

wait for no man.

Time has slipped away as it does every year. “Next year I’m gonna get this done WAY ahead of time.”

But I probably won’t!  :)

And I’m okay with that.


Hope your holiday season is as frantic stress-free, and calm, as mine.

But if it isn’t, do tell.


  1. I’m being calm with you MJ. love the pic and the post. actually, I thought it was going to be way more hectic here with my studies over the Christmas period, all the children home for 6 weeks of school holidays, overseas visitors, sleep-overs and my husband working crazy hours. Somehow, amidst everything – the crazy shoppers, power outages and work call outs, we managed to get everything done yesterday. Oh, wait….wrapping…arghhhh.

  2. I’m just looking at the list of stuff still to do for the holidays.

    I think I’ll comment on my friends’ blogs instead!

    • Nice, Elyse! 😉 I literally laughed when I read what you wrote. Especially since I just came back to your comment after commenting on someone’s blog!!!! Are we perhaps in the same alternate universe??

  3. OMG, I just have been cruising along thinking, I’m fine, I have plenty of time to buy gifts…and then about 3 hours ago, while sitting listening to a college girl talking about how she has all the time in the world and she doesn’t have to “settle” for less, since she’s only 19yo, and she’s got her whole life ahead of her (yippy for you!) and for the first time ever she’s following her heart and believe me, she’s got like the speediest left brain in the Western Hemi and I’m all, go 19 yo gir heart, go. go, go and her fast left brain is like, damn, damn, wait, wait, you’re making a mistake!!! It was all quite an epiphany of a lifetime for this cerebral girl and I had every reason to remain present in the room for her, but suddenly I’m looking (on the inside) just like your picture (of the calm you) thinking about the fact I have purchased not one gift, not one, not one! Maybe if I didn’t procrastinate, I’d be a better therapist during the holidays.

    • Okay, Patrice … :) :) :). After Elyse’s comment (below), and now yours: I’m LMHO!! I’m grinning from ear-to-ear. You guy’s are seriously funny. I can’t compete.

      “… and I’m all, go 19 yo girl heart, go. go, go …” and “…not one gift, not one …”

      Stop, you’re killin’ me!! :)

  4. That face. Oh Lord, that face. I make it once a day it seems :)

    • I’m either panicked, or constipated, not sure! It’s great to hear your pen again, now that you’re back from the land of de muertos (sorry I did not become fluent in Spanish :))!

  5. Hi MJ. LOVE the photo! I think it definitely has captured the sentiments expressed in your blog! Fun to read, as always. Have a very merry Christmas. ( It might help if you add a little Baliey’sIrish Cream to your coffee on Christmas morning.)

    • Thanks so much, Naomi!

      You have a merry Christmas as well. And GREAT idea about the Bailey’s – an Irishman and his Bailey’s!

      I’m still curious about that “Wet Apple Clogger” thing in your bio ;)!

      • Appalachian clog dance is the closest thing I know to flying, with one foot still on the ground. I was a precision clogger, and kicked up my heels with wonderful steps like “The Wagon Wheel,” “The Big Kick,” “The French Canadian,” and “Shave and a Haircut.” I met my husband dancing. He was a member of another performance group called the Duwamps Cloggers, specializing in square dance formations. When my daughter and I go walking by the duck pond, and we get to the little wooden bridge, we stop and clog out rhythms on the bridge because it sounds so good danced on wood.

        • That is awesome! I love watching and listening to clogging. Fantastic that your husband danced as well. Thanks for the explanation, and great description. I can picture the bridge clogging scene perfectly.

  6. Ha!!! That should be your headshot, MG. My turkey hat arrived today so I’m feeling pretty calm and happy. You might be able to get 2 day shipping on some poultry headgear… Better than chamomile for nerves.

  7. After weeks of chaos (violin recitals, Christmas pageants, book clubs, craft sales, medical appointments, car crash due to a seriously impaired driver, parties, potlucks, antibiotics, etc etc), my calendar finally looks clear! I plan to coast into Christmas…deep breath and large sip of perfectly chilled sauvignon blanc…I deserve this, right???? :)
    I’m new to your blog, but I’m a big fan already–thanks Freshly Pressed, for the fortuitous introduction! All the best to you and the ones you love…

    • You certainly do deserve it!! That’s a lot to take on, and then to have the car crash … Take a long break.

      Thank you so much for reading. I have been reading yours as well.

      Happy Christmas to you and your family!

  8. Love the photo. Kind of looks as freaked out as my avi.

    Tonight, I just realized I forgot to buy my kids presents from us (i.e. not Santa). It’s likely not a good idea to answer “Because I am Santa” when they ask me why I didn’t buy them a present.

    • A little demented photo! I like yours.

      Plenty of time left at Amazon, or go with: “This year mummy and daddy wanted to make your gifts out of toilet tissue rolls … so it would be ‘special’.”

  9. Mj,
    You just inspired me with your calm face :)

  10. Haha I need to pick up the pace on getting my gifts all ready too! Today I got a lot done on all the cards I’m making for my family and a few close friends, so I feel good about that. It took a while though because I’m cutting up pics from magazines and making little collages for the cards, which can be tedious. But now they look pretty cool! I think they’ll like them. :)

  11. Too funny and sooooo true for me. I still have to ship out 2 small pillow pets to my nieces. The good news- “santa” isn’t going to their house until Dec 27th not sure what that’s about but… this is what my sister tells me. No “santa” til Dec 27th. (I think this has something to do with a ski trip to Aspen….) Cheers! Panic is fun!

  12. I did most of the shopping via Amazon- the postman probably hates me! But now I have to wrap the stuff. And pay the credit card bill …

  13. Keep calm and keep shopping! Hahaha

  14. I empathise completely. A friend of mine and myself exchange gifts yearly via post/mail and mine is always late! I was determined that this year it would definitely arrive on time but I’m still waiting for some things to arrive :<!

    I feel so guilty because his gift to me arrived several days ago aaaugh!

    Christmas is indeed a panicked frenzy – even with online shopping!

  15. Love the frantic photo!! Great post. I shopped on Amazon.com again this year…. and speccy is wrong because the mailman LOVES us!! I think Amazon.com is all that’s keeping the USPS alive!

  16. Mj i love your photo more than anything else in this post. I hope you got the first thing as new year resolution, which is to do shopping for Christmas much a head of time. I hope you must be busy with wrapping your gifts now. :)

  17. Hang in there, man! It will all be over soon – one way or another!

  18. All is calm, all is bright in my neck of the woods. And I wish the same for you, too, mj. Although, I am aware that some people thrive on going through this period with the foot full on the gas pedal. Big Sis does. So if you happen to be like her, then enjoy the wind in your hair!

    There! I *finally* managed to RSS your page. Between PC-less times and spotty Internet connections, I couldn’t do it when you were on the WordPress ‘Wall of Fame’.


  19. Just logged out of Amazon myself… I have been sending e-mails and even hand written letters to my nephew requesting that he let me know whether he is hanging out at college over Christmas or going home this year. I had a confirmation buried in my brother’s e-mail that he gets picked up Saturday. Off to Amazon with the shipping address. My lump of coal to him though is that I would not spend extra on shipping or gift wrap. I rationalized that this left me another $6 toward his birthday gift next month.
    Enjoy the season. Oscar

  20. No, it isn’t stress-free for me either. I’m in panic mode right now, and the more I panic, the more I procrastinate tralalalalalalalaaaaaaah

  21. God bless online shopping. Seriously. Everyone’s getting Amazon giftcards from me this year, suckas. :) <–lazy shopper this holiday.
    Eat some persimmon cookies. That will de-stress you :) Man, that actually sounds good. I'm going to make more today and try not to eat all of them…

    • P.S. I totally made a mistake with my persimmon ingredients! Please note the change of only 1/2 c. brown sugar, not 1 cup. Had to make sure you got this public service announcement, otherwise I couldn’t sleep at night knowing your cookies would have been too sugary!!!

    • Doing a lot of the same with the Amazon giftcards :)! It’s the best for some of our people.
      Will be having the persimmon cookies today or tomorrow. Did you make a batch today?

  22. I just hit confirm order about two hours ago on Amazon……It will be here tomorrow.

  23. Mike- I haven’t stressed about gifts for three years. We either Secret Santa or we make the gifts. It takes a lot of time to make them but it’s alway something that can be consumed or that represents the place we are living. It’s nice to not worry about the budget or shipping or the gifts. :) Good luck with Amazon!

  24. Thanks for the link, Sunshine!

  25. Hey anytime neighbor! :)


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