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Is Today Your Day?

“Today is the day in which to express your noblest qualities of mind and heart, to do at least one worthy thing which you have long postponed.” Grenville Kleiser

This is neither insightful nor wise: I’ve decided not to wait until 2012 for my New Year’s resolutions. Okay … I know, it’s only a couple of days early! It’s not that I’m super-productive or any better than the next person. I’m above-average in terms of getting things done, and I sometimes frequently succumb to the “p-word.” (shhhh! – “procrastination“)


But I just came to the conclusion that “today” is the day to start kicking it in gear a little bit more than normal.

“Today” is the day I said, “I can just do it tomorrow!”

Here are some things to ponder:
– You don’t have to get everything done today, and done perfectly, you just need to get it started. Cut back just a little on food (except for chocolate, of course), do a bit of housework that’s been put off for a while. Don’t try to do everything all at once. *do as I say, not as I do*
– The word “procrastinate” should be a noun, since there’s no action that takes place with it.
– When opportunity is knocking, be sure you have your keys and coat ready. But that can only happen if you’re prepared. Right?

Just a short post (aka, “postito” – thank you, Mikalee Byerman) today. Hope it’s a productive one for all of you! And happy blogging – I, personally, have no problem keeping that aspect of my life going! :)

“In delay there lies no plenty.” William Shakespeare


  1. Thank you, my new, prolific friend!

  2. Nice postito! While not a fan of NY resolutions, I’ve found that anti-procrastinating (is that even a word?!) works wonders with phone calls. Especially the ones that bring on the butterflies at the mere thought of making the call. Deep breath then dial…
    Have a happy and safe New Year. Happy blogging in 2012!

  3. You’re right- just starting is 90 per cent of the battle. I feel it whenever our play room has been ransacked by 10 kids or more. Just starting can take DAYS….. haha!

  4. I love this. It doesn’t even matter what you do, you could get up right now and peel a carrot, just do something. The momentum from peeling the carrot could lead you to make a pot of soup or a blog post about your favorite Bugs Bunny cartoons. Another thing I’ve found that helps me with procrastinating is feeling like my contributution makes a difference. When you know others are counting on you in some way it can help, at least it does for me. In this sense a little grandiosity can be a good thing :) .

  5. You’re more than welcome! A perfect postito full of profundity and other powerful p-words.

    Here’s to a MAGNIFICENT 2012 for you and your abundant readers! :)

  6. Ahh, procrastination. It’s the best isn’t? It usually buys me a day or two, sometimes a week, before I have to complete that task I’ve been avoiding for however long. Usually, just before the wife blows her lid on me, I take care of said task.

    Great postito! :-)

  7. I was going to write something earlier but then I got distracted from shiny obje…

  8. This article must be for me. My thesis is due in 2 weeks and I’m not even halfway through. Procrastination is ruining my life :(

  9. Does it count as procrastination when you avoid work to comment on MJ’s blog???

  10. I have a simple question after reading this one- “You wrote these thing for us only to read and enjoy or follow them?” :)

  11. When you’re looking at the big picture, it’s hard to see baby steps. I personally…needed to read this. Hope it sinks in.

  12. lifeloveandbaby says:

    I’m a little late – to almost everything. So there is no surprise that I found your why-wait-when-you-can-do-it-today post days later. What caught my eye was the procrastination flow chart. Hilarious! And a little too familiar. But I really appreciate the idea about doing something, or at least getting something started today, everyday. Great advice. May even work for this longstanding procrastinator.

    • I know, right?? I loved that flow chart. It’s one of the best out there.

      You see that I should have responded to your comment yesterday, but didn’t get to it today :(. Procrastination set in!

  13. Today is your day mj…procrastinate no more. You are being at this very moment, knighted sir with: The Kreativ Blogger Award.
    And as Pamela above stated: YOU ROCK!

  14. I needed this pep talk today. I’m a big procrastinator but I’m sick of being one. :(

  15. The procrastination flowchart made me laugh! Thank you!

  16. How did I miss this? That flow chart is hilarious. Have you seen the Procrastination Pie Chart? I have taken what you have written and will tuck those words away safely. I needed those words today, maybe that is why I missed it, because I needed them today. You are quite right, never cut back on chocolate :)

    • Oh … I just checked out the Pie Chart. That would have been a good visual as well.

      You know, you can either abide by my words on this post, or do it tomorrow! :)

      Always keep chocolate on hand.

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