"It's like taking a nap on that little rug when you were in kindergarten."

Top 10 Blog Quotes (From Women)

The best part about blogging is reading great posts by so many excellent writers. I’ve been jotting down some of my favorites over the last few months and wanted to share them in a dedicated post.

My Top 10 is in no particular order, nor is it a complete list of the blogs I love to read (my RSS reader has over 250 blogs and counting). These ten women are some of the finest writers, bloggers, humorists, or foodies that I’ve read recently.

Give them a click, if you haven’t already:

10. She’s a Maineiac

She's a Maineiac

Darla, or D-Woww, as she’s known in NYC nightclubs (I actually made up the NYC nightclub part :)), is one of the funniest, sweetest bloggers out there. Penning humorous observations about raising kids. Great stories.

Quote: “Time Management  Able to flip pancakes, clean ketchup off ceiling, figure out an algebraic equation, unclog toilet filled with Polly Pockets, do 10 loads of laundry, drive kids to various practices, classes and play dates all at the same time.”

9. Leanne Shirtliffe – ironicmom

ironicmom, Leanne Shirtliffe

Another, very funny writer who chronicles her twins, Thing 1 and Thing 2, as well as her observations about life in general. Great humorist.

Quote: “DON’T use duct tape to fix the hem on your pants. Duct tape was invented to make ammo cases waterproof in World War 2. If you’re going to use it on your wardrobe, you’d better be packing heat.”

8.  August McLaughlin’s Blog

Yes, she has a month named after her! August writes on nutrition and making good lifestyle choices. This quote is taken from a recent post on her eating disorder; a must read!

Quote: “I awoke later, lying in the grassy cradle, the taste of blood and dirt in my mouth. Rather than wonder how long I’d been there or if I’d been hurt, one thought filled me with terror: Does dirt have calories?”

7. Fork and Beans

Fork and beans, VeganCara has one of the best blogs on food, even if it is Vegan! So much fun to see what great treat she has whipped up, and the words to go with the amazing photos are like poetry!

Quote: “But once I arrived at Anthropologie (which by the way, if God is a woman and wears clothes, She so would shop here, I’m convinced) …”

6. The Accidental Cootchie Mama

Andra Watkins, Blog, Write

I’m always amazed at Andra’s use of words to so aptly describe anything she’s writing about. From a poignant tribute to her husband to writing PG-rated posts with old porn movie titles – yep, you heard that right! – she is a marvel with the English language.

Quote: “Every day with you is another package to be unwrapped. Savored. You are my favorite person, the one who takes the raw edges and colors them, untangles them, unites them in a way I could never envision on my own.”

5. Patridew’s Perfect World

Patridew, blog, write, post

I recently discovered Patricia’s blog. What a talented writer who brings her memories, good and bad, into her posts. Well worth a visit.

Quote: “The 1960′s – my 1960′s –  were coloured in lime-green paisleys and denim-blue. I didn’t grow up in an episode of Leave It To Beaver but more like Little Women directed by Alfred Hitchcock and I am always Jo.”

4. The Ramblings

Tori Nelson, blog, write, humor

If you haven’t read anything by Tori, you might want to stumble over there in your Snuggie, with cup of Joe in hand, and spend some time laughing through your nose! Flat-out-funny!

Quote: “As the old adage goes, “Don’t stop ’til you get enough”, and pretty soon my tapping toes and hair-flipping ruckus could not be caged. Energy aimed for a brilliant blog entry recalculated, took a left to Funky Town, and weaved willy-nilly across lanes and through red lights until I forgot that my sole purpose in waking this morning was not, in fact, to bring sexy back.”

3. The Heartbreak of Invention

A writer’s writer, Patrice crafts word and emotion – seamlessly. You walk away from one of her posts sweating with discomfort on the one hand, and feeling like you just witnessed the release of a heart-heavy burden. Cathartic!

Quote: “I sometimes wonder, outside of transcending oneself, where exactly does an earthbound creature find her peace? Where does she encounter the courage to continue with this beautiful yet doubt-filled contraption of a life, this only life she truly knows, this only life that is truly hers? Where will she be kindly escorted, time and time again, back to the battered entrance of herself?”

2. These Are Days

These are days, blog, write

Full of interesting observations – on life, a pet, or maybe a child, Terri has a knack for taking you on her journey with an ease of familiarity. I Love reading her stories.

Quote: “I wanted to run after her, grab her by the curls and throw her down on the pavement. I wanted to poke the heel of my boot into her chest as she lay on the ground and ask her who she thought she was. I wanted to ask her who writes a check for five dollars worth of potato chips anyway? I wanted to ask her if it had occurred to her that all she had accomplished was humiliating a poor high-school girl.”

1. Me 2.0

Mikalee Byerman, blog, write, me 2.0

Not sure where to begin with Mikalee. Such a talented, funny writer. Insightful, interesting, but never irreverent or sarcastic! :) I could have pulled any random sentence(s), but settled on her “About …” for this post.

Quote: “About Mikalee Byerman    How can a sometimes bitter, definitely jaded, no longer trusting, blindsided ex-wife still believe in happy endings? (not that kind of happy endings…sheesh, people…) By channeling her scary internal dialogue through a controversial blog/future book, swearing like a drunken sailor and spending all her spare time focused on helping other people heal.”

Have you read any of the blogs above? Any comments you’d like to share about these talented writers?

I changed the title by adding (from Women) because the men were feeling left out. Future post from Men coming in the near future. No slight intended, guys!


  1. Michael Silvia says:

    We’ll done. Big idea. And bonus for me: A whole bunch of new, significantly-funnier-than-me people to hate just a little bit.

  2. Great post. I’ve read most of these talented women and there are so many great quotes from their posts, I’m not sure how you managed to choose. Now, can we expect a guys top 10 coming? Hint hint, haha!

  3. Great Job Mj. :) To appreciate fellow bloggers/writers for their work is something really great. And you did it , in a great style. I know Darla. She is among my most favorite writers and people in this blogosphere. And I am sure rest of the people in the list must be very talented.
    You always try to do something different in your blog. I really like that a lot. We all need to learn lots of things from you.

    • Thanks Arindam. That means a lot. Darla is a fantastic blogger. The rest are VERY good as well. Be sure to check them.

      I have learned much from each one of them. If someone can learn anything from me, that’s a bonus.

  4. Wow! For a moment there, I thought I was speechless. But it’s me, so you know that’s not going to last long!

    I am honored to be included among all of these women who are clearly very talented, honest, clever, sincere and funny! I’ll be visiting the blogs of each and my reader will be growing as I’m sure I’ll be adding many new must-reads to the list of blogs I love to visit.

    Thank you so very much, MJ!

  5. Where do you find the time to read 250 blogs, MJ?? Not to mention WRITING something every few days… I struggle to keep up with 10 blogs… never realized blogging is a full time job!

  6. More excellent reading! Thanks MJ – I only follow two of these women and can barely keep up – but you’re right there are some great writers out there!

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh wow. This might be proof that I drink while napping, wake. and write really foolish things. I don’t even remember that line! Glad you picked some other (saner) lady writers for me to check out.
    Also? Good call on the Snuggie thing…says the girl wearing an XL cheetah print blanket with sleeves :)

    • Oh, there were SO many lines to choose from, Tori! I particularly liked, “… took a left to Funky Town …” in this one.

      Pull up your cheetah-sleeved-blankie to the computer and check out the other women.

  8. These are fantastic!
    Excellent taste. I’m so happy to read them.

  9. Thanks MJ! This is the first list I’ve ever made. I appreciate the time you took to do this and I’m so honored to be included. I had already visited 5 on your list, and I found your link on Tori’s comments.

  10. I know Tori! Love her! And I sort of know D-Woww. I hear she’s a little loopy and is very insensitive to chipmunks…is that true? This is a fabulous idea for a post and I am very excited to check out the other blogs on your list. I couldn’t figure out why I was getting hits today so I had to laugh when I checked your blog. Thanks for including me in such great company.

    • I’ve been wanting to honor some of you for a while and your use of the Top 10 inspired me to do it in that format. So, thank you!

      D-Woww – loopy? That’s a strong maybe; she does have kids!! Chipmunks?? No, I’ve heard you wouldn’t hurt any animals in the making of any movies. ha

      Keep on writing and inspiring, my friend!!

  11. What an honor you give me today. Thank you. I feel like I need to let your humor people know I am perhaps one the funniest ladies they would probably known “in real life”. But my blog is a place for me to take off my clown mask and cry if I want to. (I actually do look pretty funny when I’m crying).

    Can’t wait to check out all these new blogs!

    • You know how I feel about your writing, Patrice. I make no bones about it. I’m sure you are extremely funny in person, but glad we get to share in your emotion in your writing.

  12. Thank you for including me in a list of such marvelous ladies. I regularly ask Tori if we are somehow related, and her blog makes me laugh until my face hurts. It will be a delight to get to know these other ladies.

    And, I agree. You must give out some Man Cards.

    • You belong in the group, for sure. You and Tori related?? Scary thought. Both such talented writers. Enjoy the others – they are superb, as well.

      Man Cards coming. I even changed the title of this post to allude (or is it elude??) to the future post.

  13. Hurray for Andra and The Accidental Cootchie Mama! And now, I must go discover these other women … check please!

  14. Way to rock it, Andra! One of my favorite bloggers…

    • Elizabeth, I will have to check out your blog further. It has a real charm and warmth visually. Glad you liked Andra’s mention on the list. Be sure to check out the other great women on the list.

  15. I usually don’t follow family stuff blogs but I follow Teri precisely for that reason. She is so wholesome and American familyish it is refreshing and reaffirming esp after having just put down the local section of any inner city newspaper like my home : corrupt and ever dangerous Miami. Fine collection of women here Mj. Seems you’re Valentine box will be full this year. Ahem.

  16. Wow! I love the tribute post… And you opened my eyes to some blogs that I amm really looking forward to reading! How on earth do you keep up with 250 blogs?! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Looks like more blogs to add to my reading list.

  18. Thanks for sharing these. I already read a few of these writers and look forward to checking out the others!

  19. Thanks for sharing mj….I’m going to have to carve out some early morning reading time to keep up with all these amazing new blogs….and I’m so not a morning person….I can see an expresso machine in my future :-)

  20. Well indeed they are wonderful writers. And you too! I am forever amazed on how you manage to read all these blogs you’re following, mine included. :)

  21. What a great list you’ve made; I’m excited to check out all of these fantastic female bloggers! (Sounds like someone ought to make up a superhero costume.)

    It’s so sweet that you took the time out to share your thoughts on these blogs, and include quotes from each of them — very nice touch.

    • There are so many great writers out there. So many more than ten, so I selected a good sampling of styles. Thank you for your kind words. You are such a supportive blogger, always encouraging. And a very talented writer yourself.

  22. Wow, quite a list, M. And I’m honoured to be a part of it. I’ve bookmarked this so I can check out some of the others. Thanks again!

  23. Excellent list Michael. I’ve come across a few of these ladies blog in the past and really enjoyed what I read. Now, I’m going to go visit the others! Thanks!

    I’m anxious to see your “Man List” LoL!

    • Thank you, kind sir. I know, I put pressure on myself by requiring the “Man List” now. Always good to have more post ideas than fewer, right?

      • I’ve got a few post ideas in the chamber so to speak. Some of them are based on a certain date, a certain milestone if you will, etc. I’ve got a few “scheduled” already :-) Nothing wrong with being ahead of the game!

  24. Great idea for a post, mj! I follow a few of these lovely ladies’ blogs already (Tori, Darla, and Mikalee), but I must head over to Fork & Beans, post haste. I’m an almost-vegan myself and could use to read a well-written vegan blog. Thanks! (Even though I need more blogs to read like I need a leak in the basement…) :)

  25. Excellent write up MJ! I’m going to visit these ladies ASAP (and wait patiently for the ahem, top 10 men-up list.) :)

  26. Jane Thorne says:

    mj aren’t you lovely to take the time to do this….big up for you x

  27. Mike,

    Thanks for collecting and sharing these quotes–a great compilation!

  28. Such an honor, MJ! You have such a knack for entertaining, supporting and inspiring us at the same time. (Still laughing at my namesake month bit… ;))

    I’ve only seen or read a couple from your list. Off to change that pronto!

    • Aww, August – you are far too kind, my super-healthy friend!

      You will really enjoy reading these great blogs.

      BTW, do you think we could add a 13th month – “Michael”?? I’m kind of jealous!

  29. This is awesome. I love it. I love the humor in all of your writing.

  30. So much for keeping my reading list manageable! Fortunately, I have cleaned the downstairs, including the Mop n’ Glo, which is a good reason to sit upstairs with classical music, the dogs snoozing, and blogs to read.

  31. frenchtippedwanderlust says:

    LOVE it! Especially the one about Anthropologie.. I think she’s right on that.. I’ve always thought that if heaven is whatever you want it to be.. mine would be an Anthropologie store and a Cheesecake Factory all wrapped into one =)

    • Honestly, I thought about you regarding Anthropologie, since you just posted about your recent purchase. Hmmm … combined with Cheesecake factory? Wow, that would be visual and physical treats in one!

  32. I’m totally blown away…honored to be on your top 10 list. And to be — drum roll, please — #1?!?! (Oh…wait…damn…just saw the “no particular order” thing. But whatev. I’m totally bragging about my coveted #1 spot on this list. So there.)

    Yip: Definitely not sarcastic or irreverent.

    And I’ve already learned a lot from these lovely ladies. I may need a new nickname (M-Woww works for me). Maybe I’ll be more popular if I write about food and healthy living — perhaps I’ll be the Top (Ramen) Chef. And old porn movie titles is an unexplored horizon on my blog, so I may have to go there as well.

    In all honesty, I’ve read many of these amazing blogs, and I’m a total fangirl. Thank you for including me among such great company.

    And I’m curious, MJ: Because of my affinity for boy parts (remember the penis tiara? The fact that the words “I am such a dick” are in my most recent post?), perhaps I should ALSO be mentioned in your Boy blogger list? Just thinking out loud here…perhaps an Honorable Mention?

    Love you! Thank you! You totally rock! :)

    • M-Woww, what a great Mikalee moniker!

      I find it interesting that two of the ten women want to be on the mens list also! You and Leanne at ironicmom – http://wp.me/H8D3. It could happen!! :) Your, ahem, anatomy argument is a strong one, my friend. I could be convinced. Hmmm … an Honorable Mention category IS a possiblility.

      Your honor is well-deserved and a ten-way tie for 1st Place; what could be better? A misplaced semi-colon, maybe?

      Much love back your way, over the mountains and through the woods. You’re quite welcome, M-Woww!

  33. Oooh. Thanks for the new bloggers to check out. Looks like I have a lot of reading to do….

  34. Yeah, August rocks!! And I don’t mean the month, it’s usually cold at that time, where I’m from! 😉

    Must check out these other awesome chickies too! Thanks for this!

  35. Great list! Love the way you used favorite quotes.
    A few of these talented ladies I already read, and am looking forward to checking the others out.

  36. What a very useful post. I’m fairly new to blogging and find that uncovering the real gems takes a lot of work – thanks for saving me a lot of effort. I look forward to exploring all these further.

    • These will get you well on your way, and then look at the commenters on their posts and you will find more great reads. I’ve only been doing this for about four months myself, but I have dunked myself in the deep end with full immersion.

  37. As anyone who knows me will attest, I love good quotes. Although all of your choices have much merit, I am so drawn to August’s ‘does dirt have calories?’ It was so unexpected after the harrowing opening. Great sites to visit for sure. Thanks for sharing.

  38. Where do you find the time to keep up with 250 blogs??? I am so impressed! And I’m also impressed with how you are always promoting everyone in the blogging community, especially Fork and Beans. Blown away, is the better word. THANK YOU! Seriously, should I start writing you an P.R. check?? :)

    • I am so sorry I missed a whole group of comments on this post.

      Well, my friend, as you can tell, I’m WAY behind. Thank you for the lovely comments, Cara. And no PR check is necessary. Just keep doing what you’re doing! :)

  39. And one of the best blogs to check out is your blog. You always have great, helpful information. I’m blown away by your ability to stay on top of what’s happening, make thoughtful comments, and truly help others navigate blogdom. Thanks for this post. It’s always great to know where to find good blogs. Thanks

    • Note: I am so sorry I missed a whole group of comments on this post.

      Barb, thank you for the comment – very sweet of you. I’m glad that you find my blog helpful. You are always one of those bloggers I love to read and get comments from. Thank you so much!

  40. These are fantastic! I’m checking out these blogs, stat!

    • Note: I am so sorry I missed a whole group of comments on this post.

      Penelope, thank you for your comment. You probably have already checked out some of these blogs. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

  41. Very cool concept! And some great choices, my friend!

  42. YAY – She’s a Maniac and The Ramblings! Love ’em! Can’t wait to visit your other recommendations – thanks!

  43. So happy to read this post again. Thanks for the shout out! LeAnne is a RIOT, right? If you make this a series (or have already), I say, YAY.

  44. Thanks for the link, Andra. You are such a great writer, and deserving of the honor, my friend.


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