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Okay, some of us may be taking the whole social media thing too far. We have our blog(s), Twitter, StumbleUpon, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest, and of course email accounts; and these are just the ones that readily come to mind!

With all the time and focus spent “connecting” with others on our desktops, laptops, iPhones, Androids, iPads, Kindles, etc. we have to force ourselves to make time for life – hehehe! Much like Jeff Foxworthy‘s “You might be a redneck if …” I present my take on:

You might be obsessed with social media if …

10. You start a joke with, “So this blogger walks into a bar …”

9. On vacation in the Virgin Islands (wishful thinking on my part), you say to your family, “You guys run along to the beach, I just have to get this post published really quick.”

8. You try to limit your side of a conversation to 140 words or less like you do on Twitter.

7. Whenever you meet someone new, you introduce yourself as “@mjmonaghan_”
*insert your own name there*

6. While out shopping, you spot a great gadget or design and promptly state, “I need to take a picture of that and pin it to my Pinterest pinboard.”

5. When your definition of “+1″ is not bringing someone with you to an event or party, but rather adding someone to your Google+ account.

4. You’re frequently heard saying, “Did I tell you about the post I read on …”
*fill in just about ANY subject*

3. Someone in your family screams for the tenth time, “It’s time for you to come out of the virtual world, and back into real life. We have things that have to get done!”

2. In the middle of an important “talk” with your significant other, you throw out the dreaded, “Can we talk AFTER I finish commenting on a few blogs?”

and the #1 reason you might be obsessed with social media:

1. As you’re about to leave the house, you holler, “Okay Tweeps, let’s go, we’re gonna be late!”

Okay, my sarcastic friends – you know who you are – what are some of your comments that you have said, or had said to you about your obsession with social media?


  1. I have stamps and envelops. Long distance call is yellin’ out da back door. If you have to get aholt a someone far far away , I go down to the telegraph office next to Turner’s barber shop and you can always get in on a game of checkers and find out what’s going on in city hall. There is always a poker game and a snoot a hooch waiting for you if you so care to participate. These people that us all these machines you describe sure miss out on a lot of socializing.

    • Carl, you are awesome! I love your comments.

      I must know what a “snoot a hooch” is!! Do tell, my friend, and if it’s PG-13 or tamer, I may have to use that phrase – I love the sound of it.

      Turns-of-phrase are so cool. I once had a 90 year old neighbor, years ago, who said it was so dark in his house that, “It was as black as the inside of his hat.” I loved that one.

      Keep your great comments coming!

  2. I notice myself saying ‘That’s going on my blog’ far more often than I would have thought when I started the blog.

  3. Haha, excellent post! The worrying thing is I find myself doing quite a lot of these on a regular basis……especially numbers 4 and 3 :S Speaking of social networking, I never realised you had a Twitter account *logs in to twitter and ads you* You can find my twitter at @fuzzyslippers22 if you want it :)
    Again, great post!

    • In know – I do 3 and 4 all the time, too.

      I’m following you on twitter now! Thanks for mentioning it so we can connect there. Oh boy, yet another one of my obsessions! haha :)

  4. IF … Muggles think you have invisible friends. And you do.

  5. Must one go for social media detox if the whole time they are on the phone with a friend they are thinking about all the work they’re not getting done on blog visits and post updates?

  6. In our home my laptop and smart phone are described as my other two children and they’re younger than the real ones so they need a lot more attention!

    And all my friends live in these black boxes – they live outside them too but they really come to life when they get to update their statusses or bemoan their fates on an all too public platform like all these social networks. I’ve found myself having conversations that just pick up from someone’s last tweet – social niceties be damned :-)

    Now if only all the old people would catch up 😉

    • I like the description as your other two children – now that’s dedication!

      It’s fun to live in the black boxes, as you call them. It would be nice if others were there with us to take part in our virtual conversations! :)

  7. Great list Mj. :) You must have done research on these sites before writing this post.
    My addition to that list would be, When a person wakes up in the morning and the first thing he check, “If there is any new comment or like he got on his post”. :)
    Thanks for the fun.

    • absolutely – it’s what I do!

    • Oh yes, thorough research on this one, Arindam! :)

      Great addition. That’s something I do when I let the puppy outside in the middle of the night!

      Glad you enjoyed it, my friend.

    • >You must have done research on these sites before writing this post.
      – Not just this post, Arindam. mj’s posts are not from the top of his head, so to speak. Even when it’s about his routine activities, there’s matter that forces one to be an active reader* rather than a passive one. It’s one of the reasons I RSSed him shortly after reading his posts regularly.

      *By ‘active reader’, I don’t mean someone who comments, but someone who is forced to think after reading a post. I don’t have as much time as I’d like for the former, but there’s always time for the latter. :-)


      • Kate, as always, you are far too kind! I’m glad that you feel the posts are thought-provoking enough to elicit “active reading.” That is the highest compliment, my friend!

  8. OMG! tell me help is on the way. I am obsessive about checking my blog, I didn’t used to be this way, but you get pulled in as you never know who has stopped by. Then I read other blogs and make comments on other blogs and need to follow those. I noticed I felt strange when the addiction first began but now I’m so far in I think my obsession is “normal”. I only blog and do very little social networking. But…I love blogging 😉

    My house is frequently a mess, i don’t cook as much, I am less present for my family (although I think they sort of appreciate my giving them space). As I am thinking more due to writing more I do find I have more to chat about at dinner…so that’s a plus. I would like to learn to not be so in the moment with my blogging, like set aside a time where I read and comment. I feel like I blog all day, kind of like a chain smoker.

    • I’m totally obsessed as well. I wish there was some help that would allow us to be obsessive, but not let it show. Would that work?? I just can’t stop myself. I too, go down the bunny trails of reading, commenting, finding someone new, and starting all over again. But I LOVE doing it.

      I like the justification of having more to chat about – I’m going to have to use that one! :)

      Yep, virtual chain blogger here as well!

  9. Oh dear… bloghalism, twitteritis, facebookalitis… we’re a very sick bunch of people. If only we all lived in the same neighbourhood, we could all go to detox spa together…

  10. LOL this is amazing, I love it, really, very nice and could be so real as well, :)

  11. Guilty as charged! #3 . . . my dependents shrinking and wallowing on the kitchen floor because mom is being held as a virtual reality prisoner. help! someone send me virtual reality bail post/tweet/url address/password anything!!

  12. Oh dear, there’s my life, in a list of 10, right there… actually only a few of them. I’m addicted to Fb, can’t figure out Twitter properly, all my beady Fb friends are on Pinterest, Google+ is there, but hardly used…great post MJ,

    • I thought you might be there with me on some of these. You would probably like twitter as well, but it takes a little bit of time to understand the process. Not long though. Pinterest looks like fun, but I haven’t gotten too deep into it yet, or Google+ for that matter.

  13. frenchtippedwanderlust says:

    I don’t think I’m TOO bad yet, but I have started convos with: “..so I saw this on a blog the other day” and “I just pinned this awesome ___” ha ha! :)

    But I try not to have one of EVERYTHING, like I don’t have a twitter or google+ or tumblr.. But for me especially, before Pinterest, Tumblr, Blogs, even before Facebook really I have been a HUGE magazine person!!

    Love them for their articles, pictures, fashion ideas, product reviews – YOU name it! Ever since middle school I have collecting, and dissecting them literally for all valuable pieces of goodness! I’ve made binders full of favorite articles, made books full of collages, even magazine wallpaper out of magazine spreads.. (sorry you probably didn’t want to know every hair-raising detail of that LOL) But I note all of that because for me blogs, and Pinterest especially just seem to be a natural extension of a hobby and passion I alreday honed in on many years ago! So it can’t all be bad. :)

    • You’re going down the slippery-slope of obsession – watch out!

      I’m more into blogging and now getting into twitter. I want to do more with Pinterest, but MLB would probably put me in the doghouse permanently. :)

      Good point on the magazines. MLB loves her Elle Decor, Met Home, California Homes, etc. We have MANY around the house. She’s like you in that regard. Sounds like you still have social media under control – for now!

  14. So, is the addiction a human characterist or a phenomenon of the technology which we let intrude into our lives? I think back to the movie, Terminator, in which humans live in hidden tunnels, etc. with machines hunting them down. I think of Orwell’s sci-fi novel, 1984, with predictions of Big Brother controlling us. Yet, have the “fun” devices taken over? Maybe you could come up with a list of paranoia driven films which missed that we readily let our addictive potentail turn us into social network zombies! Night of the Living Tweets!

    • Scary thought, Oscar – “… have the ‘fun’ devices taken over?” Wow, that is a profound statement. It looks like we did allow the machines to passively take us over! :)

  15. This whole post coming from someone who has connected with me on Google+ in the past week…………and Facebook earlier…………….Did you do Pinterest yet? Forgive me if you have connected with me there. I really just try to look at the pictures, irrespective of who said what.

    And, yes, I am guilty of several of these. I am more in the mode now of being sick of the whole business and trying to decide how to pretend like I still care without actually caring (about social media. I don’t count blogs in that statement, because I enjoy reading them.)

    • Hey, you’re not supposed to call me on it! It’s do as I say, not as I do, my friend. :)
      No, not into Pinterest … yet!

      Reading blogs is my favorite part of social media. There are SO many smart, talented, and creative peeps out there – like yourself!

  16. Number 4, definitely. I’m not on Twitter just yet (gasp! I know…) but I will be soon and I can only imagine how much more unsociable I’m going to be.

    If someone is rude to me or is just annoying me in general, I tend to state in my most threatening voice, “I’m SOOOOO going to blog about this…”

    Yeah, that should show those rude people…

  17. Wow… Is Carl from around these parts? I could sure go for a snoot a hooch tonight! Surely being a Shucker you know what hooch is??

    You know me MJ, I am not into much social networking. I still have a Razr phone and an old AT&T plan that they’re trying to do away with! I just started texting, and I hate it. I’d much rather spend time with Daisy deer, Frosty the squirrel and the chickens out back.

    • I didn’t even think of the term like that. I was so focused on the phrase – funny, huh?

      It’s best that you’re not too deep into this craziness. The animals are much more peaceful and low-tech! :)

      I do like texting depending on who it is. Sometimes easier to get in touch with certain people that way.

  18. I’ll have my peeps get in touch with your peeps and we’ll do lunch (virtually, that is). Michael, you hit a nerve on some of those. I’m not saying which ones, but I’m betting my BH (Better Half) would say #9 (minus the Virgin Islands vacation) and #2 sound real familiar.

  19. libraryscenes says:

    Oh boy, I’ve got to follow Carl? Oy! I shall just say that his posts reminded me that I owe two peeps eCards before tomorrow. I claim it as an act of being green, but truth, I’m lazy…a stamp, taking it to the post?

    Great post! I heard a local radio guy wax on about their new Pinterest board. He verbalized what I’ve been thinking (I manage social media as part of my job) when will it stop??

    • I second the whole using a 44 cent stamp (or is it 45 cents now?) to send something that’s free over the internet. Crazy!

      To answer your question, I don’t think it will stop. We’ve gone too far down the path now to turn back, unfortunately.

  20. How appropriate that I should read this blog right now. I was just reeling in my distress over the fact that Tumblr is apparently over loaded. And, I wanted to post something. Which, in turn, caused me to panic momentarily (as if it wasn’t coming back). I think it’s time for me to go open up a book!

    : )

    • How is Tumblr? I haven’t done that yet. I’ve heard it’s a good way to go. It’s funny that reading a book still remains the calming experience it always has been. Even when it’s done on a Kindle! :)

  21. I was just telling a friend I was going to try, try to go offline completely for one entire week. Just thinking about it is giving me the shakes. I have managed to stay far far away from this Pinterest craze. Why in the world would I need yet another useless addiction that sucks all the time out of my day?!

    • Don’t think I could make it 24 hours. One week would be like a major fast! :)
      To be honest, I’m scared to start on Pinterest, for fear of never living in reality. Very sad to say. I’m with you on not needing another addiction!

  22. Well, you actually made me feel good about myself! Ionly do one blog, facebook and email. I have a twitter account, but it only posts my blog…
    I use a laptop, android and kindle….
    I am addicted, but at least I am still at a point I can pretend I am not!

  23. I’m not as entrenched in social media as many people I know, but I was without internet for most of the day yesterday and noticed how anxious I felt about my lack of online connection. It lasted for less than 12 hours, but you should have heard my sigh of relief/squeal of delight when the modem lights finally came back on! :)

  24. Guilty with 9, 6 and 4. Hahaha. So I wonder, are you guilty from all of these? 😀

  25. I’m a #4 abuser. Help mj. Is there a 12 step program?

  26. Tameri Etherton says:

    Crap. Guilty, guilty, guilty.

  27. Happy to have found your blog by way of Judy!

    Oh, dear. So funny and, yet, so true. #10 made me laugh out loud because I have often started conversations with family and friends with “There’s this blogger I know …” And they typically have no idea what I’m talking about, because blogging is foreign to them. And, yes, I am guilty of taking photos for the sole purpose of posting them on my blog – I think we have a lot in common with scrapbookers!

    I did have the good fortune to vacation in the Virgin Islands, and spent the entire time with a blogging companion who wreaked havoc on my vacation (Blurt is to blame).


    Looking forward to reading more of your blog!

    • Thanks for stopping by AA! Glad you enjoyed it. I get this glassy-eyed look when I start with the “I read this post …”, as though I’m speaking a foreign language. It’s kind of humorous because it happens enough where you can almost predict the response.

      Taking photos just for my blog – ha, guilty as charged, myself!

      Wow, you actually went to VI’s, how fantastic. Interesting that a blogging companion did the damage. How ironic.

      Do stop by anytime, my new friend. BTW, your post link above is hilarious. Love the Jolie doll!

  28. >what are some of your comments that you have said, or had said to you about your obsession with social media?
    – When She talks to people about the extent of her involvement with social media, jaws drop instantly. Then, eyelids blink rapidly. And remain opened wide in shock. That strange being in front of them wasn’t a figment of their imagination. She’s still there. But She said something very strange; unreal, almost. So, what did She say?

    >We have our blog(s), Twitter, StumbleUpon, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest, and of course email accounts;
    – She said, “Other than my blog* and my e-mail, I do not have accounts with any of the programmes mentioned above.”

    Oh, She is me. Myself and I, too.

    *I don’t talk about my blog, but I don’t think it would help my Luddite (basket)case, anyway.


    • You have way more self-control, Kate. Only your blog and email – not too bad. I understand the jaw-dropping looks from your peeps, for sure. Like we’re in some sort of Twilight Zone, alternate universe! :)

  29. When your friend’s six year old daughter talks about a fight she had with a schoolmate and says “I’m going to de-friend her,” you know things have gone too far!

  30. I’m guessing ‘a snoot a hooch’ is liquid, and not tame …

    I pretend I’m not addicted (despite recognising too many of these) because I don’t have a smart phone. I can only do things on the laptop. I sit with the laptop a lot, but I’m not addicted. No, not me


    • Not tame at all, Fiona.

      I can’t even pretend I’m not obsessed. It just wouldn’t fly with those around me. :) Laptop, smart phone, twitter, blog, you name it, I’m there.

  31. I have recently found that I can’t talk about blogging with my friends because I end up with a reaction very similar to what For you, Daddy! described… The complete and utter shock, that I voluntarily spend my time writing stuff for the internet, insist on checking Twitter at least twice a day (on “blog days”) and stuff seems to result in vacant and confused stares.

    I wouldn’t say I’m social media obsessed, but I use it a lot. On the other hand when you have large numbers of friends spread out across the world it’s a darn sight easier just to post the one Facebook update, or tweet than it is to send a text message to everyone – or phone them.

    • I think all of us into social media get the same blank looks from friends and family. They just don’t know what they’re missing! :)

      It definitely is a good way to stay connected with people around the world through social media vs. other forms of communication. I know a lot of people like skype, but I’m not a huge fan of it.

      • Skype has it’s place. It’s great for talking to my parents who live in another country, but it depends on how you want to deliver your message. For my grandparents I send traditional hand-written letters about once a month! Social media is really just a form of communication :)

  32. Ha! This was great! My “Rice Krispies tweets” really would fit in here! I am so guilty of most of these, except Pinterest. Totally not into that one yet. Gotta set SOME limits. :)

  33. Guilty on so many counts! My whole family are constantly giving me grief about my checking in (Four Square)… To which I reply, I’m the Mayor here – it’s good for the game!

    I used to access all the social medias at work, then I noticed that productivity was suffering. Now work is work and the social media can wait until I’m at home. Besides I’m not so excited to open the non-secure version (even at home).

    FB, Google+, LinkedIn, Skype, Twitter, WP and a few local forums is where you can find me… that keeps me busy enough!

    • You sound a bit obsessive, but sounds like you have it under control during the day. :)
      It’s great that you noticed that your productivity was declining and you changed that. It sounds like you are on all the same places I am. I will have to follow you on twitter. What’s your twitter name?

  34. Hilarious! I just started a Facebook and Twitter account – for my book!
    I’m not a social media type of guy, by any means…

    • Wow, congrats on starting those two accounts. I just really got going on twitter a couple of weeks ago and it was an eye opener for learning. You will pick it up fast, my friend.

  35. It’s my pleasure to pass on one more award to your blog Mj. Congrats. http://wp.me/p1RVT0-I5

  36. Ok, I will admit to one of these: #9, tuning a friend out so I could write a post from the hotel bar, where I was getting drunk on rum punch, in Haiti. But how could I resist??! Posting from an exotic place, half-drunk, and when the spotty internet connection just happened to be working. I did feel guilty about it afterword, however, and vowed to always conduct my vacation blogging at the end of the day from now on, alone in my room so as not to become addicted to that virtual escapism we’re all warned about.

    The one thing I’d add to your list which has, for me, been the #1 sign of social media (or for me, just blogging) obsession:
    “No, let’s make this turn/choose this animal/start a fight/stay here just a little longer to see if Big Foot arrives/whatever… BECAUSE IT WILL MAKE A MORE INTERESTING POST”. Yes, I’ve done it. I am ashamed.

    • Wow, only one of them?? Or just one that you will admit to? I have almost all of them going on in my world.

      And I totally understand something making a more interesting post. It’s always about the content, right? :)

  37. Guilty as charged, sir. Charged with #4 and a variation of # 6. I photograph items for my blog, which I sometimes post on Pinterest !

    I’ve experienced the deer-in-the-headlights look from my girlfriends when I speak of “my blogging friends” and posts. Several of them don’t use any social media, so they think I’m totally off the wall. (not far from the truth!!) Great post, mj!

    • Glad you enjoyed this Judy. Your photography is great, so I can certainly see you photographing for your blog, specifically.

      Are we “social-media-types” all a little off the wall? Seems like several of the comments register the same responses from family and friends about our virtual behavior! :)

  38. StoriesAndSweetPotatoes says:

    OMG if I ever call someone a tweep in a real life I’ll kill myself.
    Great list.

  39. Oh, only seven, Emma? You should be fine! hehehe Hypothetically answering, of course.

  40. Guilty of 2, 3, and 4.

    #11. When your significant other says, “Antiques Roadshow is on” ( a show you ALWAYS watch together) and you say, “Not tonight, Dear. I have a header ache” (i.e., you haven’t come up with a title for your blog post for tomorrow).


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