"It's like taking a nap on that little rug when you were in kindergarten."

Happy Birthday!!

This is what it would look like with 53 candles!! It’s the 28th of February again. For those of you who know me well – and may you survive that fate – you may think of this as a day that lives in infamy. hehe Yes, I’m that guy with the quirky, okay, if truth […]

My So-Called Simple Life – Shunning Social Media

There is no social media in MJ’s life. Twitter is the sound of a bird tweeting, a magazine or newpaper on the newstand “in town” must be a “facebook,” surely “google-ing” someone must mean to look at them strangely, and “blog” is a funny mispronunciation of the word “log” by a child. It’s the crack […]

9 Author Photos – Take Your Pick

Hardcover and paperback books take rest on book shelves throughout the house. Sleepy parchment, dressed with ink, beckons readers to open their pages. Seldom is a book picked back up after reading it once. Their sad tops dusted periodically like idle chatskies. Solitary souls, though they be, they still have a comfort and warmth like […]

Twitter Hashtags – What & How

 DO YOU “HASHTAG” OR JUST TWEET? In a recent post, we looked at Twitter as a social media tool for writers: Social Media – Twitter & Writing. Since we looked at some of the basics already, let’s dig a little deeper and talk about Twitter “hashtags.” By sending tweets without hashtags, it’s much more difficult for […]

Holy Starbucks – A Babyccino?!

It’s Saturday morning, and you’re longing for that double-soy-latte-triple-pump-espresso,  frothed, at your local Starbucks, Tim Horton’s (eh), or Peet’s. Of course, as is typical, the line is out-the-door – full of boomer couples; hipsters with kids in tow; and the single, size 0 women, with “PINK” splashed across their skinny butts. As you make your […]

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