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Holy Starbucks – A Babyccino?!

It’s Saturday morning, and you’re longing for that double-soy-latte-triple-pump-espresso,  frothed, at your local Starbucks, Tim Horton’s (eh), or Peet’s. Of course, as is typical, the line is out-the-door – full of boomer couples; hipsters with kids in tow; and the single, size 0 women, with “PINK” splashed across their skinny butts.

As you make your way through the queue – in the time it takes to build a small skyscraper – you’re just about there, when you hear this toddler squeak out an, “I’ll have a babyccino.” WHAT?? Actually all the texting slang pops into your head, “WTF, LOL, WTH, OMG,” etc.

And yes, you did hear correctly: BABYCCINO

Coffee Starbucks Cappuccino No Caffeine Babyccino

As your mind races faster than Lady GaGa’s stylist, you wonder what in this caffeinated-world is a “babyccino?” Well, in my never-ending quest to inform and entertain you, the babyccino is not a drink size that’s smaller than a “tall” (which ironically is SB’s smallest size). It happens to be a non-caffeinated drink consisting of warmed, foamed milk for the toddler-set.

You’re thinking the same thing I did: “Are you kidding me?” Well, on the one hand, it could be looked at as over-indulging a toddler. Well, okay, that’s pretty much what it is. But, honestly, who was the genius who thought of this? I only wish this was something I concocted. SB has now pulled the coffee market from nearly cradle-to-grave.

These marketeers already had the tweens roped in with frappaccinos – the gateway drug to coffee, as they get older. And now, they have the toddlers bridging to tween-dom with the humble “babyccino.” That, my friends, is marketing with a capital “M!”

I shudder to think what will come next – hehehe:

Happy Friday, and good luck in that coffee line tomorrow. Hope you don’t have a lot of toddlers in front of you!

What do you think of the babyccino, and have you seen this in your local coffee shop?


  1. Start the branding young, win-win.

  2. Here in Ireland, babyccinos have been around for ages, and we LOVE them. They are nothing more than steamed milk with a tiny bit of chocolate powder dusted on top. Often times served with a few tiny marshmallows. Most places they are free, or only €1. I love it b/c my kids get a great w/out filling up on overly sugary hot chocolate, and I can get my coffee goodness. :)

    • I do have to say…we are 3+ hours away from the neares Starbucks, but our local cafe/coffee shop is where everyone hangs out. It’s an amazing place. They even hosted our baby dedication for our son there! They are where we first discovered babyccinos.

      But, having said that, the ex-pat in me loves to see the freaked out look on American tourists’ faces when they serve our kids babyccinos in espresso cups. *insert evil laugh here*

      • We have six SB’s in a one mile radius from our house, but I love the options. Your local coffee shop sounds fantastic.

        I like your sense of fun, Jennifer! I might find the same enjoyment.

    • I want one. With the little marshmallows and the dusting of chocolate powder. I honestly think it’s a great idea for the wee ones.

  3. I don’t know. My kid might kind of like this. It’s a nice change from his usual diet of sugar packets and crack :)

  4. that photo is hilarious! But GUILTY!!!!! My kids get a kid’s hot cocoa and it comes in a kid sized cup with cute little lid and they look so cute grasping that cute little starbucks symbol with their chubby little fingers. I just want to snap photos and say, “see, how commercially brainwashed we are? It is ADORABLE!!!!’ :)

  5. This would’ve been right up my alley as a kid. I always wanted to be an adult when I was little. :)

  6. Are you serious? They don’t sell that stuff at our Starbucks yet–at least not that I’ve seen. I do, however, find the picture hysterical!!

  7. Sssh. Listen. Do you hear what I hear?

    “Baby(ccipino), it’s cold inside!”

    That’s the Four Bucks Management singing themselves silly as they roll around in (our) cold, hard ka-ching-er-ucks.

    Question. Do you think they now call babies their ‘cash calves’?


    • That is very funny! And yes, I think that is the sound of money in the bank from the “cash calves.” I love that, and I may borrow that expression from Kate sometime. Too funny.

  8. Judy Berman says:

    As a youngster, I drank coffee heavily laced with milk – and sugar. I’d like to say it’s had no ill effects on me, but I’m sure those who know me would argue otherwise.

  9. Yikes!

    I find this somewhat appalling and yet sweet all at the same time. And, yes, I must admit I am a Starbucks girl from waaaaay back. There’s nothing like a tall, extra hot, skinny mocha with whip to get me to my sunshiny place (well that and the aisles of Target (soft T please).

    I don’t think I am a hipster. However, I do love my labels.

    Now I feel as if I must sit in a coffee shop and contemplate consumerism and the state of our society, familial and otherwise. Of course while sipping my preferred bit ‘O’ cafe.


    • I have to say, Candice, I find it totally sacharine-y sweet, myself. How cute is it to see a toddler clutching their own little SB cup with a little milk and chocolate powder?

      Hmm, mocha with whip sounds great! You might be hipster. hehehe

      Reminds me, I better go contemplate consumerism over a cuppa as well! :)

  10. I haven’t seen these at our SB yet– but then again, almost every time I go there, somebody in front of me orders something I’ve never heard of before. If they could just start serving almond milk there, I would probably be their unabashed brand slave forever. (In case SB is reading this: please serve almond milk!)

  11. Oh, if only a coffee shop existed in this part of the woods, I would love to have a babyccino myself! :)

    • No coffee shop?? WHAT? Oh, goodness gracious, that’s terrible. :)

      I will think of you, fondly, the next time I go to one of the six SB’s within a mile of the house. Don’t hate me for having SB – SB-envy is not healthy! 😉

  12. Hmm, we haven’t seen these yet in Oklahoma. No little ones at our house though. Unless Starbuck’s comes out with a Lapaccino for dogs (we have 3 Japanese Chin), we’ll just stick to the usual Triple Grande’ Soy Latte for FD and the regular coffee for this farm girl!

    • Ooh, Lori, you’re definitely on to something with the Lapaccino, oh my gosh, that’s genius!! SB, if you’re reading this, you better jump on it!

      Triple grand soy latte – got some kick in that one! I too, go for the regular coffee. :)

  13. Christina Carson (@CarsonCanada) says:

    I’ve found much better coffee than Star Bucks at a local coffee vendor so I stay home and make my own. But nothing like getting your customers before they have teeth. However, what is grand is discovering your blog (thanks to your follow on twitter). For you fine sir are just plain good fun. Thanks for the laugh. Alas, you’re never a hero in your own home.

    • Wow, Christina, that’s fantastic that you’ve found the Holy Grail of coffee at your local shop. Nothing like a great cup of joe.

      I’m so glad you like the blog. I have fun with it, for sure, and LOVE the interaction with people like you who make great comments. Thank you so much!

  14. No babyccino here as far as I’m aware. Wonder when will it come to the faraway land of Singapore, not before Sophia gets out of toddlerhood I hope! Though if its just milk it should be fine I suppose. Minus the cocoa and marshmallow till she’s like 30, if I can help it.

    • Oh, poor Sophia. Mom doesn’t want her to have a babyccino? I kind of like the idea as it allows the toddler a sense of being older without being older. The cocoa and a few little marshmallows, are you sure mom? :)

  15. I don’t even know. I pretty much avoid Starbucks, but I live in a place that is filled with local options too.
    I’m going to have to check it out, although I’ll never buy it. I prefer the full-on sugary goodness of hot cocoa for my kids. I mean, go big or go home.

    • Avoid SB?? Say it ain’t so! No, that’s okay. You’re too hipster for SB – hehe.
      Local options are sometimes even better. I have to say, I would have still preferred cocoa as a child. My momma used to make it on the stovetop when we were kids with milk and cocoa powder. It was the best!

  16. writingfeemail says:

    Years ago, a local coffee shop near a gym that my son and I worked out at offered one called simply a ‘steamer’. On Saturday mornings it became a ritual to get my coffee and his steamer. I had forgotten all about this until I read your post. Thanks for the memory.

  17. Love the post and LOVE the new look of the blog. This is hilarious, sad and interesting all at the same time. I wrote a post way back called “Learning to Speak coffee” This would make a wonderful addition to that post! Coming from overseas where ordering seems far simpler Learning to speak coffee is a huge deal and this makes it even harder. Thanks for this post.

  18. Oh wow. A baby coffee drink at Starbucks makes me want to laugh and cry. Haha

    The new blog looks good too! Bravo!

    • I love the babyccino! It is pretty amusing though. Glad you like the new look, thank you!

      Oh, wanted to let you know that your comment went in to my spam folder for some reason. Just found it today.

  19. SB is one of my favorites – my daughter and granddaughters meet every Friday morning for an hour to catch up. So many fun memories over the years there with many people that I love. But I’ve never heard of babyccinos – will look for them now though. And I’ve been well entertained by your blog and all of the comments. Thanks!


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