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5 In-Your-Facebook Questions

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After my extensive experience – over one year AND two months, and counting – on that great social networking tool, Facebook, I have come up with five extremely thought-provoking questions for your ponderance (new word, yay). Even more intriguing than the great philosophy of Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates, I present:


#1 Have you ever posted a photo of you, or your friends, who were drunk?

This seems to happen to a lot of FB users – and not just the high school and college ages, either. Pictures make these “special occasions” even more memorable and are great for future embarrassing moments. It’s also apparently best to disclose where you vomited so that everyone has that information as well. Maybe a commemorative plaque should be placed at the scene, too?? WTH?

Check this actual FB site out – at your own risk: MY TOO DRUNK PHOTO. Seriously, I can’t even make this kind of stuff up.


#2 Who made you mad, and did you express your anger in the most humiliating way possible, for all to see on FB?

Another great question. Interestingly, the actual responses on FB wouldn’t surprise most of us. Your answer should be extremely personal, and you should go in to as much detail as possible so that ALL of your FB friends know how much you really dislike that person.


#3 Have you ever, excitedly/foolishly, posted a picture of personal information to show off to your FB friends?

Probably not the best idea. For example, “I got a new credit card,” (see actual one, below), or driver’s license, or here’s my new address (after you moved).

Facebook, Fail, credit card


#4 Is it possible to show more cleavage on the picture you took of yourself?

More than likely this “classic” FB picture involves the low-cut-in-the bathroom-with-mirror-and-iPhone (or Android) photo. To make this complete, one MUST squench the lips together.

Bloggers Note: Nope, I still can’t make this stuff up.


#5 Can you keep a secret?

This one has always puzzled me, and makes me want to answer this one with another question: Is Facebook the best forum for asking this question, and better yet – is it the best place to be answering the question. I’m not sure, but I probably wouldn’t be sharing my “deepest, darkest” all over the interwebs (okay, maybe on my blog), but not to the Facebook community.


What questions, answers, photos, or items have you seen on Facebook, that make you scratch your head thinking, “Why are they actually posting this on FB for all the world to see?


  1. I don’t spend very much time on FB at all, but the pics I don’t understand are the birth ones… like ACTUAL home or hospital birthing process. “Here is the placenta!” Didn’t need to see that, thanks. (Am I a prude?)

  2. It amazes me how many times a day people post on FB during the workday. Do they not realize employers check that stuff? :)

    • Not sure how you can do it with a clean conscience unless it’s part of your job to be doing internet research or you’re into social media of some sort. Most employers do frown on that use of company time.

  3. Judy Berman says:

    I agree with Kourtney on the postings made during the work day. If I were their employer, I wouldn’t be happy that they were wasting company time doing this. Also, I have seen rants that make me cringe. Personally, I don’t even answer to questions on when and where I worked. No thank you, FB. You know enough about me already — and are passing that on to your advertisers.

    • I’m with you, both. The rants are surprising – some about their workplace and other members of the company are on FB as well. I can see why some people list their employer especially if they’re trying to get additional exposure for their company or they are saying positive things, but that isn’t always the case.

  4. #1 No. But, I would love to see photos or video when you were drunk, but only if you are a woman exposing her body parts or a man jumping face first into concrete.
    #2 You. I can’t explain it. I have really fucked up memory like the dude in “Memento”. Nothing personal.
    #3 My genitals. Controversial google analytics.
    #4 Yes. If I had breasts.
    #5 Maybe. What is the click through rate?

    • I’ve never jumped face first into concrete, though my pic does look like I may have.
      Good movie, Memento.
      Sorry to hear about Google analytics.

  5. Kricket says:

    I was going to say “No” to ALL the questions but then I read the last one. “yes” I can keep a secret.

  6. I can keep a secret! But if you tell me on Facebook, even via a private message you might as well shout it from the rooftops and publish it on the front page of the paper. I’ve never posted a photo of me while drunk (I don’t have any, I’m the safety buddy!) and while I have posted photos of friends they were always approved first.
    I’ve never done 2, 3, or 4.
    I would actually quit Facebook entirely apart from the fact that it’s a nice place to interact with blog readers and bloggers, and I get left out of everything if I’m not there. My friends organise everything via Facebook Groups/Pages/Events so I kind of need to stay in the loop.

    • By the way with the private message part I meant to add that just because it’s apparently private doesn’t mean it is – who knows what Facebook will change next? And they might break that feature so everything gets “accidentally” posted to your wall.

      • You’re probably right, RJ, that private messages aren’t really private, and knowing FB, it will probably somehow change – of course, without any warning and without any input from the user base.

    • I didn’t get on FB until Jan 2011. I was very late to that party because I just thought it was trivial. But like you, I’ve found that it keeps me in the loop with a lot of family, friends, and people from the past that I would otherwise lose track of. I actually like it and it was my first foray into social media.

      I haven’t done any of the things on the list, except I can keep a secret. However, if people put things on FB, all bets are off on privacy.

  7. I think you’ve pretty much covered most ground. I should print this out as my checklist before posting anything on facebook. Though that may mean I get stuck at 3) with an overly broad definition of personal information. Like a photo of my apartment, or my car or my face, is that potentially reavealing too much if people connect all the dots that are available on me in the www?

    • I can’t see you making any of these happen on your FB page. I don’t think pictures of a car or face are that revealing myself. There’s so much public information out there on all of us right now.

  8. writingfeemail says:

    I once saw a fb post that had an employee lambasting their boss. Not surprisingly, the next post was of them looking for another job. Think people – as you say!
    Love the pictures that support your 5 – especially the angry photo. Whoa!

    • I’ll never understand the slam your boss/workplace posts. It’s just not the smartest thing to do on such a public forum. Yet, despite all the warnings, people still do it.

      I couldn’t believe I stumbled on that “angry” photo on Google images. It was classic. Looks like Exorcist-scary!

  9. Some people have no filter!

  10. Those things all irk me to no end. But the one thing that really ticks me off…that completely makes me insane…and makes me want to rip my hair out….are the constant status updates detailing what someone is eating, or is going to eat or ate last week. I really don’t need to know you had scrambled eggs with tabasco sauce this morning, thank you very much. I think Facebook has become the modern-day bar, where everybody gathers around and drinks too much and starts to gossip or brawl.

    • I have to say, D-Woww, that I did those foodie posts at the beginning when I was a “rook” but learned that it just wasn’t as cool as I thought it might be to others.

      It can be gossipy, you’re too right there.

      Which reminds me: I had instant Malt-O-Meal for breakfast, and I must send you a friend request! hehehe

  11. I feel like you got the major ones! That made me laugh. The only other one I see is the major f-bomb dropping. You know, the status update where every other word has four letters. It always makes me wonder what people expect when they go to apply for a new job. I’m pretty sure FB is not as private as we like to pretend it is.

    • I’m not someone who corrects other people for using bad language, but I agree with you about the “major f-bomb dropping” – some people for some reason can’t post without several in one sentence. I’ve never understood that; and it also seems like a lack of ability to communicate effectively. I try to be careful what I post and how I say it because I don’t want someone in the present, or in the future, to misinterpret what I’m saying.

  12. Fun post. Have to admit I was just in the middle of a political brawl on FB. I was careful not to be obnoxious, but not everybody was that careful. At one point it got so heated, someone accused someone else of needing anger management. The person who posted the original comment eventually caved in and took the conversation down. One thing not to discuss on FB, particularly if you’re a writer (which means you’ve gone public) is politics. And religion is as risky as a nude photo.

    • Boy, JP, that’s terrible that it got that out of control.

      I have almost never forayed into either, in deference to sensitivity. It’s just too risky and alienating. Good comment!

  13. Ha! The credit card one!!!! Thats absolutely unbelievable! Who the hell does that? *facepalm*

    I used to use Facebook all the time, but now that I have Twitter I hate it haha :)

    • It’s amusing and appalling that someone would post a credit card on FB, isn’t it?

      I still use FB, but it is not the primary means anymore. I use my blog, others blogs, and Twitter primarily, FB is infrequent. Oh, and gmail quite a bit.

  14. Political and religious stuff on FB drives me insane, particularly the politics right now.

    The best one that’s happened to me blew up right on my page. I took a video of one of my friend’s kids having a head-spinning temper tantrum. You could hear us all laughing at him in the background. To get it to her, I posted it on my FB page and tagged her. One of my other friends then helpfully commented that SHE would never let HER little precious act like that. What kind of mother let their children act like that? Of course, the mother saw it, and made a sarcastic comment. It degenerated into a cat fight with electronic hair-pulling and scratching, in addition to some very colorful language. Finally, I took it down because it looked like they were never going to stop.

    So, lesson for me: I don’t post things like that on my page any longer. I just send them privately.

    • The politics are TOTALLY obnoxious right now. And it unfortunately will probably get a LOT worse. Not looking forward to my hard left and hard right friends mixing it up even more as we get closer to November.

      I love that story about that video. It just shows how even unsuspecting things like that can get blown out of proportion. So sad that people can be that way. Love your term “electronic hair-pulling”!

    • You should read The Slap by Christos Tsiolkas – it’s like the book version of your story.

  15. I am guilty of No.2 but I don’t mention names (ha ha as if that helps!).

    Ps. Not sure what happened MJ but I’m not getting any email notifications about your posts. I have a feeling WordPress made me unfollow you, I’ll need to go and check…

    • Well, as long as you don’t mention names, Nisha, it’s okay. hehehe

      Hmm, I’ve heard this from three people now, but can’t figure out why it’s doing that. Will dig deeper. Thanks for the feedback!

  16. I’m a huge fan of FB and think, if used well, it is a fabulous way to reach out and meet new folks. I’ve never done any of your FB 5, but I’ve seen every single one of them. Some even by authors who were mad at their publisher. Really? On a public forum you want to throw them under the bus? Bad business juju!

    Thanks for the giggle, MJ!

  17. mj this is funny…it’s the fb posts of ‘good night everyone out there in fb land’ and ‘just got up and had breakfast’…or ‘can’t sleep’ that get me..it can become like a security blanket for lonely souls. Over here our offspring are advised to wipe their fb clean as Universities etc.. check them out as do future employers….it’s Public people….!!!! Fun post.

  18. MJ I really wish you hadn’t stolen that pic of me in my bikini, taking a phone picture of myself in the mirror. Sheesh.
    And worse, WORSE, you dare to say it’s not classy to do?

    • Sorry, Laine! I didn’t want to name names! It was pretty hot, and your hubby might get jealous if everyone knew it was you.

      Please carry on with your pics! hehe


  19. Holy mackerel – how is the profile pic on that ‘my too drunk photos’ page? Let’s have some dignity girls. Friends don’t let friends post/tag drunken photos on FB. They might be funny but they should not be public.

    I’m guilty of getting in a discussion group and calling someone a ‘turkey’. Then i decided i should leave that discussion.

    • I know, right?? I couldn’t believe someone would post pictures like that on FB. I’ve heard of bad ones, but those are downright humiliating. There is no dignity.

      Good point on the ‘turkey’ discussion. hehe

  20. Lol! Those bathroom shots always get me. Also, I’m wiser now but I did let go of my rage in a fit when I was a teenager — then promptly deleted the posts.

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