"It's like taking a nap on that little rug when you were in kindergarten."

3.14159265 Reasons to Blog

“I blog, therefore I am.”
René Descartes (okay, he actually said, “I think, therefore, I am.”)

If you’re like me – and let’s hope that you aren’t, for your sake – you love to blog. Family and friends, who don’t blog, don’t really get why you put fingers-to-keyboard a few times a week and throw a literary masterpiece rubbish into cyberspace for mass consumption (in my case, all 28 followers).

So often, I get the question, “MJ, why do you blog?” Well, after a blogging career that spans more than 120 whole days, I believe that I have conclusively determined the reasons why I blog. And for those of you who continue to get that question, feel free to use any of these reasons:

1. Blogging can take one away from so many other responsibilities.

– Need to change a diaper – blog instead.

– Laundry piling up … uh-oh, better get that post online straight away!

– Jerry Springer’s on – definitely better blog!

– Uni studies calling your name – but you haven’t commented on your favorite blogs recently? Better take a little break from studying.

– Things a little intense at work? Maybe a quick post to take your mind off of things.

– Haven’t showered in two days? Look at it this way: Howard Hughes went weeks at a time – what’s a few days?? hehe


2. Blogging is educational.

– I continue to learn more about the art of the double entendre from Leanne Shirtliffe at ironicmom.

– Need a cure for cabin fever in the middle of winter? Here you go – from Darla “D-Woww” over at She’s a Maineiac.

– How to make perfect girl scout cookies – AT HOME? Yep, on a blog – Cara at forkandbeans.

– Want to plan the perfect wedding? Tori at the ramblings, will give you an edumacation “bloggy wedding”-style!

– Do you know how to choke on your meal? Andra does – The Accidental Cootchie Mama.

– How to keep a secret: The Wordslinger – Don’t know how Jim did it, but he did.

– I always wanted to know how to make a rain stick at home, now I do, thanks to Tricia at critters and crayons.

I could go on and on, and as you know, I usually do. So much to learn and so little time!


3.14159265 Blogging is as easy as “pi”, and almost as fun.

– Okay, this might be a huge stretch to use “pi” in place of the word “pie”, but since I love a pun, I couldn’t resist.

– It’s great to connect with other bloggers, enjoy the humor, the pain, the ups, the downs, the all-arounds, the sorrow, the pictures, the politics and religion (not at all!), the antics and their shenanigans. (Notice how I’m just making up a bunch of words and placing commas between them?)

– People give you awards all the time, and you can give them back to them, too. I’ve decided to make up a few new ones that you can gladly pass on to others. Be sure to make up your own criteria to fit the award:

CRAP Award – Content Really Astounds People – self-explanatory

RABID Award – Read A Blog In Darkness – given to those who are still reading on their iPad or laptop after lights out

Fo Sho Award – For Show – awarded to those who blog for recognition

PFFT! Award – Puns Followers Find Terrible – I’m thinking I would win this one, hands down!

Well, there you have the top 3.14159265 reasons to blog.


NOTE: Don’t forget National Pi Day is 3/14 (3.14). That’s so nerdy and creative!

Please share the reasons why you blog, with the rest of us!


  1. Leanne Shirtliffe (Ironic Mom) says:

    Are you one of those people who has memorized pi to the 77th decimal place? (My former colleague did that).

    I blog because it’s cheaper than therapy, because it’s discipline, because it’s community. And a way to find my voice.

    Thanks for the linky love. Happy weekend, Michael!

    • I have it memorized to four decimals only.

      And, yes, honestly, your reasons for blogging are precisely why I blog as well.

      Enjoy Thing 1 and Thing 2 – hide the lawn darts!

    • What she said! You’ve described the reason I like to blog. In fact, I can say it has helped me change my life– finding a voice and allowing the creativity and other interests in my life has opened up so much more for me!

  2. Can I please be an honorary recipient of the CRAP award? Pretty please?

    I first started blogging to have entertaining conversations with myself (don’t judge), but now I enjoy writing online because of the community. I still can’t get over how many wonderful people I’ve ‘met’ through blogging, and the list keeps growing every day! :)

    • Your Content does Really Astound me! So, I say yes, you are a great candidate!

      I don’t judge – I have conversations with my self all the time! I have met so many great people, as well. It’s really a blast to blog, I must say.

  3. I blog to keep my family and friends up to date on the chaos that engulfs our family. But more importantly, I blog because I have convniced myself that, somewhere in the entirety of our planet, someone knows that I exist, and maybe even thinks I’m interesting. I’ll find that person some day, and I’ll buy them a Starbucks giftcard.

  4. Well, for such a veteran blogger — I mean, 120 days…how the hell have you done it??? — you do have good reasons.

    For me, I’d personally LOVE to blog more…but the paid work is getting in the way! Seriously: I’m having such a hard time finding enough time to meet my freelance obligations, be a soccer mom, be a baseball mom, be a girlfriend, be a marketing guru (networking and lining up the future writing gigs that will hopefully keep us from consuming a Top-Ramen-only diet) AND be a blogger. Ugh…

    Any advice, Mr. Prolific? I’m seriously struggling here…

    And BTW, I totally deserve the RABID award considering that’s one of the only times I can READ other blogs!


    • Yes, my experience is so VAST, isn’t it??

      Well, I don’t think I could do what you do. I’m not working right now, so I have the time, but when I am, I won’t have the time either.

      I totally understand why you have to blog late at night. Plus your posts are so much better and way longer (more thoughtful) than mine.

      Another strong candidate for the RABID Award, for sure!

      You know, I’ve still got your back, sista!

  5. prabat parimal says:

    I don’t blog and this is the first time i am going to follow any blog with open eyes(I hope blogging is different than following any blog).

  6. Mike- Your posts just get better and better- I am so glad I could impart the sage lessons of how to kid-craft to you. :) Thanks for the feature! :)

    • You’re quite welcome!

      And I love your kid-crafts. I’m serious when I say that I sometimes want to pull out some of the materials and do some of them. I’m such a kid at heart!

  7. Yay! I get a RABID award! Wait, is that a good thing? 😛
    I blog because I love it, even the “dang it! I’ve still not checked Pinterest today!” part can be fun as I’m discovering so many new things through gazillions of other people :)

    • I can see you with your flashlight (oh, it’s “torch” in English-speak), in the dark, and your laptop on! Definitely a “RABID Award” candidate.

      And you’re too right – blogging is FUN!

  8. 3.14 reasons.. ha, ha, MJ that is the shortest list I’ve seen you make (though I noticed that you made sub-lists as a way to get around the 3 thing). I was just checking in as I am about to link you in a future post. My post cue is backing up, so I won’t but this up right away. I’ll let you know when I do. It’s on one of your favorite topics, blog awards. Love your suggestions. By the way, I don’t subscribe, but I do check regularly. My wife does not like my blog subscriptions cluttering up our e-mail. Nothing personal. I’ve got a series on blogger’s statistics drafted too. Oh, but the post cue gets longer. Back to work… What, there’s laundry to do.? Bye.

    • Oscar … shhhhh! You nailed me on the sub-topics. hehe

      After I started writing, I thought the same thing: Here I go, saying there’s only 3.14 reasons, yet I have about 20 listed underneath them – poetic license??

      No problem not subscribing, my friend. As always, I look forward to your post!

  9. I think avoiding real life responsibilities is the number one reason I blog. You nailed it with that description, MJ (who wants to change diapers?) Also, it quiets the voices in my head. And it quiets my voice droning on and on to my poor husband. I blog instead of talking his poor ear off.

    What’s funny about blogging, is how much a non-blogger doesn’t understand it or why we do it. I tried explaining it to my husband and his eyes glazed over as soon as I said, “Hey, honey! wanna read my post?” (he never reads my blog) Must be nice not to have that addicition…I kinda envy him. Sigh.

    Thanks for the link shout-out. I am happy to report it will be mid 50s here all week and the snow is GONE.

    • Great point about quieting the voices in your head. I know MLB doesn’t want to hear it, either. When I start out a sentence, “I have an idea for a post …” I get the same glazed over look you get from your husband.

      It is great for real-life avoidance, for sure! :) Eventually, I do have to pay those bills, and get some laundry done (but I do love my laundry, so that one’s okay. hehe).

      Congrats on the 50’s for your Maine weather. That’s pretty darn good!

  10. I just subscribed Michael. I’m guessing I’m subscriber 29, but then the count is rising so quickly, I may have missed that. I always wanted to be “caller number nine,” so I guess this is close as I get.

    When I read your tweet that said, “A handful find him funny – none in his family!” I knew I had to follow. It occurred to me that maybe we were separated at birth, since I have the same humorless family. Then again, that would mean the family was separated at birth, and not us.

    Oh, I blog because I too am an author. I write some dead-serious humor.

    Anyway, I look forward to more of your silliness. Happy 3.14 day, where does one go to worship 3.14?

    • Thanks for subscribing, my friend.

      Perhaps the two of us, and our families, were separated at birth. hehe

      I look forward to getting to virtually know you better – love the spunky personality!

  11. I started blogging because I wanted to do some more fun writing than what I do at work. Stretch the ol’ word and phrase muscles, make some observations on the world, test myself. I continue to blog because I’ve developed what is very likely an unhealthy addiction to ranting at people I’ve never met in my life and having them comment to me on how great my rants are (this is a sliding scale), and to feeling some sort of connection to other people through the magical powers of a 6.5lb portal. And as you pointed out above, I use it to avoid doing everything – presently: showering, folding laundry, shredding old bills, leaving the house.

    • One of the great benefits of blogging is the fact that someone actually reads what we write. That has always surprised me, and put a smile on my face.

      I’m glad that you’ve found this true as well. Also great to do something that doesn’t seem like work, or is completely different from what you do at work.

      Sounds like you’re avoidance is the same as mine! :)

  12. riatarded says:

    Ok it is allowing me to comment again! I went from ;( to =D haha thank you!

    Didn’t know there was a national pi day! That is very cool!

    • Thank you for persevering and letting me know about the comment problem. I really appreciate you doing that.

      I couldn’t believe there was a national pi day, either! :)

  13. Thanks for the mention. :) Your award list cracks me up.

    I started blogging because I read a blog a connection on Facebook started and thought I could do better. Seriously. Plus, I was bored. It was the beginning of 2010, and management consultants were not in high demand in my little town, leaving me with a lot of time and energy on my hands. I hadn’t written anything creative in 20 years. Lots of business stuff, even some of it published, but nothing I wrote really underscored who I was.

    I kept blogging because I skipped a Saturday and got messages at ungodly hours of the morning asking me if I was dead. It was a microscopic following, but they were loyal. And demanding.

    Blogging inspired me to write a novel. It gave me an outlet to improve and to entertain. It became a petri dish for combining words and phrases to see what touched people. More than anything, though, it connected me with people all over the world who have become my friends, people I wish lived around the corner so we could grab a drink after work or have a quick lunch midday. It’s fostered a community of folks who show up and chat around the water cooler of my words. They’re the excuse for these people to get together, and I love what every one of them contribute to my little sliver of the web.

    • Andra, I have found a very similar return from blogging as you. I started out knowing nothing and having never blogged or read blogs. I started the first blog post and then started reading other blogs.

      It’s turned into something even more fun and rewarding than I ever imagined.

      I do believe I will finish a piece of fiction in the future based on what’s in my head these days.

      Though this response is choppy, I did want to let you know that I have truly enjoyed your writing – some of the best-constructed in the blogosphere, and uniquely “Andra!” I just wish I could keep up with reading your posts as often as you write them. You are prolific, my friend.

      Lastly, I LOVE this comment:
      “It’s fostered a community of folks who show up and chat around the water cooler of my words.” Well said, Andra!

  14. Naomi Baltuck says:

    Hi MJ. This is a really great post. I love Pi Day, and I especially loved your list of new awards.

  15. You are too funny, MJ, your brain must be exploding with funny! Maybe that is why you blog.
    I blog ’cause I want to.

    • Well, Laine, I do have a LOT of voices in my head! hehehe

      I do love to write and trow it on the wall like spaghetti, and hopefully people even occasionally get a laugh or learn something from what they read. :)

  16. writingfeemail says:

    Blogging is addictive and cool – MJ – and so is your site. Blog on!

  17. >NOTE: Don’t forget National Pi Day is 3/14 (3.14). That’s so nerdy and creative!
    – Who you callin’ nerdy, eh? We, I mean, they, actually celebrate the 14th of March by eating pie and tossing around Pi clichés. Example:

    Question: What do you get when you take the sun and divide its circumference by its diameter?
    Answer: Pi in the sky.

    All of us, I mean, them, of course, then nod sagely and sombrely, keeping the humourless rep of our breed intact.


    • Pi in the sky!!! Bwahahahahahaha!! I love it.

      I’m right there with the nerdiest and … okay, not so creative-ist, but I strive to be.

      Always a pleasure to have the Kantakerous Kate on the mj blog!

  18. Fantastic post mj, I’m number 1 for sure (speaking of which, I really should be doing coursework right now :S ).
    I hate the eyeroll you tend to get from people if you tell them you blog. I think everyone assumes it’s easy to write a great blog, and so they don’t think it holds any worth. But they don’t know what their missing! 😉

    P.s. still trying to subscribe to your new blog but it isn’t working. I enter the email and it says it’s done it and that it will send a confirmation email, but I never get it. I’m afraid I might have to settle for popping back here each week to see what I’ve missed….

    • Becky, you’re so right about people thinking that it’s easy. But putting out consistently good posts is difficult and that’s why the good bloggers are in it for the long haul.

      I have to say, I tried to subscribe to my OWN blog and I can’t get emails either. WTH!!?? I gotta get this fixed. Thanks for the heads up, Becks!

  19. Excellent reasons to blog MJ! 😉
    I actually get the opposite reaction when I tell people I have a blog. They always seem really impressed; I suppose in a way, it’s like saying you have your own website(which it is) but I conveniently fail to mention how easy it is to set up. LOL. 😀

    • That’s a good point, Nisha. I do find that people are impressed by people who have blogs. And in your case, and many others, it’s more than just something that is easy to set up – it’s about the content on the site that’s most important. Keep it up, my friend, you’re doing a great job on your blog.

  20. I was always told that Pi Are Square and Cake Are Round.

    I would think someone could start the Church of Pi. They could use the book: The Approximate Value of Pi, by Ima Snidely as it’s holy book (see Amazon.com). It is 100 pages of the Pi values. Pi has all the values of a diety: infinite, mysterious, and I’m certain in no time at all competing churches would spring up. The church of Mu, Sigma, Alpha etc. come to mind, but maybe I’m confusing those with frat houses? Of course the Church of Pi wouldn’t have just wine, it could have an infinite assortment of drinks (just like frat houses).

    Before you know it, we could “have a finger in every π.” While thinking about Pi, it occured to me that one can calculate Pi accurately on a slide rule, but not on a calculator, it is limited by it’s exact digits.

    Enough on this, I’m going to go have a piece of π. :>)

    Dennis, “K1″

    • I’m digging the sense of humor, K1! Yes, I think those could be frat houses, my friend. :)

      Darn it, we only have brownies, fresh out of pi!

      Keep ’em coming , Dennis. Love, love, love the puns!


  21. Yay! I know pi to one more decimal place than this post! Its 4. Oh dear, I have just admitted that I am (was in high school days) a geek and I would probably have gone on to the 77th like Leanne’s friend if not for the fact that I was limited by the 10 digits display space on my high school calculator and the internet wasn’t at my disposal back then.

  22. Your reasons really made me laugh out loud. From where are you bringing so much fun, even after 120 days of blogging?
    My reason for blogging is very simple, I wanted an alternate of Facebook. And I got it as blogging. Does not number of followers sound better than number of friends! :)

    • Very interesting comment, my friend: number of followers and number of friends.

      Blogging is very interactive, and for me, more interactive than FB, don’t you think as well?

  23. Your logic is irrefutable, my friend; blogging rules!

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