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Roxy Girl

There wasn’t enough time to go to Disneyland, and make buying tickets worth our while, with just a few hours to closing time. You have to get your money’s worth, right?

So we decided to head to the next best thing – Downtown Disney.

Downtown Disney, Roxy Girl, Chesny

The car clock showed 6:32 pm when we arrived at the chock-full parking area. It was a Friday night and the sun was setting on beautiful Anaheim, California.

We grabbed a slice of pizza and soda, and sauntered in and out of various shops. We weren’t there to buy; this was time-killing, in a fun and non-budget-threatening way.

Prior to leaving, we decided to stop in the Roxy clothing store so GD could check out the latest So Cal surf stylings.

While MLB and GD were strolling through the store, a young clerk came up to me and asked the proverbial, “Is there anything I can help you with?”

I gave the cliche, “I’m just looking,” answer, but she was an energetic, chatty type.

[Hmm, sounds familiar, you say??]


Somehow we got on the topic of different areas of the United States and “Roxy Girl” (as I now call her) got to talking about country music, Nashville, the state of Tennessee, and the southeast US.

As I was learning more about her life story – she was in junior college, wanting to do something in country music for a living, etc. – MLB and GD popped up – I believe with the idea of saving me from Roxy Girl. :)

Well … I have to say, Roxy Girl was interesting! And MLB and GD also found her amusing and curious.

A couple of great exchanges from this conversation:

Roxy Girl: Have you ever been to a Cracker Barrel restaurant? [Southern-themed restaurant/store chain]

Roxy Customers (MLB and me): Yes, but it’s been quite a while since we’ve been there.

Roxy Girl: Cracker Barrel saved my life!!!  *said as emphatically as someone who just came to after CPR*

Cracker Barrel, Roxy store, Roxy Girl, Chesny Downtown Disney


We never got an explanation as to how Cracker Barrel saved her life as Roxy Girl quickly moved to the next topic:

Roxy Girl: Do you like country music?

MLB: Oh yeah!

Roxy Girl: I went to a Kenny Chesney concert and I got picked to come up on stage and give him a kiss!!

MLB and Me: Wow, that’s cool.

Roxy Girl: My friends are like … are you going up there??? Really??? And I’m like … God gave me a life to live it, right???


I don’t normally end a post abruptly like this, but I’m going to on this one.


I have two questions for you all:

1)  Has Cracker Barrel ever “saved your life?”

2) Would you go up on stage and kiss Kenny Chesney? [Roxy Girl, we learned, only kissed him on the cheek!]


  1. Naomi Baltuck says:

    Hi mj. What an interesting peek into someone’s life. Shakespeare said all the world is a stage, but it is also a big fat storybook filled with fascinating characters. Another great post!

    • Thanks, Naomi. It was a fun interaction. We totally enjoyed it!

      You know that I was thinking, “This is going to be a blog post,” the whole time I was listening to her. :)

  2. Jennifer says:

    Please explain the Cracker Barrel to this little Aussie. the only cracker barrel I know is awesome cheese. And as for Kenny Chesney, well Roxy Girl can have him. I’m not a country fan at all.

  3. Jodi Aman says:

    No, and why the hell not? :)

  4. Judy Berman says:

    You must go back and find out how – and why – Cracker Barrel saved Roxy girl’s life. Inquiring readers want to know. To answer your 2 questions: 1) no. 2) no Nothing against Kenny Chesney. But I can think of many others I’d be delighted to have that opportunity with. :-)

  5. Cate Monaghan says:

    I (known as MJ’s MLB) have to chime in on this one, in the interest of journalistic accuracy (though as I hear it, that shouldn’t get in the way of a good story, right?) – but it’s a minor detail. MJ and I disagree on whether it was Kenny Chesney whom Roxy Girl kissed, or some other hot country singer (yes, “HOT!”). I think she may have said Luke Bryan… but I’m not sure. Anyhow, if I weren’t so blessed as to have MJ in my life (and if I were Roxy Girl’s age), I’d be happy to give Kenny (or Luke) a peck on the cheek, too!

  6. Cracker Barrel almost ended my life. The only veggie on the plate was cooked to beyond dead and all the deep fried breaded stuff tasted like deep fried doo-doo.

    Who’s Kenny Chesney?

    I’m going to DTD Friday. You have to send me Roxy Girl’s name so I can find her. That would be awesome to find her and strike up a conversation. 😉

    • It’s been too long since we’ve had CB.

      Who’s Kenny Chesney – seriously?? Step out of your fantasy cave, my friend!! :)

      I’m going to have to try to remember her name. You know how I am – it’s been a few days now; it’s probably long slipped out of my “little grey cells.” hehe

  7. Cracker Barrel hasn’t saved my life- but the buttermilk chicken only available on Sundays makes life worth living, for sure. :) Funny post!

  8. No and um, No. That about sums it up for me.

  9. How could you let her move the conversation on from ‘Cracker Barrel saved my life’ ???? For the sake of the reader you could have revisited the topic, surely?

    • I know, Speccy. Don’t know what I was thinking.

      I was spell-bound by her verbal tenacity and use of phrasing. I should have queried further. I would make a terrible reporter.

  10. Maybe she was constipated and a trip to C.B. helped her out? I’ve never been to C.B. so I don’t think it will change my life? And I would probably never go to a country music concert, so I’m out on that one, too. Poo.

    • Great point, Laine! That could be. I think she was just way over-using her superlatives, but maybe it really did save/change her life!

      There’s only certain country I can listen to. MLB is hooked, but I’m not sold yet!

  11. Andra Watkins says:

    1. In the sense that there is a Cracker Barrel located equidistant between my house and my parents, it has saved my taste buds and a longer trip in the car more than once. Never my life, unless the longer trip would’ve resulted in an accident.

    2. No. I don’t really think I would go up onstage and kiss anybody.

    • Nice that you have one right between for easy pit stops.

      Hmm, you strike me as the onstage personality. Or is that just when you’re acting or speaking?

  12. 1. Nope. Never been to one, though my parents RAVE about it all the time. Of course, they also rave about Black Bear Diner, so I always consider the source on that one.

    2. Nope. Only if it were Michael Bolton. Or Milli Vanilli. Or perhaps Donny Osmond. I’m definitely not as cool as Roxy Girl, but if I may: I once was kissed by John Davidson during a show…

    (…and please, for the love of God, tell me you didn’t have to Google “John Davidson” in response to this comment…)


    • MLB loves Black Bear, as well. I haven’t been there yet. She’s probably right, so I should check it out.

      All good choices for your three celebrity singer kisses.

      Okay, I’m coming clean on this:
      I saw John Davidson in the 70’s as the lead in the musical Oklahoma. Can you believe that?? It was in Chicago on a Jr High field trip from Iowa, of all places. So, nope, I didn’t have to Google it! haha Funny story, huh??

  13. haha she, the Roxy girl, sounds cute!

  14. I imagine a trip to Disney would be unforgettable with you, my friend!

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