"It's like taking a nap on that little rug when you were in kindergarten."

What’s Your Photo Caption? MJ Gates?

Here’s a nice, light, Friday post for you as you move into your Easter weekend.

The photo, below, is yours truly at six years old. I must have been on my way to a business meeting with Bill Gates or Steve Jobs! hehe

MJ, photo, six year old, suit, Gates

MLB and I have been going through a lot of our household items to pare down the amount of stuff in our house.

Simplification sure is a demanding and tedious science, isn’t it?

I had totally forgotten about these 8″ x 10″ childhood photos, until MLB stumbled on the archaic photo album during what shall here-to-fore be known as … “The Great Purge of 2012.”


The year was 1965. A young MJ, at six years old, strikes his best business person pose, with his Chiclet-like teeth and grinning mouth. Note the arms crossed, ever-so-casually, as though it’s so very natural for a six year-old!


I’m going to give you the opportunity to come up with a caption for this, um, mesmerizing photo!

What does this photo say to you??

Please be as brutally sarcastic, or as serious, as you wish.


  1. Ahhh, this makes me nostalgic for the days when kids were well-behaved and didn’t run the household. When discipline and consequences weren’t dirty words. When only children were allowed to participate in Easter egg hunts….I feel a rant coming on so will leave it at that. Great picture, Michael!

    • Thank you for the rant. You have a point there, Ellison. There are some great parents out there, but not as many as there used to be for sure. Too much coddling in a lot of cases.

  2. Yes, Mr. Rogers, it IS a lovely day in the neighborhood. But I’d prefer if you kept your sweater on.

  3. Looks like I’ve got 10 years on you. Makes me lament that I have only 2 or 3 photos of me this age. Caption:
    “Goldwater in ’68 ! We’ll win this time.”

    • I may roll a few more out over time. They’re pretty funny to see, today. Don’t know how my parents could have afforded professional photos – we were pretty poor – with seven kids.

      Go Goldwater!

  4. You know you are eventually going to give in, so just say Yes now. Do we have a deal?

  5. “Demonstrating Plaid-itude” (and proudly i might add)

  6. Judy Berman says:

    “Those were the days my friend … We thought they’d never end.” I’ll leave you with that tune that Archie (Carroll O’Connor) and Edith Bunker (Jean Stapleton) used to warble at the opening of “All in the Family” until 1979. Then it was replaced with an instrumental version in 1979.

  7. Jennifer says:

    where’s the ‘like’ button gone. No comments from me, great picture. you sure were a cutie waaay back then.. lol :)

    • I lost the “like” button, and no one’s been able to lead me to get it back. I’ve asked WP a few times, but no luck.

      Yep, it’s been a long time since that picture was taken. :)

  8. Your honor, clearly I’m right. Let’s wrap this up and get some lunch.

  9. I have been sorting (purging) pictures this week, too. Why did I take all those scenery pictures? Why did I make duplicates of them? Ugh. Now I am sorting hundreds of my children’s children’s pictures. I am sending them back to them and keeping a prescious few. Helping my sister move out of her house has made me realize that I have tooooo much stuff. Yardsale coming up!
    Thinking about that caption!

    • Yes, Janice, why did we have duplicates made of all of our pictures back in the day? Duplicates of bad pictures!

      It’s time to get rid of a lot of stuff!!

  10. Ellison wrote: “Ahhh, this makes me nostalgic for the days when kids were well-behaved”

    Really? Have you considered who that kid is in the picture! Well-behaved? Do you ever actually read this blog?

    Some possible captions:

    “What, me worry?”
    “I wish that frog in my pocket would stop croaking.”
    “Wait ’til I stand up and they find out I have no pants on.”
    “Someday, they’ll let me wear a funny hat in my picture.”
    Hey, that’s the kid in the picture frame I bought in 1965!
    “I forgot to shave.”
    Ya get the best jackets at Goodwill!”
    “When I grow up, I’m gonna look just like M. J. Monaghan!”
    “I’ll do anything for cookies!”
    “Curly had a jacket just like this!”

    • Not sure how I missed your comment, here, Dennis. Thought I commented already.

      Firstly, I’m fairly well-behaved. No, seriously. hehe

      Love your captions. My personal favorite: “I’ll do anything for cookies!” You got that one 100% right.

      Also didn’t realize Curly had such good taste. Hmm …

  11. prabat parimal says:

    The stranger without glasses.

  12. Kanerva says:

    If I hold this smile long enough Mum won’t look under the table and see the huge hole in the knee of my brand new pants. This is going to be a really looong day…

    • Boy, Heather, you are probably correct about that. I did rip them often! And in those days, mom had to mend them. Those bunched up threads did not feel good either.

  13. No captions, but I love that picture, the plaid, the tie! Very cute, MJ. It reminds me of my son. He actually shows up to every school picture day, the only kid wearing a button-down shirt and clip-on tie! Last year he topped the business man look with his glasses. He’s only 9 and he’s dressing for success already while all the other boys show up wearing super Mario brothers t-shirts. That boy kills me!

  14. Hey… that’s a nice looking kid… what the hell happened???

  15. Caption” “I have hope.”
    * * *
    Loved the pic Michael Monaghan and actually it brought the tears up to my eyes, you may have been a scoundrel at age six, I would be the first person TO NEVER BELIEVE that.

    I see a child with sweetness and hope. Thanks for sharing that with us. I’m @grammakaye on twitter.

    • I was a model child, Kaye! No scoundrel here.

      Irish eyes were always smiling. And am always hopeful as I was back then. Life has been kind to me in life, and in love.

      And I’ve met fantastic people like you while blogging.

  16. Naomi Baltuck says:

    I love the photo, MJ! You haven’t changed a bit!

  17. An outlook of a bright young man, and yes very well behaved. Love the “plaid-itude”, look out world!

    • Janae, you are far too kind. I was actually a really good kid. Honestly. I just wasn’t the kid who talked back, or broke things, or rebelled. Not sure why. Just was who I was, for some reason.

      I was pretty boring, probably!

  18. “So you’re telling me, Mr. Future Man, that one day, I’m going to meet this brilliant writer chick named Mikalee Byerman, and she’s going to be my Writer Best Friend Forever? And I’m supposed to be super-duper nice to her and retweet all her blog posts and comment on all of her writing and buy all of her e-books? That sounds swell!

    One more thing, Mr. Future Man: what exactly is a blog and an e-book, and how the holy hell will I ever learn how to ‘retweet’?”

    IDK. There’s almost something innocent and hopeful to the pic — like you’re seeing Santa for the first time. Hence, I’ve decided Mr. Future Man is introducing you to the idea of your life-changing blogfriendship with me. Just like Santa. Only fewer presents.


    • Hmm, interesting take on the caption, WBFF!

      First of all, presents should be involved with the WBFF. Will be expecting them soon!

      Second, yes, I did have this premonition about Mikalee Byerman being “all that” in the future. I thought at the time, “Sounds like this ‘over the mountains and through the woods’ lady, has some serious future potential. As soon as I see her name, I best latch on to her coattails for dear life.” (because I also had a vision that it would be an ever-so-bumpy ride!). Something about a brick, and lawsuits.

      Yet, as easy as those things were to believe, the whole tweet thing was totally over my head back then. hehehe

      Always a pleasure to have you grace these virtual pages, WBFF!

  19. haha it looks like you are hiding a secret!

    It is a very charming photograph! What were you up to?

    My caption, “I just stuck a gum under this desk but you don’t know it. teehee” :p

  20. My caption, ‘Little do they know I’ve just picked my nose and ate it’.
    It really is a beautiful photo though!

  21. “I didn’t know I was supposed to wear pants.”

  22. I don’t have a caption to submit, but HOW CUTE IS THAT PHOTO? (Totally unnatural pose, yes, but so dapper and sweet for a six-year old!)

  23. Ooohhh I am missing your LIKE button..I needed it for this one….really!!

    Love this post….

    My caption…’Yes my Mother dressed me and the photographer thought I was 18 but the enquiring mind and creative heart nestling behind these sparkling eyes will delight folk one day’.

    Love to you x

    • Hmm, I know I commented on this once before, Jane, but since it’s not here anymore …

      I can’t for the life of me get the LIKE button back. I’ve even emailed the dudes who made this template – no answer. Googled it, no good result. I’m at a loss.

      Your caption is so incredibly sweet, like you. Thank you so much! You are one of the kindest souls on the interwebs!


  24. “I’m glad my speech went over so well, but if the thunderous applause doesn’t die down soon, my face is going to crack trying to maintain this composed smile instead of a mile-wide grin. If people like to hear what I say so much, maybe I should write a blog (whatever THAT is) when I grow up (IF I ever do).”

  25. Looks like you are up to no good, but dressed to fool those who don’t have their guard up. Adorable pic!

  26. “I’m gonna become famous one day, Mr.Grimwig, I am. I’m gonna have a blog thing and I’m going to get as Freshly Pressed as this suit I’m wearing. I just know it, Mr.Grinwig Sir.”


    P.S.: Your smile and your twinkle are the same, MJ. How nice! And good on you for being a good child.

    • Very nice of you to say, Kate. Always so encouraging.

      I feel so truant and neglectful having been away for two weeks plus.

      How have you been? Will be catching up on your blog in the next couple of days, now that the moving dust is settling.

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