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On the Move – Again!

 “Kinfolk said “Jed move away from there”
Said “Californy is the place you ought to be
So they loaded up the truck and moved to Beverly …
Hills, that is. Swimmin’ pools, movie stars.”

Dust doesn’t settle too long under the feet of MLB and MJ.


It was fourteen years ago that we packed up the two kids who were still at home, loaded a 26 ft U-Haul, and moved to the land of sunshine and opportunity – California. Our truck, if it would have had an open top, could have easily passed for the Beverly Hillbillies mobile.

And, I dare say, we were as star-struck as the Clampetts – that rag-tag family in the Beverly Hillbillies – when we were making the big move out here.

This wasn’t our first move. In fact, we’ve moved more times than most gypsies. In our 25+ years together, we’ve moved an average of once every two years, equating to 13 total moves.


In random order, here are some of the places we’ve lived:

Bicester, England
Upper Oddington, England
Omaha, Nebraska
Winfield, Kansas
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
Rome, New York
Oneida, New York
Roseville, California


21st Century Adventure

As we embark on move #14, it’s a bittersweet time: Whenever we leave family, friends, and the places-within-the-places we’ve lived – restaurants, church, fun sites to see, etc. – we have mixed emotions.

But, while it’s very difficult to leave, MLB and I know that moving is our shot at the new frontier; without leaving earth’s gracious atmosphere.

We’re always chasing that rainbow’s end. Who knows, maybe this time we’ll find that pot of gold, and decide to stay put for a while! :)

I think Kermit the Frog said it best in that classic song:  The Rainbow Connection.


I leave you with a few songs about movin’ down the highway:

California Dreaming – Mamas and the Papas

Hit the Road Jack – Ray Charles

Hotel California – Eagles

Slip Slidin’ Away – Simon & Garfunkel

On the Road Again – Willie Nelson

Time of your Life – Green Day


Have you moved a lot or had the fortune of staying in one place? 


  1. Leanne Shirtliffe (Ironic Mom) says:

    I met my husband living in Bahrain. He was a Canadian transplanted there, too. We’ve only moved twice in our twelve years: Bahrain to Bangkok, Bangkok to Calgary. But I’m always itchy. Mostly for travel.

    Happy move and settling in!

    And now I’m singing California Dreamin…which beats the theme song to Dora…

  2. Wow! That’s a lot of places. My hubby and I considered moving to England at one point. I was born and raised and now tied to a business in Rochester, NY! I travel but always come back here.

  3. In 14 years together, my hubs and I have moved 7 times. Including when we lived in my grandmothers back yard between houses.
    We have lived in our current house for seven years, and I’m ready to gooooo!
    I have moved 10 times in the last 16 years. Crazy.
    Too bad you ever left the great CNY!

  4. Meladjusted says:

    Oooh, yes! I’ve moved around a lot! As kids we were pulled around the country every 7 years or so, that’s not too bad but then when I was given the boot instead of a car the world became my oyster and I travelled and ‘lived’ all over Europe and the UK and then came back to the Mother Land and settled down for a good decade before moving again with our littlies. Now we’ll stay put for another 7 years and then uproot it all and find a new nest. It’s fun this way – it’s good to be flexible like that.

    Great post, really, every time you appear in my inbox I feel like it’s like unwrapping a Lindt Chocolate Easter Bunny – you don’t disappoint MJ – thanks!

    • Wow, you have traveled all over, Mel. Makes life interesting, doesn’t it?

      And thank you for quite possibly the best writing compliment I’ve ever received in my entire life!!

      “… like unwrapping a Lindt Chocolate Easter Bunny …”

      I am seriously touched!! 😉

  5. You lived in Bicester! Was the outlet place there when you lived there?

  6. Where are you moving too? While our moves aren’t quite as regular as yours, they have been numerous. While my family stayed put until i was in college, my moves began when I moved to college (in Northampton, MA) and included
    North Myrtle Beach, SC
    Springfield, MA
    Okayama, Japan (two apartments)
    Honolulu, HI (1 house, two apartments)
    Los Angeles, CA (although only for a summer)

    and then I followed Nathan. Since I met Nathan in Hawaii we have lived together (first as boyfriend/girlfriend, then as husband/wife) in:

    Glen Carbon, IL
    Poultney, VT
    Durango, CO
    Okoboji, IA (where we live every summer, does that count as moving?)
    Independence, KS
    Auburn, MA
    I am now officially pooped.

    Safe travels. May your next move be wonderful.

    • Lisa, what the heck?? You have me beat, hands down. Though I didn’t include my single, college and post-college days. That would include Oklahoma, Iowa, and California.

      You’ve had some interesting spots. I didn’t know you “summered” in Okoboji. I spent two years in Cedar Rapids as a junior high student. Okoboji is very cool.

      Next stop is Oceanside, California. Thank you so much for the well-wishes, my friend!

  7. Where are you headed this time, MJ? I wish you and YLB a safe and easy move!

  8. You and Cate will be terribly missed by Steve and I. We have grown quite attached to the two of you but we hope to be able to travel in the future and your destination will be our first stop!! We love you both very much and pray God’s best for you in your future. You will always have a place to stay should you ever miss Roseville and want to visit!

    • Oh, we will see you again, Kricket! You thought you were free, muwahahahahaha! We will track you down if you come to So Cal, and MAKE you stay with us!

      And thank you for the invitation when we come back up. We will miss you both, tremendously.

  9. I can’t believe you’re leaving me. Not that I’m THAT close, but now I’ll be so much farther away!

    Oh well. I shall no longer fondly gaze at the Sierra Nevada Mountain range that formerly separated us, wondering what the day is holding for you. Instead, I’ll look to the south…and curse you and your glorious weather. Bastard!

    And I’ll admit to being jealous of your worldliness. I have lived in two places in my entire life: So Cal and Reno. I have such a desire to move and explore and investigate and GET OUT THERE…but with young chitlins and an ex-husband who shares custody, that’s just not my reality. Perhaps in a few years…

    Safe travels, MJ and YLB!

    • You know, it’s interesting that God had to put a mountain range between us to keep us from bickering! hehehehehe Nope, just kidding, for sure. It has been a pleasure. I can’t even prank you about not loving your quirkiness, humor, and downright down-to-earth-y-ness! Alright, you’re good people. There, I said it. Do you have a problem with that??

      No, you have to stay where you are. Can’t leave those kids. Way more important. And there’s nothing wrong with that at all.

      Besides, now and the fam have a place to stay when you come down to D-Land.

      Thank you for the kind thoughts on our move.

  10. Yeah, I thought every 4 years was a lot. When people ask me if I was an Army Brat, I say, “no, I’m just a brat.” I thought it was normal when I moved around all the time as a kid. Now I realize how rare it is to move so often. When people ask where I’m from, this is what I say, “born in Indiana, moved to New Jersey, then to Colorado, and back to NJ. On to New Orleans, Spain for a year, and then Dallas.” Not sure why I sometimes say states and other times cities. The benefit to all that moving around is you get to test a bunch of places, so when you are ready to move out on your own, you know where you want to live. I’m happy to be settled in one place for the last 10 years, especially since Colorado is such a great state!

    Curious to know where to next for you???

    • That’s a good way to tell people where you’re from. Spain and New Orleans – very cool.

      I’ve been to Colorado many times. Love the varied terrain of that state.

      We are heading to So Cal – Oceanside. Looking forward to it.

  11. Happy Moving!

  12. Hi,
    Another new beginning, meeting different people, this is how I see moving. We also have moved a fair bit, but always within Australia, just different parts of the country. :)
    Good luck with your move.

    • I’m right there with you, Mags! Wow, moving within Australia would be very cool. You have a beautiful country with such varied terrain and climate.

      Thank you, Mags! Will let you know if we make it there with all of our pieces. :)

  13. I have spent almost my whole life in Miami. Within the same 10 miles radius. The irony is that I hate it here. But these days I can’t even move off the chair.

    • Wow, what don’t you like about Miami, Carl? I’ve heard it’s a good place to live. And I’ve always admired people who stay in one place. The whole roots thing.

      The problem I would have there is the humidity and the bugs. Bugs love me, and they love me even more when my skin is sticky. I’m like human fly paper!

  14. I am in the process of moving RIGHT NOW, so I can commiserate. I’ve only moved two or three times as an adult, so I’m not a pro at it and always get really stressed. It will pass.

    I hope you love living in Oceanside, and have nothing but ease in your move.

    • I hope yours went smoothly. It’s not the most fun thing in the world, that’s for sure!

      I think we’ll really like it. Do visit and stay when you and MTM come to So Cal! Seriously.

  15. Jennifer says:

    I grew up in the one house, my husband moved numerous times. As a couple and then as a family we have moved many times….so far, none outside of Australia. Let me see – from the first house we moved into together – 21 years ago – to the one we are in now… it would be (I have to write this down… so many places) 17 times. One on average for each year of marriage, and only the first 4 were without children. I hope that the next move will be into a place we are buying for ourselves and that will be our base. That is the plan anyway.

  16. I hate moving. I’ve only lived in two cities, and a total of six homes. This is my last stop, I want to just stay forever. Maybe never leave the house… no, just kidding :). Love your moving soundtrack. Three of my favorite songs on there (hint, not Willie Nelson).

    • Not bad, to only be in two cities. Something admirable about that, in my book.

      I’m not a big Willie Nelson fan either. Love Mamas and the Papas, though!

  17. Sally Moore says:

    Will you be too distracted to earn good points in Words With Friends? Finally, I seize my opportunity! Mwa ha haaaaah…..

  18. I’m jealous! To have lived in so many different places–what great fodder for your writing. 😉

    My childhood was spent in a small CT town. But from college until now, I’ve moved 5 times. It’s exhilarating to begin again. But it’s hard to say goodbye too. I miss the girl I was in San Diego. Though I like who I am right now. :)

    • You’re doing just fine, my friend! I’ve always wanted to spend some time in CT. I’ve only passed through.

      Congrats on where you are today, and where you were that put you there.

  19. Nice topic MJ, as usual. Lets see, in my lifetime I’ve lived in Connecticut, Arizona, Mississippi, Germany, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Florida. I lived in a bunch of temporary locations while in the military too.

    Now I live in Sarasota, Florida, as part of a witness protection program. Oops, now the cat is out of the bag. Maybe that isn’t the truth, but I suspect some of my neighbors might be. Flori-duh is a very strange place.

    I think I’m in this house to stay, until they take my ashes out to dump them in the ocean. I made my wife promise that if she ever moves back up north, she’d have me cremated and keep my ashes in the trunk of the car. Then when she got stuck in the snow, she could pour some of the ashes under the wheels and yell, “Push Dennis, Push!!!”

    Alas, we don’t see snow here, we just read about it. When I call and talk to my daughter in the winter I often note that it is colder where she lives than my ice cream in the freezer here.

    See what you’ve done MJ, you’ve made my mind wander again. Thanks big guy!

    • Shhh! Ix-Nay on the Itness-Way!

      You’ve done a fair bit of moving, Dennis. Glad you’re set on one spot now. I’ve just touched in Florida, but didn’t really do anything. Don’t know if I could do the humidity. But any place with no snow is okay in my book!

      Love the ashes comment. You are a fungi, oops – I mean, “fun guy.”

  20. So, where is this New Frontier you two are moving to, or did I miss something?

    I went to high school with Max Jr.’s brother Jim. Max was a genuine cool guy. Only saw Max Sr. a few times… always a cigar in his teeth.

    I grew up in Sacramento, Ca. not too far from one of your stays. Lived in Chicago for 10 years, Buchanan, Mi. and Portland, Or. for a year each, and been in Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands now for 16. So not too many places for me.

    • Heading to Oceanside. Have always wanted to get back to So Cal (lived there in my early 20’s).

      Interesting, about you knowing Max Jr’s brother. My dad met Max Jr a couple of times and said he was a fantastic guy, too.

      We’re in Roseville, now, so we’re right up against Sac. Good place to live.
      The San Juan Islands – hmm, isn’t that kind of remote? What brought you there? How’s the weather, being off of northern WA?

  21. I admire those who take on this type of change with such open arms. It’s very insipiring. Best of luck on this new adventure!

  22. I’ve never been the transient type. It wasn’t until college that I moved out of the house where I was born and raised. The only move I made after that was from CA to NJ and it took me ten years to acclimate. Now that we’re finally settled in our two story house, I don’t want to move again. In fact, I don’t even want to venture upstairs.

    • You are too funny, Lisa. You never know what lurks on that second story!

      I’m shocked that you made the jump from CA to NJ! That’s quite a switch. Glad you found your sweet spot, though.

  23. I did my moving early, around college and marriage. We built our log cabin 19 years ago and moved there 9 years ago. You can find plenty about this in my Farm Life series. What intrigues me is one’s motivation to move: wonderlust vs boredom? Geographical solutions (to XYZ problem in life)? Relationship (moving toward or away)? Work & finances? Retirement? By the way, how did you get the U-Haul across The Pond? ha, ha.

    • I will have to check out your story on the log cabin – one of my favorite things would be to build and live in one, but probably won’t happen at this point.

      For us moving has largely been about the job. The move to California was because we wanted better weather, having been around so much snow. It’s a killer financially doing moves and starting over, however. If you don’t have the bug, it’s better to stay put.

      Yes, I’m crazy!!

  24. As stressful as it is, moving can be a great experience. You get to meet new people, new places and have different experiences. I think it’s awesome you’ve lived in so many different places. I envy the nomadic lifestyle!

    Good luck with your move MJ, and travel safe! :)

    • We’re looking forward to it. However, we actually envy those who are able to stay in one place.

      Thank you so much for the well-wishes, Nisha! You are always very sweet! :)

  25. Oh la, Michael & MLB ~ itsa not only a move, but a BIG move in isn’t Oceanside far and away much larger than Roseville?
    * * *
    IF there should be endless jammed packed freeways in your daily future, I don’t envy you this, but I do love San Diego area and San Diego County, but I’ve only visited there enough to know to stay off the freeways and hold to sailing the San Diego harbor and the Pacific Ocean close by. Much faster, but when the waves are high, actually quite a lot more of a bumpy ride. It’s always been decades since I’ve been anywhere except maybe Pulaski or Crivitz, but I remember the people of the area were really good to me.
    * * *
    And I know we won’t lose our connection here. I wish you and yours all blessings and all good things. I’m @grammakaye on twitter.

    • I’m finally getting back to this post. Way behind.

      Well, Oceanside isn’t too much bigger than Roseville. Roseville had a population explosion from 2000-2010.

      And the traffic in Sacramento, is pretty bad as well. Though I don’t think it’s quite as bad as the San Diego area.

      I’m looking forward to surfing again down here. I haven’t sailed – that sounds like fun.

      We definitely will stay in touch, Kaye! :)

  26. Judy Berman says:

    Wish you the best on your move to Oceanside, Calif., Mike. My travels were mostly within New York, Pennsylvania, and, now Florida. I’d rather visit different places than pick up and move. Enjoy your blog and look forward to your posts.

    • Thanks Judy! After this move, I better stick to visiting. Far less painful.

      I really appreciate you stopping by in spite of my absence these few weeks.

  27. Jane Thorne says:

    Good luck with your move…I love the thought of a Grand 2012 clearout!
    I live near Bicester, UK now…and in the past have lived in London, Devon UK, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Miami…I like moving and am getting ready to do it again before too long. Love to you both and we’re the same age mj x

    • Wow, can’t believe you live near Bicester. As you know, I lived in Bicester. I believe the address was “3 Harmon Close.”

      How far will you be moving? And are you a UK cititzen, I can’t remember? I do so miss England.

  28. sunshine says:

    GUD on ya MJ and MLB!! I love moving and did lots as a child . . . Egypt, Guatemala, Japan and Australia! My Papa was a rolling stone and now I’ve grown deep roots BUT, I’ma digging my roots out and hopefully I can be following in your footsteps! Send some root eradicator this way please!!!
    ~ Abundant energy waves going out to ya! xoxo

  29. Love your song picks. How could I forget the Eagles in my top 7 list???!!!??

    I still live in the town I grew up in, although I have gotten out a few times and moved to:
    Richmond, Virginia
    El Paso, Texas
    Monterey, California

    • Eagles have to be there!

      How was Maui and Monterey? Have visited Monterey – it is gorgeous, but living there can be much different. But I haven’t ever been to Hawaii.

  30. how do I like the post? :(

  31. My family is always moving around. I have been to 10 different schools in the past 20 plus years of my life! we have stayed in 4 different countries and now that I am in Canada, we are always moving from state to state but hey! it’s kinda fun and I think it has made me a more adaptable person. :)

    Have a safe and fun move! x

    P.S: I dropped you an email!

    • Thanks for the email, first of all! It’s been super-crazy, and that helped keep it in the back of my mind until I got the post done.

      Wow, you’ve moved a lot. Are you a Canadian citizen, then? Moving is much better when someone else is packing and loading it, let me tell you. Hope you haven’t had to do it yourself.

  32. Oh good, it was just words from the song – for a minute there I thought those words that were posted meant you were moving your blog again, after I just started to get a little caught up!
    My but you two have live in alot of different locales, no wonder you have so much to write about MJ. Happy trails to you both now(“-“)

  33. I think I’ll move around a lot more in my lifetime. This lifestyle might be tedious for some but it forces me to live simply, to not carry too much baggage, and to be more adaptive to change.

    I do have a question though, what do your kids say about moving? I ask this because my Dad once considered relocating our family to a different country but decided against it. He said that we were already living comfortably well and that we didn’t need to uproot ourselves in search for “greener pastures”. So I occasionally wonder – what if we did move?

    I hope you and your family travel safely,

    • Kids are now grown and on their own. But I will say that moving affected the kids differently. Some moves were more positive for one kid, but the opposite for another, and other moves vice versa. Overall, I don’t think the moving experience was ever a terrible thing for any of the kids, though.

      I wish we were living more simply, but we dragged way too much stuff with us, even though we gave away about ten or twelve loads to charity throughout the packing.

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