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The Move is Over …!

Seems as though I haven’t posted in forever – and at 17 days, it pretty much has been. FOREVER. I have missed sharing my words of – ahem – wisdom!

But mostly I have truly had this vacancy during this time, being away from all of your great blogs.  It is a privilege to read and comment on such great writing in cyberspace.

Jeopardy, game show, moving, move

Now that the EPIC move is over, and recovery (physical and mental) is nearly complete, I thought I would sum it up in JEOPARDY!, game-show, fashion.

With Alex Trebek as our virtual host, we end Double Jeopardy! with the category “MJ Monaghan’s Move.”

Move, moving, truck, California

Oh, if you could have seen inside the truck!


For $400, the answer is, “Pack and move yourself, without a moving company.”

The correct question is, “What is the most foolish way to make a move of 500 miles?”


For $800, the answer is, “A 26′ truck (the biggest) and a 20′ truck (the second largest).”

The correct question is, “How many U-Haul trucks would it take to move the Monaghan household?”


Move, moving, truck, California, injury

Okay, maybe there was one injury.

For $1,200, the answer is, “14 days and two separate, 1,000 mile, round trips.”

And the question, “How long did it take to pack and make the move?”


For $1,600, the answer is, “5 A.M.”

And the question, “What time did MLB and MJ get out of the house on the final day of packing?”


For $2,ooo, the answer is, “Steve, Kricket, Amanda, Chris, Max, and Amber.”

And the question, “Who ‘volunteered’, was coerced, or ‘wanted’ to help with the loading and unloading of the trucks?”


Our Final Jeopardy! answer will be a visual one:

Ear injury, move, moving, truck, California, injury

Not quite all the way through. Krazy Glue, anyone??

The final answer is, “MJ’s left ear – cut, nearly through.”

And the question is, “What injury during the move required emergency medical attention – DermaBond (medical Krazy Glue) to put it back together?”


So great to have move #14 behind us!!

Do you have any moving stories you’d like to share?

Please do – it would make me feel SO much better!!


  1. I avoid moving like the living plague, and I’m one of those ridiculously organized people who have everything sorted, cleaned, packed and labeled a week before the move. But my mum? I have helped her move five times in the last ten years, and every single time she has packed MAYBE two boxes when the truck pulls up to the house. You don’t want to know the most memorable of those moves. (*shudders*) Anyway, welcome back to the land of the blogging. Enjoy your new home! :-)

    • I can see you being very organized, Desi!

      Wow, you’re a good daughter – helping your mum five times!! You should be nominated for sainthood for that alone.

      It’s so good to be back. I’ve missed all of you muchly!

  2. Heal Now and Forever says:

    Welcome back! Just a head’s up: I am unsubscribing to your blog. I receive it twice. Don’t be offended, I will still receive it once and will still stop by, read, and comment! Just didn’t want you to feel bad like I feel when people unsubscribe. I don’t know how it let me on twice anyway….

    • I’m crushed, Jodi! J/K – I wouldn’t even know if someone unsubscribed. That’s how techy I am. hehe

      It’s just great to see your smiling face again after my absence!

  3. Hi,
    I bet your glad that is all over, it can be frustrating moving, but it is a good feeling when it is all done. :)

  4. Seriously, the ear thing? Or are you pulling our collective leg? If it’s real – gross! Oh, and are you all right? That’ll be a scar with some potential fish stories to be made up about. 😀

    Glad you’re back in the land of the blogging, and the duct tape didn’t get the better of you…

    • Well, Julie, I’m afraid it’s TOTALLY real. I pulled a stool off the top of the first load and it fell off and hit the side of my face; one of the 1/2″ plastic legs (razor blade-sharp) sliced into my ear. Bleeding all over my hand and handkerchief. It was crazy! A good story though, for sure.

      So good to be back to the safety of my laptop … and away from the duct tape!! 😉

  5. We moved to New Zealand in 1980 for a year away. My whole family packed up for 12 months overseas. It was in the time before suit cases had wheels and bags were not checked to final destinations…it was in the time when you still dressed up to fly on airplanes…it was in the time when I didn’t know that you weren’t supposed to kick the seat back ahead of you…it was in the time that I didn’t know that the call button pushed repeatedly infuriated the “stewardess”…I don’t know how my parents managed to get 3 children under the age of 12 half way across the world and retain any sanity! Anyhoo, I’m glad they did. Turned out to be one of the best years of my life. Good luck in your new digs! And welcome back to the blog world. You have been missed.

    • Wow, NZ would be fantastic. Bet that weather was fabulous, huh? I know what you’re talking about with all those rules back then. I come from a family of seven kids – all a year apart – and we had one big vacation when we were kids: went to Disneyland on a UPRR train (parents both worked for the UP). We were dressed up in button down or polo shirts and pants with our “good” shoes. Ah, the good old days, eh?

      Thanks for the welcome back! We’re not quite neighbors, but close. I am in So Cal now – having moved from Nor Cal.

  6. Aw man! Moving sucks!!!!!!! It is so stressful and expensive – it’s not a wonder you were off the blogging scene- but it gave you excellent blogging material! haha!

  7. Welcome back! I missed you! For some reason both my phone and desktop refused to load the ear picture. Its probably rejecting the gore on my behalf. It does mean I am quite clueless about the extent of your injury – I hope its something that will heal well!

    • Thank you so much! It’s great to be back.

      It’s probably best that you couldn’t load the pic. It wasn’t horrible, but bad enough that I couldn’t do anything to fix it myself. :(

      Basically, the small leg of a foot stool ripped almost through my left ear lobe. Fortunately, I had a great urgent care doctor who was able to put it back together and carefully glue it in place. Healing is going well, but it should leave a nice scar for storytelling! 😉

  8. I’ve never made a move like that, and I’m sure that now I’ll be able to resist the temptation! Well done, and welcome back :)

  9. Ah, moving. MTM and I survived it without divorcing or committing murder. :) Glad to see you back.

    • MLB and I may, or may not have, have exchanged words a time or two throughout the process. I cannot confirm or deny …

      I’m glad you made it through as well. BTW, where are you now. Are you still overseas??

  10. Is your ear alright now? 😐 Oh my!

    So glad it’s over!

    • It’s much better. Still very tender. I can’t really touch it. The glue is still in place. Kind of a weird feeling, for sure.

      Great to be done with that! And, back in the blogosphere!

  11. Great to have you back posting Mj!

  12. MJ, I was wondering why you are not posting anything new. I hope you must be happy that, now at last the whole process of Packing & Moving (In random order :) ) is over. :)
    The last picture is not loading in to my browser. I hope its size is too large.

    • Thank you for the concern, Arindam. It was a lengthy process, my friend! I’m glad it’s over too!

      I’ll have to figure out why the picture isn’t loading.

  13. Hi MJ — Congratulations on finishing your move! The final picture didn’t come through, but based on your description, I feel grateful. :) I’ve moved many times in my life, and it is never easy. The move is only the first part, as you know! The rest is finding where on earth you put all your stuff. Best of luck, and best wishes on your new home!

    • Thanks Melissa! Probably best that you didn’t get that picture. It was pretty painful.

      And, boy, is finding anything a problem right now. Oh my gosh, it’s terrible. 😉

  14. writingfeemail says:

    I missed you and am glad you are back. A move is certainly stressful and time consuming and if you can take care of thngs in only a couple of weeks, you get an A+! Welcome back.

  15. Yay! The move is over!! Boo! About your ear and all the driving/packing/loading/unloading/ickystuffofmoving!!

    But hey, now you’re closer to me and we can have tea sometime!

  16. Hi mj. I was just thinking that it had been a while since I’d heard from you. Very funny post. Welcome back!

  17. Hey faux-bro:

    May I suggest a double-bonus-super-mega-triple-no whammies-final Final Jeopardy answer?

    For $1,555,985,343 the answer is: Because he has moved 14 times before.
    The question: Why should MJ have known better?



    Well I for one am so glad to see you back among the living. Even though I now doubt your sanity more than ever. 😉



    • Okay, I’m outing MLB: I wanted to have PROFESSIONAL movers take care of all this. But, being thrifty, and something about saving $7,000, she thought we should do it ourselves.

      When we started into it, I thought “yes, I AM crazy!”

      So, WBFF, let me just say, YOU ARE RIGHT! I am crazy. And all sanity is now gone.

      Loved your FINAL Final Jeopardy answer!


  18. Moving is SUCH hard work! Last time we moved I was pregnant with my fourth child. Once we got everything into the house I vowed to never move again.

    I had some friends that moved into a house across from a mortuary. The husband sat down on the front step after the move and said, “If I ever move out of this house it’s because I’m moving there.” He pointed to the mortuary. LOL

    • Love the mortuary story. That’s classic, and something I would say!

      Can’t believe you moved when you were pregnant. That may qualify as worse than my move!

  19. Nice to see you back, MJ! I just finished a move myself, but it was only 45km and not 500 miles… yuck!!

    I couldn’t see the ear photo, either. I’m not too upset about that. :)

    Good luck with the rest of the moving in! Looking forward to reading more posts from you soon.

    • Thank you Dana, and all the best in your settling in as well. I’m sure it was almost as bad going 45 km!

      Can’t wait to get back to commenting. I miss that.

  20. Leanne Shirtliffe (Ironic Mom) says:

    Wow. Are you going all Van Gogh on us? I’ve done a few country-to-country moves. They’re stressful. On our last one, movers moved us. And packed. It was from Thailand-Canada, and it was paid for as part of our overseas’ contract.

    Great to see you in the bloggosphere again!

  21. Oh dear, hope your ear is okay, MJ. Otherwise it is truly great to have you back! :)

  22. sunshine says:

    Hey guy pal MJ,
    Er, no horror stories of moving, just yours and sorry I couldn’t view your last photo image either.
    Glad you are back and now, throw some dirt on your toes and grow some moss! hehe, rolling stones gather no moss as they say, so quick, dirt, fertilizer and water on those toes, man! :)

    • Hey Sunshine, good to see you gracing the blog again.

      Darn it! I don’t know why that pic isn’t showing up. I’m tech-challenged.

      I’m throwing everything on and putting down some deep roots, this time.

  23. Glad to read that you were busy moving while we were driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway and rock hounding in NC. I was afraid that blogging companions would think that I stopped reading.

    I have 2 memorable UHaul experiences. When I moved back to CA from Seattle, I drove alone with a small UHaul. Being 20ish, I just pulled off from Highway 5 each of two nights and rolled out my sleeping bag on the side of a field. I bet I’d end up in jail if I did that today.

    When we planned to move from Alexandria to our cabin in WV, my father & I drove the 250 mile round trip 3 times in 24 hours. The cabin was full of “give away stuff” (i.e. people did not want it in their homes, so they gave it to us) and our condo full of family antiques. Each trip we “swapped” furniture, until the cabin had all the stuff we wanted, the condo was basically furnished until we made the final move a month later, the Salvation Army got a truck load, and some friends were the next for the “give away stuff”. We plan to be buried in the woods some day, so hopefully no more moves.

    • I love the three round trips in 24 hours story. Wow. That’s amazing. As a fan of “treasures” and antiques, sounds like a fantastic way to furnish the house.

      I wish there were some woods right here with a log cabin so I could be in my final resting place – so to speak. Love your plan, Oscar.

  24. Wow MJ that is one heck of a move. Glad you’re ear is re-attached. I can’t imagine how painful that was. Hope you enjoy settling into your new home! BTW, loved the Jeopardy theme. :)

    • Ear is starting to not be painful to the touch, but I’m so glad that it didn’t hit my eye or jugular. Settling slowly, but surely. So glad to be back in cyberspace again.

  25. Funniest moving story of a million in one moves (Ok – I exaggerate, but there have been more than plenty. See my moving manifesto for details on how I cope) But funniest was packing up a truck sky high in Cairo, Egypt and moving across the city. Truck had a flat tire. The driver got out and began jack up the truck with everyone still in it and when we began to protest he tried to get passers by to pick up the truck so he could change the tire. True Story. Everything began falling into Cairo traffic, which is a story all its own. It was like a really good comedy sketch.

  26. I haven’t been blogging or reading blogs much myself!!! I am glad to know you are still a tough-headed Husker… glad your ear is still intact!

  27. Whao! I hope you are okay!
    I was injured in a move once. It’s kinda gross. I fell, landing on one knee in our rock driveway. A rock had almost completely removed a very deep flap of skin, which in what I think was a bit of shock, demanded to cut off myself with a somewhat rusty pair of shears. Yeah. Cooler heads prevailed and I ended up in urgent care – and I missed the rest of the move!
    It was so worth it.

    • Anything to miss a move is worth it – even injury!

      I’m with you 100%: I just wanted the thing pieced back together. I was a bit, um, grumpy, to say the least! hehe

      I for sure would have cut off the skin with the rusty shears if I was in your shoes. No kidding. I would have been that hyped up.

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