"It's like taking a nap on that little rug when you were in kindergarten."

Hello Echo, Hello Echo

Hello, echo, sound, diagram, sonar


I always wanted to be in a cave, like those guys in the movies:


then hear the return,




Soon the noise fades out.


Hello, echo, sound, diagram, sonar


Ultrasound scans for baby.

Getting comments

or feedback,

is like yelling in a cave.

A dolphin’s language.


Aren’t we always wanting to get a response,
whether it’s from nature,
or other human beings?


  1. Kanerva says:

    Never a truer word spoken (written)!

  2. I apologize for not commenting lately. But I am here.

  3. We ARE always wanting a response. The question I ask myself is, why? It feels important to get that feedback. It is important. Why does it matter? Haven’t figured that part out yet… Hello hello hello hell….

    • There’s just something that feels great to know someone else is out there and paying attention, whether they find it earth-shattering writing, or something funny or thought-provoking.

      We’re all about relating with each other when it comes down to it.

  4. Well if that’s not stating the obvious, I’m not sure what is:) Great post! Happy Friday to you:)

    • Thank you. I like your blog. Funny that you did a post on checking back on the person who comments on one’s blog. This is something I try to always do. It’s a respect and courtesy that let’s people know you care about them and their work.

  5. So, I tried to comment. Got some message about a duplicate comment. Not sure if it’s going to post or not. If so, you get 2 comments from me today. If not…this is it…Happy Friday to you!

  6. And there’s my first comment…so you get 3. Isn’t it funny how the Internet does odd things at times?

  7. Funny poem! Love it- It’s true- Although- for my little blog, I found I get more feedback with fewer posts! I think it’s hard for people to keep up with lots of posts- I mean, when are we going to find time to write? :) Or do laundry. :)

    • I’m posting less now too, as life is picking up it’s frantic pace.

      But laundry … there must always be time for laundry. You made me laugh a lot on that one, Tricia!! 😉

  8. Reminds of those “God just show me a sign” jerks. God : Well, let me see. Today I think I’ll send Jeffry his own little rainbow.”

  9. You ARE posting less! Guess YLB must have set your priorities straight! 😀

    • Yes ma’am. Just too much going on right now. Getting unpacked and looking for work in earnest.

      Great to see your name again, even if ‘g’-less! hehe

  10. Judy Berman says:

    Michael … This is something I wrote to you about some time ago. I’m getting the traffic – more than 270 views in a week. Get very comments. Can’t understand why.
    It is frustrating.

    • Judy, I shot you an email regarding this. It’s somewhat complicated, but there are some things you can do to help.

      I understand the frustration, though.

  11. Hi,
    I think it’s great when someone takes the time to leave a comment, the people that we “meet” through blogs is just amazing. :)

  12. I have tried to figure out why I like getting comments so much, and I think it’s because it makes us feel a connection with others. It’s not so lonely that way :)

    • You’re so right. If we throw something out there and don’t hear anything back it’s like dead space. But when we hear something back, we know it’s like spaghetti sticking to the wall. Hope that metaphor makes sense. :)

  13. Kricket says:

    Hello there my friend. I thought I heard you calling me earlier, it echoed up the grapevine all the way to Roseville. I think we as humans need to hear from other people (well some of us, like me, need it more than others) Let me give you an example, I will ask Steve maybe two or three times if he liked the dinner I’d prepared. I just want to hear a response to my “hello” (dinner). I need the echo. Maybe that’s why I don’t have a blog, I’m afraid no one will respond. :O)

    • Yes, we do. Almost everyone needs to hear from other people. It’s such a basic human emotion. Just the way we’re wired.

      And I’m sure if you had a blog, you would definitely get responses, my friend.

  14. Yet it seems whenever I pop in here your blog is hopping! Why do you make it sound like you are lonely? Feedback means work, my friend. :) Of course, it also shows you we care. And I do care. Finally got you back in my feed. I have been slow rebuilding my follow list. Sorry about that.

    • I just love the interaction with people. You’re right though about it meaning work.

      Glad I made it back in your feed, and I must make it to your blog as well, my friend!

  15. Meladjusted says:

    Is it in Brother Bear that the mountain goat stands on the precipice and shouts down the valley? “Shut up!” and the echo returns, “Shut up” and the ram shouts back, “No, you Shut Up!” and so forth – the joke runs all the way to the credits where the poor creature who is interacting with his echo is lying half asleep on the edge and still shouting, hoarsely, “No, you shut up!”. It makes us laugh every single one of the over 500 times we’ve seen it – silly goats!

    Hello MJ!

    • Hmm, not sure where my response went, Mel. Answered late last night.

      I vaguely remember this story. Will have to look it up, now. Damn you, memory loss!

      Sounds like a typical human story doesn’t it?

  16. I like the look of your post! I mean, the layout. It’s different, visually. But on the head, as usual.

    My response to your question has been answered a few times by others, so I’ll skip repeating the theme.

    BUT. I do want to wish you luck with your job search and settling in. Neither is easy. Or avoidable.

    AND. I want to say that I will miss your posts when you don’t publish them as frequently as you used to, but we’ve had a good run for a few months. It would be completely selfish to not let you have an equally good run in real life now.

    So Guilt, be gone and Job-You-Like, here you come!


    • Thank you, Kate. I tried to use a bit more white space and go with something simpler, for a change.

      Thank you for the kind thoughts on the move and looking for work. With divine intervention, and solid human effort, the job will come soon!

  17. Judy Berman says:

    Sometimes, it’s kinda like that. Thanks for your offer. I appreciate the guidance.

    • Judy, so glad to help out. It’s all about learning, as you know, being an educator yourself.

      The tools are out there, but admittedly, it’s not always easy to know how to use them. Any time you need anything, let me know.

  18. Helloooooooooooooo! Are you getting all settled in, mj? I hope you are well.

    • Finally starting to get there … slowly! Trying to job hunt at same time gets me a bit conflicted as to unpack or send out resumes! hehe

      But, I am well. Great to have the moving part done, though, for sure.

      How are you, Naomi?

  19. A response of a reaction. Some sign that we are here and we matter. I’ve always been a tad creeped out by the echo in the cave though. Maybe it’s my overactive imagination, but the echoes never sound like me. :)

  20. Copious Gasser says:

    Hey my friend! How about letting those of us who get very few comments on their blog tips on getting comments. (yes, I feel like I’m in an empty field at times)

    • It seems to ebb and flow, to some extent, as well. Interaction with as many other blogger/writers as possible (time-permitting, of course) seems to bring the most comments. And how universal the content you write is probably the next biggest thing.

  21. Your cave or mine? LOL

  22. sunshine says:

    YES! Always want/need feed (me) back and responses especially if one suffers from NCA, or better known as, Need Constant Attention disorder!
    I’m so glad you’re back in the hood! :)

  23. It is when “the noise fades out” that I “get freaked out.”


    I’m always afraid of the fading noise. Not much I can do to stop it — but it freaks me out nonetheless.

    Happy Monday, friend. Thanks for the great way to start my writing week!

    • WBFF, I agree with you. That’s when I get a bit panicky too. Although, I think I’m even more freaked out during these weeks when I’m completely away from my blog friends. There’s this huge hole missing in my life that craves the interaction.

  24. So true! We must be inherently social by nature, otherwise why would we care so much about getting responses?

    • 100%, Dana. We are relational, for sure. There are very few hermit-like people out there. And even in cases of shy people, and there seem to be quite a few in cyberspace, they still seek human interaction.

  25. writingfeemail says:

    This reminds me of the tree falling in the forest – if no one hears it, did it really make a sound? If no one comments, did our post fail to hit its mark? Your blog is terrific and I know you can tell this by all of the comments by those of us who missed you while you were moving. So I’m yelling ‘hello, hello’ right back cause I hear ya!

    • Thank you so much, my friend. You are too kind. I’ve learned so very much from great bloggers, like you. And the interaction makes us better bloggers, writers, and creative people.

  26. Jodi Aman says:

    This did well! Lots of comments! You rock! I’ve been frustrated lately about lack of response.( not on my blog) but with an old friend. Why do I keep expecting anything?

    • Jodi, you are so supportive and encouraging, all the time.

      I wonder of your friend is unknowingly not responding? I’ve been that type of friend myself, where I totally lose track of time – months at a time; woops!! Not good, eh?
      Hope that’s the case in your situation, rather than doing it on purpose.

  27. I think the hard piece for me is that with a full time job, full time parenting and spending time with the man behind the blog, it’s a struggle to comment on others. So appreciate others and their input and insight – but it is a challenge. Loved the way you did this.

    • Marilyn, I don’t know how you do it. I’m not working right now, but recovering from the move, and diligently looking for work. Adding kids and a full time job would probably make blogging very infrequent for me, for sure. All the best to you, my friend!

  28. Mj, same here. It hurts when we do not get the response from many people for the effort we put while creating a post.
    If you remember then when you got freshly pressed and bother to leave a comment on each of those people’s blog who commented on that post of yours. I told you you won everyone’s heart by doing so, as I have not seen any other blogger doing that when he/she became part of that freshly pressed list.

    • Hello, my friend. It does hurt, especially when it’s something one really puts their heart and soul in to the post. Yours are so much deeper and more meaningful posts than mine, which tend to be more funny observations or stories.

      Thanks for the lovely compliment as well, Arindam. Hope you are well.

  29. Hey!! I wrote every single commenter when I became freshly pressed. It meant the world to me that people took the time to comment. It STILL means so much to me to get a comment… at the very least I LOVE the “Like” button clicks. Which reminds me, where the heck is your “Like” button??? Hello, hello, helloooooo?

    • I’m with you on that, Lori!

      Yeah, I know … you’re about the tenth person who is lamenting the loss of my “like” button. I’m with you, as well. No one can help me get it back, so far. I’ve tried the dudes who made this template, and got no answer. Tried a forum, and nothing back. And I’m so techy … not!

  30. Hello. Hello. Hellooooo…. I like echoes very much I tend to make them. Haha. I imagine myself in a thriller film, entering a dark house. Pushing the door open. Calling out hello. Anybody home? Home? Home? Home?

    My brother just grunts and say, Just get inside will ya?

  31. I just wandered over from Jules’s blog. Your dog is a cutie! Is it an Australian shepherd?

    • Nice to meet your virtual acquaintance, dear Thoughts!

      It is in fact a mini-Aussie, as you deduced. His name is Duke, and he’s about nine months old. He is adorable and full of personality. He loves his people.

      I stopped by your blog – very funny!

  32. Hello hello helloooooo! MJ, you have to be one of the most genuinely supportive and kind bloggers out there! You are always so sincere in your comments. It is always good to know someone is listening and looks like you’ve proven lots of people appreciate that. I make it a point to always respond to each and every comment on my blog, although it is too bad one couldn’t get a full time job doing just blogging, I’d be all over that. Lately, I barely have time to visit and read all of the fine blogs out there!

    • Thank you so much for the very kind comment, D-Woww! So many people have been so good to me over the years, I could never pay back the kindness and generosity. I just hope I make people smile or laugh, in spite of how good or bad their situations might be.

      You are certainly one of those rare few who can pick up other’s spirits by your writing.

      And why can’t we make a living at this blogging thing, my friend?? Darn it!

  33. This is so insightful. I just had a contractor who walked away and didn’t give me a response to the question I’d asked. You’re right. We’re waiting for an answer. I assume it’s a common courtesy. The lowest level of respect. No wonder I was volcanically ticked. What do you charge for you therapy sessions? I’ll put my nickel on the table as I leave.

  34. Hello Echo, Hello Echo…

    I get that with the voices in my head all the time! I can usually quell it if I eat popcorn or peanut brittle, at least until the noise stops.

  35. Hey MJ!
    I’ve been on vacay and now in a little funk. Going back a few posts to see what you’ve been up to. I hope you make me laugh! :)

    • Laine, sounds like you’re a little down, my friend. Hope your spirits are picking back up. I know how that can be. With the move and the job hunt, it can be like paralysis.

  36. Awesome post! I wish I had your sense of (blogging) humor!

Love to hear from you.

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