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Perchance to Clamber

As Vanilla Ice stated so eloquently:

“Word to your mother.”

And today’s word of the day is “clamber.”

I’ve loved this word since JK Rowling over-used it throughout the great Harry Potter books. Don’t get me wrong – I’m glad she did.

It’s a very British-sounding word, which I love; and it rolls so smoothly as it comes off the tip of the tongue.

But what does it mean?

clam·ber – [klam-ber, klam-er] to climb, using both feet and hands; climb with effort or difficulty.

A few examples to set you straight:

1. MJ, have you been clambering up the steps? It took you, forever, to get to the third floor.

2. Harry Potter fans will clamber into theaters at midnight Thursday (figurative use of clamber).

3. I had to clamber over the rubble to get to the top of the hill.


Because I’m edu-taining you about one of my favorite words, I must caution you:

There is another word that is ever-so-close to clamber. That word is “clamor.”

Clamor has a totally different meaning:  To make a vehement protest or demand.

So, whatever you do, don’t clamber when you should be clamoring, and vice versa!


Now that you have a couple of new words, you’ll probably be clamoring for more.

No doubt clambering through the internets to find more fascinating words.


Have I wowed you with these two words?

Did you learn something new?


  1. I wanna be able to like your posts again! HMMM!

  2. TJ Methven says:

    i love this word as well and i think that all harry potter books are amazing (just sayin)

  3. Megan@MondayMorningMusings says:

    I shall clamber to visit your blog regularly and I clamor the fact that I didn’t know about your edu-taining series. Okay I’ll clammer up now :)

  4. Yes- you wowed me! I love words and love these posts- Let’s see….”Tonight, I could barely hear my own thoughts through the clamor of multi-kid tantrums which had me clambering for the door, or at least, a drink.” True story. :)

  5. Hi,
    I didn’t read any of the Harry Potter books, but I did very much enjoy all the movies, just fantastic.
    It is not a word I have seen a lot of, I didn’t know that it was mainly a British word, I have again learned something new. :)

  6. I really like some of the words used on the other side of the pond. We have them here, but don’t use them. My fav as of late is “whinge” as in complain. But like clamber, I think it sounds more like the action, don’t you think?

  7. Andra Watkins says:

    I am in awe…..

  8. Clambered the whole website while clamoring for the like button :p .. I sure learned something new :) thank you ..

  9. Good lesson 😉 I love the idea of learning a new word every day… just need to remember the word and the definition. They do a word every day on thesaurus.com

  10. Excellent work you have here my friend , nice post :)

  11. Kricket says:

    I actually DID learn something today believe it or not! Thank you for sharing :O)

  12. I did learn something new today, MJ– thanks! I haven’t yet read the Harry Potter books (I know), so clamber is a new word for me.

  13. Fun with words! I loved it!

  14. Thanks for edutaining me. Two words. I do adore clamber. :) I may work that into my WIP. 😉

  15. sunshine says:

    It’s way too late in the night to be reading this! LOL! Sorry MJ, i clamber to bed without a clamor. did i get that right??? :)

  16. sunshine says:

    It’s way too late to be reading this! LOL! Sorry MJ, I must clamber to bed without a clamor. Hope that was right!?

  17. How did I learn the word “clamber”. My Dad, in all of his eloquence, used to yell, “Quit your GD clambering around and get your ass over here NOW!” I always thought it had something to do with moving too slow because the line that followed was, “You’re nothing but a bunch of GD clods”. I don’t recall I ever looked the word up until I was in high school.

  18. IMO, the word clamber has also been overused in Fifty Shades of Grey. I’m on page 355 and it’s already been used at least 11 times! One time it appeared twice on the same page.


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