"It's like taking a nap on that little rug when you were in kindergarten."

A Little Late to the Party – Behind the Latest Trends?

“But life is just a party
And parties weren’t meant to last.”

Yep, I’ve been late to a party … or two, or …

How about you?

Here’s the “party,” did you …

a) come on time,

b) get there late,


c) not come to the party at all?

1) American Idol – did you pick it up during the first season, or join the bandwagon a few seasons later? Or did you avoid that one like the plague?

2) Cell phones – Okay, I’m coming clean here. I didn’t get one until around 2002. Way late for that one. Now it’s joined to me like an umbilical cord.

cell phone, party

3) Lady GaGa – I’ll be honest – I went to this at the very beginning and then that party got a little too crazy for me. But I know a lot of people – young and old – who hopped on the bandwagon after the “meat dress.” (Google that if you haven’t heard about it.)

4) The TV show LOST – well, let’s just say I ended up watching the first several seasons with MLB, right before the last season was about to air. Loved that show, but boy was I late coming to that party.

LOST, TV show, party

5) Blogging – I really wanted to do this years ago, and really should have. Didn’t make it to the party until August 2011. This is one of the best parties I’ve been to. 😉

6) Facebook – I’m embarrassed to say, a friend dragged me kicking and screaming to that party, while we were at a New Year’s Eve party. She made me sign up right there, that night.

7) The Hunger Games – did you read the books, or see the movie? I’ll admit, I saw the movie, and wished I had read the books.

[Should I even bring up the song “Red Solo Cup?”] *he snickers out loud*

Red Solo Cup, Toby Keith, party

Boy, it looks like I’m a little late to almost every party.


What’s your track record on different fads, styles, or trends in popular culture?

Are you usually late to the party, like me?

What immediately comes to mind when you think about this?


  1. Late late late! lol

  2. I am either late to the party, at a completely different party, or wish I had never been to the party. In terms of your list: 1)American Idol, loved the first season but it lost me as soon as the party got crowded 2) Cell Phones–Late, and I still lag behind as I have an old phone. I only started texting out of necessity this year 3) Gaga– Never joined that party 4) Lost, never got me. 5) Blogging-well you know where I am on that 6) Facebook–I feel like it is the party at the Hotel California, once you enter you can never escape but you desperately want to leave 7) Hunger Games, read the books, haven’t seen the move. I liked the books, but I didn’t want to.

    I think I’m really not a party girl.

    • Funny first sentence, Lisa.

      I know what you’re saying about Hunger Games. I sometimes feel like I don’t want to jump on the band wagon just because every’s decided to do it.

    • Lisa (and MJ), I’m with you. Late to most of the parties. And MIA in several of those you listed (the TV and movie stuff) I came early to the cell-phone party though, because I traveled so much. Had one of those old big, black, clunky ones way back when – way before the turn of the millenium. But I still don’t have an i-pad or droid phone. I’m afraid it would be totally distracting.

  3. I’m late to pretty much EVERY party, except ones that involve being nerdy and hanging out on my couch at home. :)

    American Idol: I’ve only seen a few episodes of random seasons. Definitely not on that bandwagon.

    Cell Phones: Still need to join that party! Marty has a flip phone that we sort of share at times. It can accept incoming calls *and* dial out! :)

    Lady GaGa: I joined this party on my own terms, way after she was mega popular. I listen to her “The Fame” album about 60% of the time when I’m working out. She’s a great singer, even without all the hype.

    LOST: Nope. Never seen it.

    Blogging: I’ve been blogging since 2006 but didn’t really start connecting with people I didn’t know in real life until 2010 or 2011. I know… slow on the get go!

    Facebook: I was forced onto FB in 2007 by a coworker so we had something to do when the office was slow. I’m rarely on it now. Too lazy.

    Hunger Games: Not yet. Maybe in the future.

    Other things that came to mind with this post: ipods/mp3 players, digital cameras, and Harry Potter books. Can you hazard a guess re: who was late/never showed up to those particular parties yet? 😉

    • I admire your courage on the cell phone. You’re like a pioneer woman without a cell phone, aren’t you?

      I have to agree that Lady GaGa is a phenomenal musician. If I don’t have to watch her, I think she’s amazing.

      LOST, IMO, is one of the best shows ever on television.

      Wow, 2006 on blogging. That was pretty far back for this medium.

      Good ones on iPods, digital cameras, and HP books. But don’t tell me you don’t have a digital camera, Dana?!

  4. I don’t really care about going to the party in the first place, unless I think it will be fun. Parties are only worth it if I will enjoy them.

    I was an early adopter of social media (ie “Andra has no friends” was my constant FB status for months before anyone else my age discovered it.)

    Late to blogging. Really started it out of part boredom/part indignation over someone else in my circle starting a blog and my thinking “WHAT? I can do better than THAT!!

    Only listen to Lady Gaga in passing. Glad she is a talented musician underneath all that other stuff.

    Don’t have a TV, which leaves me out of any and all fads related to the boob tube. And, let me tell you, that’s completely FINE with me.

    I had a bag phone.

    Hunger Games really isn’t the sort of thing I read, regardless of how popular it is.

    So, I guess I’m a mixed bag.

    • You know, I love television quite honestly. BUT, I wish I didn’t. I get a lot of enjoyment out of watching it, and love to watch in companionship with MLB, but it does take up a lot of time that could be used more productively.

      I admire you for not having a tv.

  5. I’m the one who thought fax machines were a waste since the telex worked just fine thank you very much. And that Madonna chick? Lucky Star? Come on, she’ll never amount to anything.

    Late to EVERY party…. and some I just don’t bother with at all (Lost, Hunger Games, Twilight, Harry Potter, vampires in general).

  6. Judy Berman says:

    Rarely noted for being a trendsetter, I’d say I’ve been late to almost every party. #1 (American Idol) I have watched America’s Got Talent (and Great Britain’s Got Talen). But … A.I. … Nah.
    The only one I was ahead of the curve on was #2 (the cell phone). I worked in radio so I had a mobile unit, then a cell phone … W-A-Y Back When.
    #5 (Blogging) and #6 (Facebook) Joined last year.
    (#7) Read the Hunger Games this year right before my class did. Plan to see the movie.

    • I’ve heard Britain’s Got Talent is excellent. Would like to see it sometime.

      The Hunger Games movie was really quite good. You’ll have to let me know what you thought of the movie vs. the book.

  7. Jennifer says:

    I’m with Lisa and her very first line. Brilliant, as for the other stuff…. Aus Idol.. kind of there, Lost, never saw it, rarely watch tele, Gaga, good to listen to, blogs, May 2011, fb, 2007 I think, now I love it, although that party has it’s moments (think train wrecks)…. I want to go to parties, but usually have better things to do or I’m never invited… Fine by me. I have my own party happening (road I’m travelling).. :)

    • I like that Jennifer – you have your own party happening.

      Yeah, I usually have other things I SHOULD be doing, but don’t always do them, unfortunately.

  8. Kricket says:

    Let’s see, I don’t like being late to a party or having folks come late to my party……or small group. (I can say that now since you guys are far away, we can connect with SKYPE and be “on time” now, right?) So I am an “on time” kind of person.
    American Idol- I was hooked for the first couple of seasons but it got to be a bit boring actually. I watched a bit this season but I have no idea who won, is it even over?
    Cell Phone- we were one of the first in our group of friends to get phones. We actually had the phone that is posted in the picture as our first phone.We’ve had Motorola, Nokia, LG, Android, Samsung, and iPhone (first edition).
    Lady Gaga- Eh, I like her voice and some of her songs are very catchy but I don’t like watching her perform. Too out there for me. I did see a documentary on her that I really enjoyed. It made her seem almost normal.
    TV show LOST- I think I told you that we saw the “set” while we were in Hawaii. We drove to the end of this long road and there was a crashed plane on the beach and all kinds of stuff laying around. On the road were a row of trailers for the actors and such. It was pretty fun to see. I watched the beginning of the season but that’s it.
    Blogging- haven’t joined that party but that doesn’t make me late, just not necessary.
    Facebook- I don’t know if I was late or on time but I’m there. I did it without a big fuss unlike someone……..
    Hunger Games- Still a Hunger Games virgin. No movie, no books.
    Red Solo Cup- love it!

    The “Late moment” that comes to mind was beginning to watch “Everyone Loves Raymond” when it ran in reruns. We almost missed out, I’m glad they had reruns because that was a great show!

    • You are a trend-setter and a major party-goer, my friend! And of course, you all are way up on technology.

      ELR was a great show. I’ll catch a rerun every now and again and it’s still very funny.

      Oh, and I thought you were supposed to be fashionably late to a party?? hehe

    • Oh yeah, I think I’ve heard you singing Red Solo Cup a time, or two! :)

  9. I’m early to parties in real life but late to fads! I think there’s something stubborn in me that doesn’t want to waste my time getting into something if it’s only going to go away again. I was there from the start for Lost and Big Brother. A very reluctant adopter of CDs! And a little late with ipods. Still not a tablet user.

    • I must admit, I feel kind of the same way – that things are going to change so fast, why bother.

      I want to get an iPad, but I’m afraid the newer version will come out the day after I buy one.

  10. I’m generally either late to the party or I come early and can’t handle the commotion!
    AI: First few seasons, then I had to drop out.
    Cell phones: Late – and you know my husband doesn’t even have one! But LOL about being attached like an umbilical cord. I am the same – but come on, it can do EVERYTHING but make my coffee!
    GaGa – I was early, and this one I’ve actually managed to stay with.
    Lost – First few episodes of the first season, then, just…what??
    Blogging – Late, and now I’m trying to make up for lost time!
    Facebook – Late. I also had a friend force me to sign up on the spot. But I’m glad I did.
    Excellent post, friend!

    • Thanks Lainie.

      Wow, how does husband get a hold of you? I’m picturing him stopping at a pay phone – um, are there any? – on his way home, to give you a call. :)

      GaGa is probably one of the most talented musicians, just have to get past the visual.

      And you’re doing a fab job blogging, my friend! I love the podcast, too. I really want to do that.

  11. I am always very late to every party or I never go. I was also dragged kicking and screaming to facebook (now I want to leave again) and never got Lady Gaga.

    Lost? My friends raved about it for years and I was all “whatever” Finally I sat down and watched the pilot and was completely hooked.

    Blogging? A friend of mine kept bugging me to start one with her and I kept saying to her, “blogging’s stupid! waste of time!” and now look at me.

    Usually if someone raves about something, it makes me not like it even more, just out of spite maybe. I like to go against the grain I guess.

    Great post, MJ.

    • Hmm, you must be my fifth sister, D-Woww. I too have the issue with going against the grain. Think that’s why I fought against FB so hard. I finally succumbed and the social media floodgates poured forth right in front of me. Not that I understand any of it!

      LOST was just the quirkiest, edge of your seat show. So original. Felt like I was at an amusement park.

      And yes, you are rockin’ up a great party in the blogging world. Thanks for inviting me to your party and letting me play all the reindeer games while I’m there, as silly as I might be. At least I’m proudly wearing plaid.

  12. Fun and timely (AI just announced a new idol). :)
    1. American Idol. I was into it for the first few seasons and then just dropped it; no memory how or why that happened. I think that was around the time I moved to where I am now and I didn’t have TV in my dorm.
    2. Cellphones. Pretty early. I had one in high school when they were just starting to fit into pockets. Dad gave me one to track my whereabouts especially when I was camping.
    3. Lady Gaga. I think I’m on the “not-going-to-that-party” group.
    4. LOST. I haven’t seen one episode.
    5. Blogging. I came late on this one; just about the same time as you.
    6. Facebook. I went to this one a few minutes late (and also through the vivacious prodding of friends who thought it would keep me connected while I was away) and left early feeling that it was not my kind of shindig.
    7. Hunger Games. Pretty late; came in just as the party was getting really good (a.k.a they released a movie). I decided to read the first book; liked it, got the other two books and then saw the movie. It’s a reprieve from the vampire domination in YA section of the bookstore.

    • You’re kind of a mixed bag on these as well, Nel.

      Lady GaGa is definitely love-hate. Check LOST when you get a chance. At least the pilot.

      I still have to read Hunger Games. Movie was really good. And you’re so right – the vampire thing has gotten really old.

  13. Let’s see…Am. Idol I watched every year until Simon left—don’t watch it now & don’t miss it. Cell phone–I have the crappy one in the family—one of those pay-as you-go phones that I use maybe once a month. Lady Gaga—been a HUGE fan of hers since day one, before most people even knew who she was, so I guess you could say I was EARLY to that party! Blogging–just started 9 months ago–feels right on time to me. Facebook—oh God, don’t get me started….I had an acct. for years but never bothered with it because I didn’t have a computer. Now that I got a Mac for Xmas, I’m addicted!!! Hunger Games–never seen it or read it—guess that’s one party I’m going to miss. Now the red Solo cup….I think I INVENTED that one—it has been my dirty little secret for years!!!!
    Great blog post—had a lot of fun reading this one!

  14. I tend to be late to the party. I wait and see. Especially with tv shows. Nothing like really getting into one and having it get cancelled the first season.

    I nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award. No pressure to participate, but if you’d like to find out more, come visit http://kourtneyheintz.wordpress.com/2012/05/23/blog-awards-time/

  15. Leanne Shirtliffe (Ironic Mom) says:

    First cell: 2004 in Bangkok. Moved to Canada. Didn’t have one 2005-2008.
    I’ve never watched Idol or Lost.
    Facebook: 2005
    Hunger Games: I read it before I knew there was a sequel (it wasn’t written yet – I thought it was a standalone book. I got an ARC from the bookstore I frequent for Catching Fire).

    So, in short, usually I’m late, but sometimes I catch a wave.

    • Wow, you got to FB way early.

      I should get paid for saying this, but LOST was such an interesting and entertaining show. It put you into a totally different world.

  16. Oh, my WBFF…we’re on the same blogging wave length, you and I …

    I have a very similar post in the works. Here’s a preview.

    Parties to which I’m undoubtedly late (and most likely imperceptibly absent):
    Downtown Abbey
    Hunger Games
    Dance Moms
    The Voice
    Bike riding
    Marathon running

    More on this in a future blog post, coming your way in approximately 4.5 years, give or take — depending on when I find some time!


    • That is too funny, WBFF.

      I forgot about marathon running and Dance Moms. Should have worked those in as well. I haven’t done either of those.

      Oh, but I did jump on the Downton Abbey bandwagon. Way too late. I watched the first season a couple of months ago in a few days with MLB. Loved it. But we love most things English, having lived there.

      Can’t wait for your post.

  17. Tameri Etherton says:

    You are too hilarious! I’m always late, but I keep thinking I’ll be so far behind that I’ll actually be ahead!

  18. I always feel like I’m late, whether I am or not, and I’m never early.

    * Cell phone- late 90s, I think. can’t really remember.
    * I’ve never watched American Idol or had any desire to, but I do love Kelly Clarkson and I know she was the first Idol winner.
    * I was only a little late to the Lady Gaga party.
    * I really wanted to watch Lost, but, you know–little kids (at the time), wrong time of night, etc. It’s on my watch list for when I can get back on the treadmill again.
    * Blogging for 9 months only, so way late to that one.
    * I got on FB in 2009 to keep in touch with my college kid, but I’m only on periodically.
    * Just read the Hunger Games a few months ago–again, way late, but I did at least read the books before the movie opened.
    * And, I am completely absent from the Red Solo Cup party. It makes me think of quarters, kegs and beer though–am I close? I will have to Google.

    • Sounds like you’re a little ahead of me on most parties.

      I highly recommend LOST when you get time. It was so unique. Out there, but unique.

      Yeah, you’re pretty much there on Red Solo Cup. Just a drinking song. Way too catchy.

  19. I am often times late, but try to show up in some form. AI- I saw a 30 second clip on the news of the 3 finalists. It took me that long to decide who should win, and in the end I was right. I found out on the news a few weeks later in another 30 second segment. That saved me a whole lot of time.

    Cell phones, ipod– late, late, late! I still don’t have a flat screen TV. My hubs says we are the last household in the US without one. But our TVs work fine, and I feel like I would be feeding the juice directly into the veins of this TV junkie if I succumbed to the pressure.

    FB- I was pretty early to that one.

    Little Red Cup– huh? oh, it Red Solo Cup? No clue, but then I don’t do country.

    Hunger Games- want to read the books first, so that’ll be a while.

    • We just gave away our last non-flat screen tv before we moved. Oh my gosh that thing was HEAVY. And it was only a 26″.

      I fade in and out on my feelings about AI. I just love to see someone who can do something SO much better than I can. I’m not envious, just have a lot of admiration for their abilities.

  20. Hi mj, until I read a few of the replies to your question, I thought I was the only kid on the block who hadn’t joined the party. I have never seen a single episode of American Idol, Lost, and have never read or seen The Hunger Games. I wouldn’t recognize a picture or a song by Lady Gaga. I was late jumping onto the cell phone thing, but when my kids went to middle school and started doing things independently, we really needed to do it. I was late to Facebook and only started blogging in December 2011, and that was because I needed to establish a social platform for my writing. I love my cellphone, and I love my blog. I guess the moral of the story is that I’m an old dog, but I always get where I’m going……………………………….eventually.

    • Well, better late than never, right Naomi?

      I’m late too, so I totally get it. Sometimes you just want it proved out. Although, other times I want to be in on the beginning.

      Glad you’re in the blogging world, my friend.

  21. I wouldn’t classify myself as ‘late’ because I deliberately avoid popular things.

    Being a news junkie helps, so I got drawn to shows like Idol, Survivor and The Amazing Race even before they began. When they became hits, the performances got affected and I backed off. Similarly, I enjoy new artists when they were ‘born this way’, and since I like music, I listen to them till they fade away.

    I still refuse to get on Facebook, because I prefer communicating via e-mail and Skype with a very small group of people. After inundating my inner circle with ‘All About Me’ stories since I left home for uni at 19, I decided to inflict myself on strangers, so I began blogging 7 months ago.

    Brace yourself, MJ – I do not use a cell. I surrendered my nights and weekends to a pager from the late 80s to the mid 90s. From the mid 90s to 2008, I was my cell phone and my cell phone was me. I’ve paid my dues.

    I changed my career to be free, and as per the promise I made to my family in 2008, I have been accessible via phone at all times. At work, there are landlines and cell phones, of course. Over the past 4 years, I’ve needed to request strangers for their cells just 3 times. (I will get a cell when I get a boyfriend.)

    So you see, I’m no late bloomer, but a stubborn old weed who rootless-ly blooms where I choose to be planted. :-)


  22. yaykisspurr says:

    I’m always late or I never arrive…

    1. American Idol: Watched it but without Simon Cowell I’m out
    2. Cell Phones: Still don’t have one…not sure when I will…
    3. Lady Gaga: Ugh…she’s a character but I’m not into her.
    4. Lost: Watched a little of the first season and couldn’t watch anymore even when the hype got really big…
    5. Blogging: Just started last year…
    6. Facebook: Been sucked it then spit out…it’s one of those moderation things…
    7. Hunger Games: Read the books, saw the move. Loved the first book, thought eh about reading more…when they became popular I read them…finished the 3rd last night and believe strongly my Eh stands as a testament of how spot on my judgement is…The second and third books have bright moments but they are nothing compared to the first.

    Cute list! Cheers :)

    • It surprises me how many people don’t have cell phones. And I don’t think that’s necessarily bad.

      I know what you’re saying about moderation and FB. I feel that way about most social media. Balancing all of them is difficult.

      Good to know about the 2nd and 3rd books with Hunger Games. I want to read the first one for sure.

  23. Copious Gasser says:

    1. Didn’t watch it at first, but happened to catch the season that Carrie Underwood won. I saw her audition and thought “Wow! This one is going to be a star.” After that, never really watched it again as I couldn’t connect to any of the contestants.

    2. Way late to the party. Wife finally got me to get the electronic leash. Stuck with dumb cellphones for ages, but leaped into the forefront with the iPhone 4s. I absolutely love it and wonder why it took me so long to get one.

    3. Heard the name Lady Gaga and thought it was just a joke. Never got into her at all.

    4. Lost was lost on me, watched part of an episode or two and never tuned back in.

    5. Late to the blogging game, but having a ball.

    6. Wife forced me to join FB so she could play games on my account.

    7. Read the Hunger Games trilogy before I knew they were making a movie out of it. I absolutely loved it. The books flowed and were intriguing enough that it was hard to put down the books. Haven’t seen the movie yet, when I saw it was almost 3 hours long, the wife and I decided to wait until it came out on DVD. Can’t stand to sit in the theatre for that long.

    Overall, I’m usually pretty late to the party.

    • Yeah, my first smart phone was the iPhone 4.

      Love your reason for joining FB. That is funny. You crack me up.

      Definitely check out Hunger Games on dvd. It’s worth it, I think.

  24. Depends, generally late or not there at all. Some exceptions:
    Facebook I was so early I left and came back later!
    Super early for Skype and I can still remember getting excited when the status topped 6 figures on line.
    Mobile phone – I was at a party of one for a really long time :)
    Hunger Games – read the books and not interested to see the film at all.
    TV – Talent shows leave me cold (except if it relates to food!) and Lost was impossible to follow – I decided to watch one episode thinking I could pick it up – just not happening 😉

    (by the by, bit sad that Lady Gaga cancelled Indonesia. I understand why, everything I’ve read about her, indicates she puts the fans first. I thought she was ballsier than this)

    • You are kind of all over, like me.

      I’m curious how you felt about Hunger Games and the movie. Did you think the movie couldn’t live up to the books, or just didn’t like the books? I saw the movie, but didn’t read the books.

      Do you want to see Lady GaGa? I didn’t hear about the Indonesia tour being cancelled.

  25. Meladjusted says:

    I am a Trend Setter – never late, for anything! Here on the Southern Tip of Africa unless you’re prepared to pay dollars then everything gets here ‘late’ so I guess it’s all relative.

    I loved LOST. Still do, now that it’s all over my ‘usband and I still speculate other story lines for the characters. In fact we’ve even nicknamed some complete strangers, Jack, Sawyer, Locke, Kate and Hurley. We don’t want to get to know them and kill the dream?

    Hunger Games is only just starting it’s buzz over here – I’m going to read the books first – thanks for the heads up 😉

    • Interesting. Didn’t realize dollars were used there as well. You’ll have to explain that one.

      Another LOST person. Wasn’t it the best?! I really miss those characters.

      Let me know what you think about the Hunger Games books. I haven’t read them yet.

  26. Party? I’m happily in the 19th century for the most part. Oscar Wilde, Bernard Shaw, Mark Twain…

  27. I am always late to the party, especially if it costs money. I like to see how it works out and if the price goes down. By the time I get on board…the party has moved on.

  28. Looks like I don’t even know there is a party because I’ve done #5 only. Have not been getting your notifications so have resubscribed.

    • So no Facebook, eh Carl?

      Thank you for resubscribing. I’ve had a couple of people tell me they’ve had issues. Interesting. All my settings look good, too. Hmm …

  29. very funny :)

  30. Oh man! I’m late to your late to the party party! Trend-wise, I’d say I join in a timely fashion but only on a need-to-join basis… 😉

  31. Mj, just like you I am late to every party. But I do not regret that, as I am not a party lover at all. :) I have my cell phone at age of 17, when I just entered in to engineering college. I hope that’s the only time I reached to any part too early, compared to others. But I had a strong reason for reaching there early.
    And I hope I am going to be the last person to reach a party will be, “Using any Apple product”; which I do not have one yet. :)

    • I’m very surprised you don’t have any Apple products, Arindam. I only have the iPhone, no Mac, or iPad. Though I would like an iPad, for sure. Apple products do seem to be overpriced, but solid.

  32. sunshine says:

    Lateness…that would be me. Look, I’m gonna be late now for an out-of -state trip because I won’t stop reading and commenting on blogs! “just one more, and I’ll stop!”
    And, I was late getting over to Arindam’s birthday bash and now that the Hunger Game movie has come and gone, I’m finally reading the last book, Mockingjay–haven’t seen the movie yet. *gosh*
    thanks for the reminder of my tardiness fault…

    • Okay, Sunshine, don’t feel too bad. Here I am responding to your comment late. I can appreciate what you’re saying, can’t I?

      Hope you have a great week.

  33. I was late to cell phones (STILL have a “dumb” one), have never owned an
    i-Anything (belatedly apologizing to the late Steve J.), and, proof-positive that I’m a late-to-the-partier: I’m just getting around to reading this post (almost 2 weeks late).

  34. I’m a pokey Okie… being late and lax is a lifestyle here. I am still clinging to my old Razr flip phone. I do have an iPad though, and I love it. So, maybe there is hope for me, despite my geographical location.


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