7 Things I’d Like to Ask the Contestants on “The Glass House”

People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”
Old Proverb


ABC has been pimping promoting the heck out of it’s latest reality show over the past few weeks, for this “Big Brother”-ish program that premieres tonight (June 18th).

Here is the premise of this provocative, soon to be Emmy-winning, voyeuristic, social-media-influenced, stellar television programming (aka, rubbish) taken straight off the ABC website – The Glass House:

The Glass House features fourteen contestants living and competing for a quarter million dollars in a totally wired, state-of-the-art house.

Through online and their social networks, viewers will be encouraged to support and follow the contestants they like and those they don’t.

Several times a week, viewers can watch a live online feed of the players and vote to decide everything from what they wear and eat, to the games they play, even where they sleep. 

So, after reading about it, I thought I’d give you the opportunity *misfortune* of stepping into my mind and see …

The seven things I’d like to ask the contestants on (or is it “in”?) The Glass House:

1. What possessed you to “compete” on this show?

– Fame?
– Possible fortune?
– Ah yes, being laughed at by millions of people?

2. Are your parents really proud of you, and the tremendous accomplishment you must feel by taking your ___________ (fill in the blank with GED, HS diploma, college degree, etc.) to the next level?

3. After the show is over will you do any of the following?:

– Be on ANY show that starts with “The Real House …”?
– Be a contestant on The Bachelor or Bachelorette?
– Enter Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew?
– Become an honorary member of the Kardashians?
– Audition for The Glee Project?

4. Will you eat any live insects or rodents?

insects, glass house, bugs

Yum. Tastes just like chicken.

5. What are your favorite games?

– I’m assuming Monopoly, Risk, and Parcheesi are not some of the favorites you will be playing up in the hizzy (sorry, I meant the “House,” I just got a little ‘street’ for a second).

monopoly, glass house, game, hasbro

6. What thoughts have crossed your mind about the possible “sleeping arrangements?”

– You do understand that the audience will require odd permutations to this special twist in the rules, right??

7. Final question, Glass House competitor sir, or madam:
Have you ever read any of the literary masterpieces from MJ Monaghan on his blog?

– If so, you definitely are a worthy contender for The Glass House, and a strong candidate for electroshock treatment.
– If not, the producers feel you might be too stable for the show.

Well, I hate to write and run, but I must set up the DVR to record …

Ha, just kidding!


What do you think about this show?

Will you be watching this Big Brother knock-off?

Love to hear from you.

  1. mj my short answer to your very funny post is ‘No, never in a million years No’. These reality shows bring out a cruel streak in human nature that is best left to rest..if not to disappear altogether. 😀 to you though x

    • Why don’t people try to get along in those shows? Do you think the producers tell them to be mean or create drama that isn’t there? And wouldn’t it be compelling to see people being nice to each other? Maybe not, but I’d like to see it.

  2. Now mj I wanted to say (and I really should have done) that if purse string tightening meant that you were considering entering one of these things….weeeellll then what a housemate you would make….where’s the entry form? See, way too flirty!!! x

  3. I definitely do not plan on it, but I am a bit of a tv junkie, so you never know if I’ll get sucked in if I happen to be bored and nothing else is on. Uh-oh. I’m a bit worried for myself.

  4. Ha! Wow. This sounds a lot like The Hunger Games, and not in the good way. I’m picky about my reality shows. They usually have a much smaller budget. Did I say ‘picky’? I meant shameless. …Am I too old to audition for The Glee Project?

    • Well, Chipmunk, I put in a request for you with the producer and went to their website. Here are the rules for The Glee Project:

      “The only rules are that you must be 18 years or older to apply and be able to convincingly portray a high school student.”

      You’re in, my friend!

  5. I won’t watch it. But we do watch Big Brother. Hey, they should do a show with 18 bloggers, put them in a house and watch them drive each other batty! I’d sign up!

  6. No effing way! I don’t get ‘reality’ shows – scripted and produced so all the ‘reality’ is gone. Unless it involves food and cooking, then I’m tempted :)

    Nice questions!

      • Oh yes! The Iron Chef is so great, although it’s been a while since they’ve made it here. We have homegrown TopChef and MasterChef now, although Padma has no equal.

        The Engineer loves it and hates it when I watch these show, loves it because I get inspired, hates it for the same reason :) some of my experiments haven’t always been so successful!

  7. These are the kind of vapid shows that my half dead brain loves. Total brain candy. No thinking involved, although this one lets viewers chime in, so something might be involved. I would love to say I refused to watch it, but to be honest, I’ll probably catch a few shows. Just for research purposes, you understand. What better way to develop narcissistic/sociopathic characters than to to watch these shows? Your questions are brilliant. I think we need them to be answered ~ send them in to the housemates once the show starts!

    • I know. I’d like to say I’m immune from the tethers of these shows, but alas I’m not.

      Hmm, research purposes. I keep forgetting to use that as a reason. Perhaps I will send in one of the questions to the “House.” :)

  8. i had not even heard of this show….but i am sure it will be silly. i do like reality talent and skill shows, though. i like to see how creative people can be under pressure. maybe someone will make a blogging reality show. haha! we could luve in glass houses. :)

    • I feel the same way you do about the talent and skill shows. I’m so impressed by the young contests and how they handle pressure sometimes.

      I love the idea of a blogging reality show. You should pitch it. :)

  9. Hi,
    I haven’t heard of this new show, but I know the show Big Brother that used to be on here in Oz, and honestly I don’t understand how this show kept going year after year, I only watched it once and then not till the end, I thought it was ridiculous. :)
    So if this new show is similar and it does sound like it is, I will not be one of the viewers. 😀

    • Since we live fairly close to the ocean now, I’ve watched the show Lifeguard a couple of times on the Weather Channel. Pretty harrowing water rescues. Have you seen it?

  10. No interest in the show. We watched maybe the first season of Big Brother but then it just became too weird and we stopped. Even American Idol became boring so we don’t watch the whole season of that either. Our occasional reality shows now are House Hunters and House hunter International (which I just heard is completely staged, they use their own homes and friends homes but never have to “buy” anything. It’s all for entertainment the network said.) Pawn stars, and Storage Wars. The TV isn’t on much of the time anymore.

    • I recently heard that about HH. Still can’t believe that. Watched so many episodes of that show. You’re probably not missing much in general. We have our favorite shows, some better than others. Not really into the voyeuristic shows. Just too much drama.

  11. This may sound snooty, but if you get rid of the television, this garbage really does go away. I haven’t had a tv in almost a decade. I don’t know who people are on tv anymore. If I really want to see something, I can find it online. It’s a beautiful, peaceful living. :)

  12. Oh dear LORD, no!!

    I can’t abide so-called “reality TV”. It creeps me out the way they let people into their lives for money. And also, some of the home improvement and cooking shows are all staged anyway, so what’s the point?

  13. The only reality shows I watch are talent based competition shows… Top Chef, Project Runway and So You Think You Can Dance. Shows that are just about people doing stupid things just to be on tv don’t do anything for me.

  14. I had no idea this show existed (I haven’t had a tv in forever, lol). I think it’s hilarious what crazy things people come up with. I’ll have to try and catch at least a part of this sometime, lol Thanks for sharing!

  15. Yes, I do watch the Indian version of Big Brother called “Big Boss” sometimes. I find it very motivating, to see that there are still many people who are bigger fools than me. :)

    • That is too funny, Arindam. I once heard someone say that they liked to see people who did foolish things to remind them that they weren’t so bad after all. :)

  16. Good questions, all, MJ. I do not watch any reality TV. If my life weren’t interesting enough, I would rather find a way to be a deeper participant of my own life.

    • Well, I do watch some reality tv, and yep, you’re making much better use of your time, Naomi. It gives you great stories with what you do with your time as well.

  17. No thanks on the show. I think I’m fine sitting on the back porch humming the song, “Home on the Range” while watching my little deer eat and play. Honestly, I just never got interested in the TV. I’m a weirdo. I love a good romance movie, wildlife and nature documentaries… and old comedies. But, it’s a rarity to catch me watching the TV at all.

    • You are a farm girl, through and through. Always productive, even in your relaxation. :)
      Nothing wrong with that at all, my friend. It’s not like you’re missing anything.

  18. I’m afraid I won’t be watching this quality program, MJ. My reality TV viewing is strictly limited to the Bachelor/Bachelorette. There’s only so much, um… television brilliance?… that a girl can stand. 😉

    • I don’t think I’ve seen one whole Bachelor or Bachelorette. I watched a little of the Bachelorette, but it was hard for me to watch how easily people can throw caution to the wind in front of millions of people. I like the romance side of those shows, though.

  19. A little over 10 years ago, before Big Brother began, I had decided to watch the show when I read the promos itself because the premise was new. I got sucked into it quickly and spent quite a bit of time participating in vociferous discussions on a few BB related fora. I enjoyed the heated debates, too!

    ‘The Glass House’ is not fundamentally new. And I have other (far more interesting) things I can now waste my time with. :-) So I’m giving it a miss.

    Hang on a sec. Now, if Peter Jennings were to make an appearance* somehow, I’d be in like that! *snap of the fingers*

    *ABC execs, here’s a hint: hologram! What’s that you say? Yeah, you’re right. Peter Jennings wouldn’t touch this show. Oh well. I tried.


    • Sounds like someone’s a big Peter Jennings fan?

      I have not seen Big Brother – other than about a half hour of the first episode. But then again, I’m not the social anthropologist that you are. :)

  20. Well, i’m just a simple hermit who happened to stumble out to visit MJ and I cannot think about this show because my cave is safely secured to keep out reality shows. :)

  21. Michael, the only reality show I watch is “Project Runway.” Even though I have little or no fashion sense, I love to watch how creative the designers are. As for living in a big house with a bunch of strangers … nah! I had trouble enough when I had one roommate. :-)

  22. That sounds like hell to me. Hell! I cannot believe this show is real. Are you kidding? I’m easily confused about these things since I don’t watch TV outside of Netflix streaming.

    • Oops! MJ, since you love to research and provide people with information, can you tell me how a person gets their gravatar thingy to appear outside of WordPress? I know I should know this.

      • Try this, Angie:

        Please check your settings on this page > Settings > Discussion
        Scroll down and look for this section:
        An avatar is an image that follows you from weblog to weblog appearing beside your name when you comment on avatar enabled sites. Here you can enable the display of avatars for people who comment on your blog.
        Avatar Display
        ___Don’t show Avatars
        ___Show Avatars

        Be sure that you have selected “Show Avatars” also confirm all other settings in that section. Then click “Save Changes”.

    • I was hoping someone would mention the throwing rocks thing. You are the first. When one sees these shows, you stop and think there really is nothing new under the sun.

  23. I used to watch Survivor, the first pretty well done ‘reality TV show’. That’s gotten goofy as well so I don’t follow it like I used to.
    As for the other so-called reality shows, they’re all staged and fake and mind-numbing to boot. Nope, won’t be watching this new offering.
    BTW, what’s with your new avatar? Are you reverse aging? What gives? or did I miss that in earlier posts?

    • I am reverse aging! :) Thank you for saying so. I was just toying around. Little bit of whimsy.

      Yeah, you’re right – reality shows have gotten out of control. I did see the first 15 minutes and couldn’t take it any longer.