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I’m Going on Safari, and I’m Taking …

safari, blog, bloggingWe used to play a game when I was a child (and later played this with my own children), called “I’m Going on Safari.” You might remember it as well. Great fun on long car trips or over a campfire.

The game helps develop memory and learning skills. Apparently, I didn’t play it enough since I have the memory of someone who is on the other side of sunny-side up.

The Rules of the Game
1. Players choose a category. For example, animals, in alphabetical order.
2. Each person, in turn, says “I’m going on safari and I’m taking a …”
3. First person says “I’m going on safari and I’m taking an aardvark.”
4. Each person after that has to say all of the things that the people before them stated, in the correct order.
5. If something is forgotten, or the order is incorrect, then that person is out until the next game.

Well, I’m weaving this favorite game into a bit of blogging fun.

Like many of you, I’m way behind on recognizing so many great bloggers who have nominated my alter-ego, mjmonaghan, for awards.

“I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks.”
William Shakespeare  (click to tweet)

So, as my way of saying thanks, I thought I’d share:
* 12 interesting bloggers you may not know, and then give you
* My Top 7 ½ Things I’d Take on Safari …

I’m Going on Safari, and I’m taking these bloggers!

1. zonapellucida – Dana is coming along with her tales of interesting signage and for yacht-naming (never know when you need to name a yacht, right?).

2. Kristy K. James – Since we’re on safari, my new friend Kristy will help us out with her knowledge about mosquitoes.

3. Tameri Etherton – Should we encounter beasts, I’m confident Tameri will be our kick-ass heroine, if necessary.

4. Julie Bird – As we sit around the campfire, Julie’s going to regale us with old sayings in the voice of Yoda – yep, heard that right, you did. hehehe

5. You’ve Been Hooked – What would a safari be without stories from the world’s foremost bellman, The Hook?

6. GoJulesGo – Sidling with Chipmunks in the wild requires certain skills only Jules could bring to the table. Well, that and fake mustaches. :)

7. Melissa Not Dusting – Well, we must have great photographs, and Melissa’s got the touch with wildlife.

8. Jane Thorne – As the nights fade, we’ll have Jane reciting beautiful poetry to warm the soul.

9. Day By Day the Farm Girl Way – who better to chronicle our safari adventure than someone who loves, lives, and enjoys working with animals on her farm every day.

10. Simply Charming – A trip without the positiveness of Sunshine would be pretty gloomy, so we better take her along with us. :)

11. Being Arindam – Once moonlight falls on our Blog Safari, we turn to Arindam to cut straight to matters of the heart. Asking each of us “truth” questions that make us think.

12. Ellie Ann Soderstrom – I’ve just recently connected with Ellie, but quickly realized that if there’s going to be fun and quirkiness, she’s coming on a safari with my group. Be careful she doesn’t turn you into a monkey!

7 ½ Things I would definitely take on safari with me:

1. iPhone – purely for taking pictures. You thought I was going to check my blog?? Really? We’re on a safari, people. [Okay, I probably would check my blog].

2. MLB – would have to have My Lovely Bride there. Wouldn’t be the same without her. Besides, who else would listen to me, other than those who love me!

3. Television – oh, I can’t take that with me? Honey, set up the DVR. :)

4. Books – something Hemingway-ish with good safari-type stuff in it.

5. A Shower – would have to get a shower at the end of the day. Can’t be smelling like three, 100-day-used, Egyptian cotton sheets to the wind.

6. Snake Repellent – I hate snakes!

7. Mosquito Netting – those little biters love me. Don’t know if it’s my type O+ blood, or because I’m so sweet. hehe

7 ½. Xanax – no explanation required.


What would you take on safari?


  1. I’d rather shoot the wife and kids rather than do this.

  2. Ohh! Goody, new blogs to check out :) I’m familiar with The Hook’s tales: would be great campfire material!
    My safari essentials: iPhone with Instagram and music, and some means to keep it charged, good book, postcards & pen and aloe vera gel. Good for sunburn, mozzie bites and nasty scratches that you can only get on safari!
    When do we leave?

    • Ooh, music. Must have music. “Out of Africa” soundtrack would be perfect for Safari.

      I like the idea of postcards and a pen. And love aloe vera gel. That green stuff is the best. And mosquitoes love me.

      I say let’s leave very soon and make it an annual event!

  3. All new blogs I haven’t read before. Thanks for the list.
    I would take SPF a gun, and bug spray. And gin. That’s my safari list!

  4. Charmin

  5. As long as I have MTM, I can go anywhere.

  6. What wouldn’t I bring on Safari? Anything bathroom related would be at the tippy top of the list.

    • Tops, we are one in the same person. I answered “Charmin” but it somehow got lost. Or are you spamin’ me MJ?

      • I would never spam the world-famous Elyse!

        Your comment showed up, no problem. And a very good comment, at that. Would need the incredibly soft Charmin to counteract all that sand. hehe

    • You’re too right, Lisa. So glad others thought of this. I must have lost my mind in the planning stages. Should be at the top of the list! :)

  7. Thanks for the shout out, MJ! Most of the other blogs on your list are new to me as well, so I’ll have to go check them out. :)

    I’d definitely be packing toilet paper for the safari. That, and some almost vegan munchies. Not sure what sort of food they serve on safari, but I’ve learned over the years to fend for myself. (Otherwise, you can’t take me anywhere!) 😉

    • Most welcome, Dana! You’re storytelling would come in handy.

      Can’t believe I forgot to pack the TP. Glad you brought it along. I’m not a big fan of the bear-bathroom-woods thing, at all!

      Vegan?? Wouldn’t we be eating hyena (not laughing about it, though :)), or some other animal out in the Sahara? Or would we be eating salad?? Can’t believe I didn’t plan out the food beforehand!

  8. >We used to play a game when I was a child (and later played this with my own children), called “I’m Going on Safari.” You might remember it as well.
    – I do! I do! I do! (Sung to the Abba tune.) Oh, the squabbles! The disputes! Certainly fueled the fun. :-)

    >5. A Shower – would have to get a shower at the end of the day. Can’t be smelling like three, 100-day-used, Egyptian cotton sheets to the wind.
    – Talking of cotton sheets, tack on the (yet non-existent) portable washing machine for you to indulge in one of your favourite pastimes – doing laundry!

    Bonus: You can slip into a slumber, I mean, a state of bliss, as you watch the fluttering sheets dry.

    Thanks for jogging my memory with a warm blast from my childhood, MJ!


    • Ah, another safari player. Glad you had fun with that game growing up, as well. And nice Abba tune, btw!

      Oh yeah, you’re right, I would definitely need the washing machine. MUST have clean clothes. :) They can line dry, for sure. And would dry fast out on the safari.

  9. Aww, thanks, MJ! How sweet to mention me. :)

    Now…is there really a snake repellant? And if so, WHERE would I buy it? Thanks to my dad (I come by it honestly), I hate walking around outside in the summer. I don’t like shoes, but if I’m going to be in the grass, I do wear them…even though I’d really prefer those things people wear in rivers when they’re fishing.

    As for mosquitoes…do you take B-complex? I read somewhere that it helps keep them away, so I’ve been taking it like clockwork for months. Most summers, I am a blood donor for bugs. So far, so good. I have had very few bites this spring. Of course I also have a bottle of rotted fruit juice/brown sugar/borax hanging in my yard, too (based on a university study I read about last year). :)

    • Thanks for joining us!

      Snake repellent is out there, but no one who has used it can say that it definitely works. We had rattlesnakes in our last neighborhood. I “removed” three from in, or around our house. My wife is terrified of them.

      Hmm, I’m gonna have to try B-complex. Keep me posted as to how it’s working for you. You’re in the thick of mosquito-land there. So if it works for you, it should work here, where we have some but not a ton.

      How does one procure rotted fruit juice? :) That’s quite the concoction!

      • Glad to be here. 😉

        I think a flame thrower would make a very effective snake repellent. If I could just figure out where to get one…

        All I did was open a 2 quart bottle of apple juice, pour a little out (to make room) and added maybe a cup of brown sugar and borax. Then I filled a half liter water bottle and hung it in a tree. It’s based on the study below. After doing some research, I determined that Borax would be as effective as boric acid. And it seems to be working. I’ve only seen a handful of mosquitoes in the house over the past couple of months…as opposed to dozens every day.


  10. Nice to see you put your phone before your wife…

  11. Jane Thorne says:

    MJ going on safari with you? What a trip, thanks for the invite and what a group…I’m there already. I would take nothing, simply nothing, and just enjoy being with you all (yes, I would be dressed for crying out loud in a bucket…I was being metaphorical here!!)…OK, I may, just may, have to have a safari hat…a proper one…one has standards don’t you know. Great post and, as always from you, a very creative way of getting around the thorny awards issue. x

  12. The Hook says:

    “The world’s foremost bellman”?
    You flatter me , good sir!
    Seriously, thank you from the bottom of my heart; my book goes up for sale within a week or so (hopefully!) and my nerves are killing me, so its nice to have friends to fall back on.
    Great post, by the way…

    • I call it the way I see it, my friend! You’r most welcome.

      Nothing but the best in your book venture. It’s all going to be fantastic. Can’t wait to check it out.

  13. Jennifer says:

    no iphone but can I bring my wildfire instead… or maybe that’s not a good idea.. great blog and lots of new ones to read :)

  14. Tameri Etherton says:

    Safari! OOh, what to wear? I must get a pink sparkly hat for the trip. What a fun idea and thank you so much for including me in your adventure! I’m looking forward to checking out all those great blogs on our safari trip. Besides plenty of sunscreen, I would take a camera and journal. Never travel without a journal.

  15. You’re taking a shower on safari? How big do you think our jeep is, anyway? haha!
    I love it! You really deserve all the awards you get and I’m thrilled to take this blogging adventure with you. =)

  16. MJ stands for Master Jedi it does, hmmm? Honored by the inclusion I am. Forget this, I shall not.

    I love snakes! My sister and her boys lost one of their lovely family Tuesday, Rock Steady the ball python. His partner, BeBopp is beside herself with grief.

    • I LOVE it – Master Jedi! I’m sure there’s other words people have come up with – hehehe.

      You are duly honored, except for your love of snakes. Don’t know how you can do it. Condolences to Rock Steady. There are other snakes I’ve sent to the next life that RS can play with now. :)

  17. Aw, shucks, MJ! Thanks!! (Thanks from Zest and Zeal, too!) This was a great way to do the award nomination-type post. I agree with everything on your list. MLB won’t mind if I take her, too, right? LOL

    Do you think Uncle Jesse could hack it? He just got shaved down so I don’t think he looks very appetizing…

    • Jules, glad you liked the format. And of course, Z&Z should not be overlooked. They give us insight to the universe. :)

      I say bring along Uncle Jesse. He can help protect us.

  18. hmmm….on safari? Probably a few weapons and some bullets to handle any predators. Water purification tablets. A satellite distress locator. Oh, and origami paper. I can’t live without my origami. :)

    • I can always count on Tricia to be prepared for every circumstance. Heck yeah we need a weapon, bullets, and water purification tablets. And of course, origami paper – you will be entertainment as well as our huntress!

  19. sunshine says:

    Hot-diggitty! I’ve always wanted to experience a s-a-f-a-r-i!!! This is waaay cool Master Jedi/Gangsta MJ!! Since you guys got everything just about packed, I have to bring Chuckles, aka, 100#++ blog-dog, along for our protection (help for Uncle Jesse) and leftover food disposal unit.

    Okay, just checking.

    Thanks for the mention and all the new places to check out…I’ll have to come back for the new friends blog tour cuz I’m pooped!!
    See ya, MJ!! :)

    • Oh man, I forgot my K-cup machine. Thanks for remembering that. I don’t know if I could make it without the Keurig. I use mine three times a day. And chocolate – for the antioxidants, right Sunshine? :)

  20. Mj, as long as you are there with us to make us laugh, I would not mind if I am going on safari without taking anything with me. :)
    Thanks a lot for the mention. I am going to check the list of bloggers, whom I have not met yet. You are a really kind man Mj.

  21. I had to pop over and see who guessed Andra’s “best lavatory” contest! I’m glad I came on over! It would appear you have a great sense of fun! If my granddaughters can’t come on the safari, I will probably need to decline the opportunity at this time. But thanks, anyway. Debra

  22. A guide.

  23. It’s like, 110 here where I live (maybe not hot by other people standards) but I’m wilting so a safari would have to be tentatively scheduled for…..October 😉

    I hope you’re enjoying your weekend, my friend!!


  24. Speaking of blog recognition….please visit my latest blog post–I have something there for you. It’s kind of a long post because there were a lot of thank- yous to hand out, but go near the end and you’ll see it. Congrats and enjoy!!

  25. I’m so glad you are taking me along on safari!! I’d be taking you too, though I’m not sure how “plaid” would fit in necessarily!! A shower?? In the animal world you are more likely accepted with your natural body odor, than with colognes, soap and deoderant scents. Seriously! Daisy won’t have anything to do with us when we’re all clean… so forget that shower. You will be much more animal-friendly with some stink on! Snake repellant? I wish there was something that worked. Just tread heavily and make noise so they will slither away. It’s the element of surprise that makes a snake get out of sorts.

    Now, how could I possibly go on safari and leave all of my animals and chores? I was gone to Dallas two days this past weekend and since our return, Daisy deer hasn’t been seen , both of my vegetable gardens were torched from the heat, and the weeds took over! Aaaaaagh!


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