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Money Launderer Wanted? – Finance Manager for Hire

finance manager, money launderer

As many of you know, I’m in the middle of an all-out job-hunt, but not for a Finance Manager position. My work has been in manufacturing. Fortunately, the economy is great, jobs are plentiful, benefits are fantastic, and compensation is outstanding …

And I’m occasionally sarcastic!

If you’ve been in the job market, you know that one gets a lot of crazy emails, solicitations, and invitations to pay large sums of money to have Company X put together the perfect resume and find the best job for you. (Of course, who doesn’t have a lot of available cash when one is looking for gainful employment?

Today, I received the following email and thought I’d pass on an “opportunity” – word for word out of my gmail [except where I’ve withheld the company name]:

Hello Michael Monaghan [name withheld], I am [name withheld]. I am manager of our HR department. I found your resumeso We sure  you’re qualified for the vacancy of Finance Manager.To obtain more information about this post, follow this site:


This could be the nice addon to your main work.

If you are want to start, contact me for further info.
With regards
[name withheld again]

Since I don’t have the experience for the Finance Manager position, I thought someone reading my blog out there, might want to send your “resumeso” and make this “… the nice addon to your main work. If you are want to start.”

Before you send your “resumeso,” I thought you should know that I did your due diligence by Googleing this organization (you’re welcome), and this is what I found:

Name Withheld, LLC

Complaint 59804 Details
[Name Withheld, LLC] is a total scam, and I know that they deal in stolen and forged checks. I started to work for them processing checks; the first check they sent me had been stolen. I checked with the party on whose account the check was drawn, and they denied ever having written the check or having any dealings with [Name Withheld, LLC]. Stay away from these folks. They are bad actors.
Anonymous SBID #98ecf8427e
Posted 01/16/2012

Finance manager, money launderer


Are you a Finance Manager?

Have you encountered anything like this during a job search?


  1. At one time in my life, I acted as a CFO for a law firm. Major managing of finances, since they all wanted to get big draws in spite of the non-business-sensical decisions they regularly made.

    Still. I don’t want this job. :)

    Good luck in your search.

  2. From Finance Manager to GOP Candidate. That’s the stepping stone, isn’t it?

  3. Judy Berman says:

    I once fantasized about being a bookie. But then I found that they have to breaks arms and/or legs to “persuade” bettors to return money they borrowed. I have no experience in “persuasion” of this type and my only skills are in spending money. So I gave that up as a bad idea.
    Hope you have better luck in finding something you truly want, Michael.

    • Bookie’s a tough line of work. I once had a friend who was a “soldier” for a bookie. He was the guy who collected money. I’ll have to do a post on that story, sometime.

      I really appreciate the kind thoughts, Judy.

  4. Wow! I’m shockeded to see that the company is a bunch of crooks. That email they sent you must have really had you foolded. Good thing someone wrote an honest report about thems. 😉

  5. You sarcastic? Say it ain’t so!! Seriously, I am sending positive vibes that the job of your dreams is headed your way.

  6. >Money Launderer Wanted?
    – Grab it, MJ! You can do laundry all (working) day!

    It’s not the same thing? Oh.


    P.S.: That is such an apt picture at the end. What an enormous ball of sleaze. Ugh.

  7. Reminds me of the invitations one gets occasionally to help the poor widow of (insert name of chosen deposed & deceased) dictator who knows that you and only you hold the key to returning her to a life of comfort etc.
    Neither job sound promising in the long run.
    Good luck with the job hunt MJ.

    • Exactly, Kanerva. That’s just what they’re doing in this case as well – hoping an unemployed person will be dire enough to accept their offer.

      Thanks for the well-wishes on the job hunt, my friend.

  8. The is a coin laundry three blocks from where I live so it must be legal.

  9. sunshine says:

    What, me? A finance manager?? Ah, that would be a big, NOOO, but I could use one though!
    Dang, at least these people could write a decent email plea–I mean really! Okay, the scary part to this, MJ, is IF there are people actually falling for this scam. ;(

    • From the complaints it looks like there are people who are answering the email and working for the company. I found the whole thing very strange, Sunshine.

  10. Oh that reminds me…I probably should update my resumeso…

    The sad thing about this is that there are people who will think they’ve hit the jackpot when they receive emails like this. I’ve gotten a few (maybe more, but I stopped opening emails from people I don’t know). Something about having me deposit some check they sent me because of exchange rates or something. Then after I could send them a check and keep part of it.

    Um…yeah. That sounds SO legit. Of course if the a/c runs my electric bill up much more, I may be requesting emails like that so I can spend the rest of the summer enjoying the a/c at the county jail. :)

    Good luck in the job search, MJ. Definitely not the best time to have to find something else. The only upside is that you could have more time to write.

    • Always have an updated resumeso, KK!!

      I’ve seen those emails you’re referring to about making a deposit, but I have never gotten one myself. They prey on well-intentioned people, for sure.

      I do feel for you all in most of the US, with those crazy-high temps. I’m so thankful to be in this climate, where we haven’t even hit 80 yet.

      You’re right about having time to write, but I’m one of those people who worries about the job search, and feels guilty if I spend too much time doing something else. :)

  11. Too funny.
    That’s all I got. It’s 3 am.

  12. I manage to spend finances really well and I fid an occasional dollar in the washing machine, but something tells me thats not what we’re talking about….is it?

    Good luck on your job quest! You would be be an asset to any workplace.

    • Thank you, Lisa. I appreciate the nice words.

      Love the finding an occasional dollar in the washing machine comment. I think that’s a different kind of money laundering, but I could be wrong. hehehe

  13. All the best in finding something, MJ. I am a total disaster with any finance, but so far I have stopped short of forging cheques and writing e mails with bad grammar to Finance Managers.

    • Thank you so much, Kate! Yes, I’m not great with personal finances, but I’m not a spendthrift, either. Not sure I could ever forge a check or try to con someone into doing something they shouldn’t. And, by the way, isn’t it a crime to use bad grammar, anyway? :)

  14. Oh but it sounded so legit, MJ! LOL I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything this shady before in the job offer realm (at least not outside of my spam box), but it MUST happen all the time.

    • You would think it’s more common, wouldn’t you. This is the worst one I’ve seen so far. And the grammar is SO heinous (really fits there, doesn’t it?) that I’m not sure why you would fall for the bait.

      Preying on poor Chipmunks, they is! *Cockney dialect*

  15. Well now. I was hoping this was legit because I can really use a financial manager at this time. No really what I need is finances. Then we can work out the managing part.

    Here’s hoping you find something totally fabulous soon. And legit.

    • You are too right about needing finances. I’m still holding Casa de Etherton as a last resort if the job search REALLY goes south. 😉

      I’m plugging away at the search. The right fit will come along, I’m confident and grateful.

  16. I”m sooooo tired of scammers. A gal came to my door, introduced herself as a new neighbor and was going around the neighborhood meeting everyone. Then she apologized, for asking, but would we be interested in supporting her favorite charity. If we could buy magazines for a women’s abuse center, that’d be great. Our neighbors, the so-n-sos (she used their name), bought 4 subscriptions. She was friendly, courteous, a real delight. When I said, I’d buy one she said she really needed me to buy 2, which I balked at. And when she said, one subscription cost $50, I said no, I could support the women’s safe house with a cheaper subscription. After she left, a neighbor called, saying she had some gal at her house who claimed I just bought 4 sets of encyclopedias and the gal wanted her to buy some dictionaries to go with them. She was unable to detain the gal long enough for the police to get there, but this wonderfully friendly woman had worked about 15 houses in the neighborhood. She would’ve worked the rest if we hadn’t started calling each other. So you’re right MJ. get the word out. And and thanks.

    • I had a very similar situation in our neighborhood, Barb.

      I wish our neighborhood was closer knit, as I had no contact info for anyone. I got the exact same scheme as you did. Except that I foolishly made a donation to what they said was for wounded vets. I didn’t need a magazine. Fortunately, my contribution was fairly small. I think around $20. I had a bad feeling about it, but against my better judgment I did it anyway. Found out right after they left, on a Google search, that they are a scam company. The kids do make some money for college or summer-fun money, but not nearly as much as the front company.

      Glad you were smart about it, Barb.

  17. A big nooooooooo to that “Finance Manager” job! :) I hope you find something really good soon. :) It was a really funny post Mj.

  18. Oh, scammers. When will they ever learn how to spell correctly and use proper grammar? I’m highly suspicious of any official letter or e-mail that doesn’t hasn’t been checked over with a fine-toothed comb… though the Finance Manager job sounds pretty sweet on its own. 😉

    • That’s actually why I started looking into it, Dana. The grammar was horrible, and the message in the email had no flow to it at all. Glad it came up immediately in a Google search. Sometimes you don’t find out about a scam until pages down in a search, but not with this one.

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