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Maybe I’m Tech-Challenged

Am I Tech-challenged?

The answer is “Quite possibly, yes.”

Well, maybe not all the time, and not in all-things techy, but in some things for sure.


It seems some of you may have gotten a “sample” of my future post today – in advance.

You’re welcome – I’m a giver, like that. Kind of like a getting a trailer at a movie theater about an upcoming movie.

Except that … I didn’t do it on purpose.

Maybe the movie studios should hire this tech-challenged dude. I can promote their movies without even trying. Am I also a savant who predicts the future??


So here’s how Mr. Tech-Challenged pulled this off:

I started my future post with the title, “Not So Favorite Body Part.” (Curious aren’t you??). Which, may or may not have ended up being the title. As I was typing the second paragraph of this little gem of a post, I apparently – according to WPMU.org – hit Ctrl+Alt+p.

Of course, that combination PUBLISHES the dad-gum post. How I did all three of those things at once, I have no earthly idea. I usually can’t do that when I’m trying.

And all that my friends can only mean:

“Oh, yes we got lots and lots a’ trouble.
Right here in River City.”

music man, tech-challenged

I thought I made the error “worse-than-death” when it appeared that the screen started to save and it gave me a publication date, but the post wouldn’t pull up when I clicked on it. Maybe there was hope.
*said with question mark at the end*

As my eyes twitched and my muscles started to spasm, my mouth started foaming, and tech-challenged-guy quickly went to the STATUS area on the Dashboard and changed it to “Draft.”


I thought so, before MLB and I left the house to drive down to San Diego. Having not discussed “the meltdown incident” – as it will forever be known in the annals (no, Jules and Darla, not anals!) of MJ Monaghan lore – MLB was checking her email, on her phone, and uttered those now-fateful words …

“Oh, you have a new post out!”

Before I could speak, she said, “But it ends in mid-sentence.”

Yep, I’m that good!!


Are you as tech-challenged as I am?


  1. Melissa says:

    I was already mentally writing my reply to your non-post based on the search terms that brought some visitors to my blog…. but then didn’t know how to structure my response without the rest of your post.
    Today ,y search terms included “bare breasts outdoors” (almost daily) “melissa nice butt” and “what does frog poop look like”. The middle one makes me feel spied on. (: I used to work in the IT field and now I rely heavily on my 11 and 9 year olds for tech knowledge.

    • Sorry I messed up your response on my messed up post, Melissa. I felt terrible that I hit “Publish.” I believe embarrassed is what I told MLB. I was crushed knowing that emails would be sent and then wasn’t sure what the impact would be when I moved it to Draft.

      Wow, um, interesting search terms there, Melissa. Yeah, kinda creepy, for sure.

  2. I still head over to the tellygraph station in Fulton to get quick like sending.

  3. I edited a whole post last night, down to the last comma, and inserted a picture. When I resized the picture, I somehow deleted the entire post, save the photo. I did not realize this until I hit ‘Update.’ Many multitudes of curse words flew……..

    So, I guess that’s a long way to say, YES. I am.

    • Oh Andra, that is SO much worse. I totally feel your pain, and your loss. Were you able to come close to the first time around? I usually can’t quite capture the original magic when that happens to me. Do you know Control+Z? That’s been my saving grace many times. Not that it would help if you hit Update, but it might in other situations.

  4. Wow, did I choose the right moment to check my email or what? First comment on another blog, and second here (at least on my screen). Usually I’m so late to all the parties it’s not even funny.

    That said, yes, I was notified of the ‘now you see it, now you don’t’ post. And was looking forward to reading it. Like Melissa, my mind went to some search terms people have used to find my blog…like ‘kristy james naked on a boat’ (they found my Once You Get Down to Naked post…a complaint about the excessive heat…with ZERO mention of a boat). Today someone Googled ‘relish tray ideas’ and found Greek Yogurt and Meatloaf Jello. Pretty sure they WON’T want to try it, since part of the post dealt with my housecleaning service days…and the woman who let a bowl she’d mixed meatloaf in set half full of water for a week. When I poured it out, it looked like partially set Jello, smelled horrid, and I gagged til my ribs hurt. :)

    Anyway, funny story. Like everyone else will do, I looked at my keyboard to see how it’s possible to hit all three of those keys…at the same time….accidentally. I can see where it could be done if you stand on your head, juggle two chicken legs with one hand, blow on a kazoo…all while typing your blog on an upside down keyboard. (no, I haven’t gotten enough sleep for days)

    I am the QUEEN of techie screw ups. If it can be screwed up, I’ve done it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made the top of my browser window disappear. Still don’t know HOW I manage it, but I always have to call my daughter out to fix it. She won’t tell me what I’ve done, or how she fixes it (because she prefers to laugh her head off at me).

    So you’re far from alone. Now I think I’m going to go run around the house a few times to see if I can wake up. Okay. Probably not. :)

    • I just want to know who these people are who enter in those searches.

      I LOVE the meatloaf Jello story. I have never gagged so much my ribs hurt, and I must say, I really don’t want to. They hurt bad enough from surfing, let alone rancid meatloaf Jello.

      Oh my gosh, KK, I believe you were dissin’ on me up on my tech-shizzle skills, weren’t you??!! hehe
      And yes, I was standing on my head, thank you very much.

      MLB has the same issues as you with things like toolbars disappearing, even though she usually out-techs me most of the time. Not that I would EVER rub it in when I can.

      Try splashing cold water. Running might make you more tired. And remember to hide the chicken legs when you’re typing.

  5. Judy Berman says:

    Today, I posted a photo on Facebook of a toddler on the phone. He is apparently exasperated cuz his Grandma doesn’t get his explanation on what she needs to do on the computer.
    That’s me … on the other end of that phone …
    So, Michael, you are definitely not alone.

  6. sunshine says:

    Hmm, did you somehow doze off while you were typing your post, MJ? I’ve caught myself a couple of times doing that but thank the great Universe the big, ‘Ctrl+Alt+p’ keys were never activated…I’m now going to offer up all my spam and search engine terms to the great Blog god. I think it helps…:)

    • Who knew, right Sunshine?? And how could I have hit those keys all together? The closest things to those keys that makes any sense is missing the “x”, Shift key, and backspace. I know, that doesn’t sound any better, does it? :)

  7. Wow, ctrl-alt-p at the same time, you’ve got to teach me how to do that someday. You must be a finger acrobat or something.

    • Okay, I’ll admit, Elaine, it does look hard to do. I promise, it seemed really easy at the time. Um, um, seriously, anyone could make this same mistake. No, really! :)

  8. >Am I Tech-challenged?
    >The answer is “Quite possibly, yes.”
    – Meh, I wouldn’t worry about it. At the rate technology evolves, unless one actually uses a piece of equipment or software, it will be a slower road for the rest of us. I try to keep up by reading tech related news, but I find that I remember mostly the technology that I actually *use*. And I’m okay with it.

    >I’m a giver, like that.
    – Yes, you are, MJ. I will never tire of iterating this.

    Not just with your time and your encouraging words, but also with other little things you’ve learned that have helped you in some way. For example software you’ve discovered, scams to keep away from or how you put into practice the tips you got off the telly.

    You *are* generous.

    When I read your posts, I usually have a smile in place at the start because I *know* you will say something funny.

    >I usually can’t do that when I’m trying.
    – This line caused a little chortle today. :-)


    • Very good point, Kate. If we don’t use something, we usually lose the thread of how it works.

      I’m glad people can laugh, or at least smile, when they come to this blog – even if it’s at my expense! :)

      Thanks for the kind words, my friend. You are always so positive.

  9. Yep. I’ve done this too. Well something like it, because I posted with nothing but a title. The entire content page was blank. I thought about acting like a cat…with the I meant to do that attitude, but couldn’t figure out how to make it work. There should be some kind of fail-safe dialog box on publishing. “Are you sure you want to publish this post?” I’m glad I have company in the the WTHeckHappened department.

    • That’s a great idea to have a dialog box pop up. They should definitely do that at WordPress. We should recommend that. It would be a great double-check.

      Only posting the title would be very humorous. Hmm, that gives me an idea for a future post. May have something coming in the future. hehe

  10. Hahahahaha! I didn’t think I was Tech Impaired until I started this Blog. I have the 2nd challenge of having what I call “man hands.” If you ever see a woman who you think is randomly wearing a baseball glove..um it’s me! I’ve combined keys on here that still boggle my mind. You are not alone.

    • You made me laugh on the “man hands.” Wasn’t there an SNL skit, or some sitcom that did a bit on that?

      And a baseball glove … bawahahahahaha!!

      I’m so glad I’m not the only one. I didn’t mention it, but about every 5 minutes – I kid you not – my fat right hand hits something and the page autoscrolls until I hit the NumLK key. Not sure what I hit. Haven’t figured it out in over a year.

  11. Hilarious. I love the cartoon. Techno-boo-boo’s happen to us all. My friend had a picture of her backside in exercise tights published to facebook by her 7-year-old. Niiice. She was a tad embarrassed to say the least.

    • Oh my gosh, Annie, that is one of the funniest things I’ve EVER heard! You should do a post on that – if it wouldn’t embarrass your friend even further. That is way too good to not use for blog fodder. :)

  12. I didn’t know about ctrl+alt+p. Good info there! ctrl+p for sure, quick and easy way to your printer when you can’t find the icon (firefox, I’m talking to you). But I tend to hold the shift key down and then lock out my keyboard. It’s kind of like driving with your foot on the brakes (which I don’t do), just a bad old habit that my pinkies refuse to break.

    • Yeah, I use Ctr+p myself, but have never hit all three keys together. I’m just so talented. Hadn’t heard about locking out the keyboard. I’ll log that into my memory bank in case I do that in the future.

  13. Ha! MJ, I got an email alert for that post, but saw what happened. I was just going to let it go and never speak of it. It happens to us all. (Okay, maybe I haven’t done EXACTLY that, but you know my blonde moments leave this in the dust.) Although I really do want to read this post; I hope it doesn’t get trapped in the, um, annals.

    I LOVE the cartoon.

    • I thought about leaving “sleeping dogs lie” but why do that when there’s a post in it. Right??

      Don’t you love when you find the right cartoon?

  14. Yes! On my last post I pressed “Publish” instead of “preview.” It wasn’t the first time.

  15. Oh my GOD how I can relate, MJ. I just had a reply to this post typed out and suddenly it went POOF. I hate my iPad. My fingers fly too fast and suddenly I’m hitting all sorts of wrong buttons!

    I am very tech-challenged (surprise, surprise, surprise!) If I have to embed a video in a post, I panic almost immediately. I am all set to post a video for my blogaversary this weekend and I hope to god I don’t screw it up!

    • I’ve done that type comment and have it vanished more times than I can count, D! How does that happen to us?

      I hope your video embedding goes smoothly. We all can’t wait to see the baton-twirling, LL Bean plaid wearing, D-Woww!

  16. The key is to find someone whose skills are worse than your own. For example, my dog is far more technologically challenged than I. So I can be incredibly smug.

    Everybody else on the planet is better at this stuff than I am. But it’s all because they took away the instruction booklets on how to do stuff.

    • You have a great point. There are no instructions on any of this stuff. Sure, you can do that Google-ly thing, but then you only get bits and pieces. If you want step-by-step, you’re out of luck. Glad someone else shares my affliction. Misery does love a little company!

  17. Short answer: yes, siree, I am every bit as tech challenged as you and more. It took six months and a compassionate commented to show me how to put links in my posts….

    • Kate with your writing you don’t really need links. You’re very talented. But I do know what you mean. I keep learning and then not using certain widgets. Later, after not using them for a while, I have to re-learn them. It’s daunting sometimes, isn’t it?

  18. Ha ha! LOL
    Mj I may be a computer engineer, but still I am also a tech challenged guy. Once I was chatting with one of my siblings and a friend who was a “girl” simultaneously. But unfortunately due to the mistake of my finger, I some how managed to press the alt+tab key and with out my notice the control from one screen transferred to another. I have a habit of typing without looking at the screen. And I realized it when I hit that enter key once I finished the typing to that friend who was a girl and I saw the message appeared in the chat window of my sibling. I hope you must have realized what happened next! :)
    Great post Mj. You help me remember that funny instance of life.

    • You are probably not as tech-challenged as you think, Arindam. Your blog site is very solid, technically. Someday I will have that slick-looking design, like yours.

      I love your story about hitting the wrong button. Reminds me of a story I have of that happening. I must do a post on it. :)

  19. So I wrote a post that went viral. I was getting about 5 hits per day before I wrote the post. I ended up getting a few hundred followers from the post, and the whole experience made me so frazzled that my very next post I did the same thing you did (but not in the same way– not sure how you hit all those buttons at once!) Embarrassing! I sent out a similar post that made no sense right after I had acquired a bunch of followers waiting for a great follow-up. D’oh!

  20. That cartoon made me laugh out loud. And I loved this post!

  21. Oh I have done this as well!! It can be quite frustrating ha…I once downloaded a plugin that supposedly stopped any of your posts (that you chose) from being sent out to your subscribers and I wanted to use it as a safety net. Unfortunately, the plugin was not a very good net…at all. I deleted it and just do my best not to accidentally publish anything on accident. 😀 Great post!

    • That’s a good one, Nate. So you had some posts go out anyway, in spite of the plugin, then?? Awesome – even when you think you’re doing the right things to prevent certain things from happening, they still do. I guess it happens to more people than I thought it would, or could.

  22. Yes, my Bugeater friend… it is true, I am tech-challenged as well. My worst faux pas was a post I had completed and had FD, my loving editor, check it over while he was on business in Los Angeles. Usually, he does not publish my posts until I look them over one last time, but he did… and didn’t bother looking at the published post. It was late and he knew I was anxious to get my post published. Little did he know, something went wrong in cyberspace (he blames the laptop aircard saying he had trouble with it during the meetings he was attending that day). The next morning, after sleeping in rather late since the mister was not here, I noticed I’d had many hits during the night on my blog. When I saw FD had published the post I went to read it noticed the letters L and F inserted in the oddest places!! Every sentence had 4 or 5 stray L’s and F’s inserted. I was so panicked I couldn’t think straight. All of those people had read this botched post!! I couldn’t imagine what happened!! I even began to wonder if FD had gone out with his buddies and had a little too much to drink. The more errors I fixed, the more my mind went off wondering what the crap he was thinking? FD, who was just getting up in Los Angeles, happened to notice the horrible post and called me immediately. What a fiasco. Since then my editor and I check our work immediately after hitting publish.

    • That is a fabulous story, Lori. Random F’s and L’s?? I have no idea how that could happen, but I’m quite sure this is something I could pull off, and not even know how I did it. It’s great that you both caught the error, at least. Maybe not as soon as you would have liked, I’m sure.

      I know exactly what you mean when you said you were so panicked you couldn’t think straight. That’s exactly how I felt.

      It’s great that you have tech-support, albeit from a Sooner (or is FD more for Ok State?).

  23. Most of the time, I cannot back-track what my ten fingers on the keyboards just did…

  24. I’m so challenged that I don’t even *know* if I’ve ever accidentally published a post before it was meant to go out… 😉


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