"It's like taking a nap on that little rug when you were in kindergarten."

Plaid Hater Tries to Run Down Man. Don’t Get Mad at Plaid!

PLAID! If this were the 80’s I’d say, “Plaid is Rad!” I’ve been a card-carrying member of Plaid Wearers United (PWU), Chapter #1, for more years than I care to mention. Maybe I’ve been channeling my inner lumberjack, or it could be that my Irish heritage is so closely linked to the Scot’ish (said with […]

5 Famous Song Lyrics – Debunking Fact from Fiction

We’ve all been driving down the road with our radios, 8-tracks, cassettes, CD’s, or MP3’s blaring the lyrics to our favorite tunes. And if you’re like me, you’re singing along *POSSIBLY* getting the words right, and wondering what the lyrics mean. This got me thinking: I turned to my “crack research team” and said something […]

Naked and Drunk in My Truck (Not “Junk in My Trunk”)

It could be the title of a country song. I feel so bad for you, Randy Travis. What happened, my friend? You were buck naked on the side of the road. Intoxicated. By your car like a cowboy outside the saloon with his horse. I’m getting concerned that things are not going well in your […]

Panda, Amber, and MLB in “Hot as Blue Blazes”

“Me mind on fire, me soul on fire Feelin’ hot hot hot Party people, all around me Feelin hot hot hot!” Buster Poindexter Must see 80’s video – high hair, bad clothes, Hot Hot Hot Flashback to this past Sunday: “We interrupt this blog for an important weather report: It will be as hot as blue […]

Why I Shouldn’t Have Survived My Neighborhood

If you think growing up in your neighborhood as a child was rough, raise both hands. Take a look at your fingers? Do you have all ten? If you don’t, you might want to lower your hands. When I look back at my childhood, it’s surprising that ANYONE “made it out” alive. No, it wasn’t […]

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