"It's like taking a nap on that little rug when you were in kindergarten."

Naked and Drunk in My Truck (Not “Junk in My Trunk”)

randy travis, country, naked

It could be the title of a country song.

I feel so bad for you, Randy Travis.

What happened, my friend?

You were buck naked on the side of the road. Intoxicated. By your car like a cowboy outside the saloon with his horse.

I’m getting concerned that things are not going well in your life. And I know it hasn’t been easy. You were a bit of a wrangler as a youngster, getting into some scrapes with the law, and serving some time in “Juvie.”

After running into that tough-love judge, he gave you one last chance and you turned it around. You met your future wife/manager at a bar, worked your way from small clubs and hit the big-time.

Darn straight you made it through things most of us don’t have to go through – from rock bottom to the top of the world with fame and fortune.

randy travis, this is me album cover

Did it start to unravel when you had the tough divorce from your wife/manager in 2010?

And then came the Driving Under the Influence incident in February. A few months elapsed and earlier this summer you filed a breach of contract lawsuit against your now ex-wife.

These are tough times for the country and for you, but we’ve fought through, and you’ve persevered as well, my country crooner. Show all your fans that, while it hurts “real bad,” losin’ your woman or your dog is part of what makes country music, well, ‘country.’

If there’s a bigger problem, please get yourself a heaping spoonful of help from the professionals.

Your fans are not looking for you naked – okay, maybe some of your female fans are, but not intoxicated and naked by your vehicle – they’re looking for the great Randy Travis, the one who remains true to his roots, just like your song lyrics proclaim:

“As long as old men sit and talk about the weather
As long as old women sit and talk about old men
If you wonder how long I’ll be faithful
Just listen to how this song ends
I’m gonna love you
Forever and ever
Forever and ever, amen.”


I’m not a big country fan, but I do like a little Randy Travis every now and then.

Are you a country music person? If so, do you have a favorite Randy Travis song?


  1. Andra Watkins says:

    I loathe country music, which is ironic given that my current project is loaded with the 1970s variety.

    Randy is a sad case. We have all done stupid things. Nobody much cared about my stupid things, though.

    • I do like some country music. Some older variety, and some newer artists. But it’s not something I play regularly. Are you rebelling because it’s all around you in SC?

      I REALLY feel for celebrities who’s lives play out so publicly. In many ways they can have much more dramatic rises and falls than the average person because of the openness of their profiles.

      Will you be sharing your foibles in your memoirs? :)

  2. I was more of a rocker growing up. I like an eclectic mix nowadays. I do like some country, but I never was a Randy Travis fan. I even went to his website and looked over a list of songs from each album. I couldn’t find even ONE I liked.

    • I like several of his, but most of the time if I’m listening to country, it’s pretty new stuff. The country stations that I hear usually rotate newer songs with some of the big hits from the not-too-distant past. You were a Joan Jett, Pat Benatar fan, weren’t you?

  3. Look Heart, No Hands is far and away my favorite Randy Travis song. Yes, I am a fan. In fact, I’ve only been to three concerts with my mom…to see Charley Pride at a state fair (that I didn’t want to see, because I was just getting into rock and roll…and Charley didn’t qualify). Then Dan Seals…and Mr. Naked Guy on the side of the road…um, Randy Travis.

    I’ve been a little stunned at his downhill slide since he left his wife. It’s just amazing…and not in a good way. I hope he gets his act together. It would just be too sad to lose someone who used to be a positive role model.

    Am I a country fan? Yes. But I’m also a huge REO Speedwagon fan, and I like most everything else between Dean Martin and Aerosmith. As long as it’s not rap. :)

    • Wow, we share similar music tastes. I also like jazz, musicals, swing, and certain select rap artists. I love Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, and Andy Williams. I’m a bit out there, no?

      I bet Randy was great in concert. I’m with you – I hope he can pull out of this and once again show the redemptive side of life. We all have our struggles and I don’t like to see anyone brought down. And you’re so right about him being a positive role model. He can overcome again, I’m sure.

      • Don’t even get me started on musicals! My Fair Lady, Grease, Doris Day, White Christmas, and the best of all (in my opinion), Seven Brides For Seven Brothers.

        Hmm. I can only think of one rap song I’ve ever liked and, surprisingly enough, it was country (Neil McCoy’s Hillbilly Rap). But no, you’re not out there at all. A lot of the old songs are terrific. I have a playlist with a lot of Dean Martin songs, Engelbert (can’t spell his last name)…and Andy Williams? He’s got a great voice. When I want Christmas music, I look for him, Johnny Mathis, Perry Como and Doris Day. I like some of the newer stuff, but those four are the best.

        The Randy Travis concert was FANTASTIC! He’s a great entertainer. We were about four rows away from the stage (wearing earplugs). My daughter snapped about two dozen pictures…that looked like we were sitting five miles from the stage. Just a few light dots on a black background. :)

        I’m sure he’ll get his life together again. I just hope it’s before he crosses any lines he can’t bounce back from.

        • Hmm, my favorite musical of all-time is Les Mis. Saw it a couple of times in London, when we lived in England; and then saw it two or three times in the US as well. Such a moving, redemptive production. Can’t wait (okay, maybe I can) to see the movie version coming out at Christmas.

          In terms of Seven Brides, here’s a little trivia for you:
          “The dresses worn by the female cast were made from old quilts that costume designer Walter Plunkett found at the Salvation Army.” Who knew, eh?

          Of the oldies, Johnny Mathis is a personal favorite – I have many of his CD’s (actually they aren’t “his” CD’s, they’re mine) ;).

          • I’ve never seen that movie. Or play. It’s on my TBW list, along with Cats and a few others, but actually getting around to watch anything is the problem. I don’t even watch much television…sometimes 1-3 hours a week, but I can go months without seeing anything, too.

            I LOVE the fact that the dresses in Seven Brides… were made from old quilts! What cool information to know. Compared to today, it was clearly a low budget movie, but I didn’t know quite how low. :) But I’ve yet to see a dance scene as good as the one at the barn raising. Thanks for sharing that. I’ve loved that movie since I was a kid. :)

          • You’re definitely killin’ me now, KK. You haven’t seen Les Mis???
            You need to get that rectified immediately. You are officially not the hopeless romantic you claim to be. Please, with all that’s sacred, get a hold of a copy – heck, I’ll source one for you if I have to. Those lyrics are the most profound in musical history. It’s a story of love, redemption …

            I’m at a loss for words, amidst the sobs.

          • MJ…there were slightly over 9,000 people counted in the last census in the area I live in (and they must be including those of us who live in the country, too, so you can imagine how small the city is). We get the blockbuster movies (if we’re lucky), plenty of kids cartoons, and stuff you couldn’t pay me to go and watch (think most Charlie Sheen movies). Not exactly a cultural center going on, I’m afraid.

            But if it makes you feel better, I DO have the book. I just have to carve out some time to read it. Eight-hundred + pages is quite….lengthy. I will try to get hold of a copy of the movie one of these days though. I have always wanted to see it.

            If you need any tissues, let me know. :)

        • Don’t read the book – though it too, is great. Just see one of the versions of the musical with the music by Claude-Michel Schönberg, and the lyrics by Alain Boublil. You won’t regret it. I promise you.

          Still at a loss for words. Send tissues.

          • I wrote the information down…and checked Amazon. Is there a version you recommend? Because there seems to be a whole lot of different ones available.

            By the way. Had an old box of Puffs with Vick’s for colds. It’s on its way. I highly recommend they NOT be used for the eyes. It would be a memorable experience. Yes, I know what I’m talking about. Not a good idea to put them on your nightstand when you have a cold, complete with watery eyes. :)

          • Hmm, I just did some research on this and here’s what I found out:
            There apparently is no DVD recorded of one of the stage productions. That’s really unfortunate.

            You can only get “concerts” of the songs. I’ve seen the 10th Anniversary DVD, the original (since redone), and there is now a 25th Anniversary edition out. Word is that the 10th Anniversary, original recording, may be the best one still.

            I’m disappointed you can’t get a version of the entire musical though. I’m not sure if you can pick up the whole plot by just watching the concert. But you will love the music, still.

            Thanks for the Puffs btw! I’ll be sure not to rub my eyes with them (not that I ever would). :)

          • I’ve watched a few videos on YouTube. You’re right. I do like the music. :)

          • I was very confident that you would. 😉

  4. Oh, what a shame for Mr. Travis…maybe this is his wake-up call?

    Not much into country music although lately, thanks to a classic country radio station, Glen Campbell has been making the air waves. He recently had to cancel all his tours due to his Alzheimer’s diagnosis. They said he loved touring. :(

    Hmm, will have to listen to some Travis music and get back with you…:)

    • Oh, Sunshine, I loved Glenn Campbell. Wichita Lineman is one of my all-time favorite songs. He was so smooth and crossed over from country to pop when very few were doing that.

      I feel so bad about the Alzheimer’s keeping him from doing more. He was such a fantastic entertainer.

      I sure do hope Randy can pull out of his current woes. It’s very sad to see this happen to anyone.

  5. Me…Country Music….NEVER.

    As for Randy, there are so many good promising lyrics within his latest episode, it just might get him back on the Top 20!

  6. Jodi from Heal Now and Forever says:

    I like country but don’t listen to it too often. What is surprising is that my 21 year old step son listens to country and tons of college kids do- in Pennsylvania! I though thtis was surprising!

    • Hi Jodi, I rescued you from the spam folder. Not sure why it flagged you. I think you’re alright! 😉

      Wow, interesting about Pennsylvania college kids. Isn’t that where Taylor Swift is from?

  7. That’s my favorite Randy Travis lyric.

    I’d seen the headlines but hadn’t read the stories and didn’t realize he was going through such a tough time. I hope things get better for him.

    • I’m with you, HC. I really like that song. It’s very sentimental. That’s probably why people either love it or hate it.

      I too, wish him all the best. It’s so difficult to be famous – fraught with tremendous pitfalls and temptations. So many would go back and be normal if they could.

  8. Only you could make this scenario funny, MJ!

    • I just tried to lighten such a tragic turn for Randy. I’ve never had issues so tough to deal with, and hopefully he will see light at the end of the tunnel and turn it around.

      I’m glad you liked it, and took it as I intended it. I was concerned that I might cross the line – I definitely didn’t want it to be finger-pointing.

      • Totally light hearted. The irony is too much to leave alone.
        I didn’t meant to sound insensitive.

        • Oh no, Laine, you didn’t sound insensitive. I understood what you meant. I was referring to how it might come across from the reader’s perspective. I worked it through several times before I felt comfortable hitting “publish.”

  9. I’m not a country music person, which is not to say that I didn’t grow up on the stuff. We had all of Randy Travis’s albums in our house, and Kenny Rogers’, Dolly Parton’s, Garth Brooks’, and Dan Seals…. *shudders* “Forever and Ever” remains a staple at family weddings, and it really is impossible not to sing along. I hope Mr. Travis can sing his way out of this mess. Now I need to go listen to something with a heavy beat and some emphatic swear words to clear my brain of all that wholesome twang 😉

    • Ah, Desi, sounds like you’re more the Eminem type, eh? I have to say, I find Marshall Mathers lyrics some of the most profound in music today. Too many people think it’s about swear words, and it’s really about him communicating from his soul about where he came from, and where he’s at. How’s that for ending with a preposition – or is it dangling participle?? I really have no idea about sentence construction, so I’ll end this comment now. 😉

      • lol It’s about the beat, for me, and since Eminem started working with Dr. Dre the beats got very, very good. But really anything with a big, heavy, butt-shaking base-line will do. Jay-Z and Kanye’s ‘No Church in the Wild’ is kind of awesome, as is Christina Aguilera and Co’s ‘Lady Marmalade’. The swear words are just my minor rebellion against hours and hours (and hours) of Raffi, Laurie Berkner, and Putamayo Kids. =D

        • Oh my gosh, I’ve totally forgotten the first two names till you brought them up. Thank goodness for Jay-Z and Kanye, and adult beats! I remember that repetition where your kids want to listen for HOURS – the same song over and over and over.

  10. When I go country, it’s either bluegrass or old style .Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash are two idols, and Dolly Parton and Emmylou Harris are marvelous. Randy…. eh, he’s good, but not really to my taste.

  11. >Darn straight you made it through things most of us don’t have to go through
    – Thank you, God, for sparing me this.

    >from rock bottom to the top of the world with fame and fortune.
    – Often times, that glitz and glamour come with a hefty price tag. I think poor Randy Travis paid that penultimate price.

    >Are you a country music person?
    – I am a music person. Country is music, too.


    • I’m very thankful as well. I’ve known many people with serious crises in their lives and also had to counsel people (not as a professional, but as a manager), but I haven’t had to work through difficult life issues like this.

      Great point about it being a hefty price tag. How often do we see this happen to the people we admire for their talents? It must be such a hard life to be under the microscope all the time.

      I figured country was on the Kate playlist. :)

  12. Would you believe…I used to be a DJ on a country station? That was the mid-90s — and of course, we did play some Randy Travis. I was/am not a big country fan per se, though there are some country artists I adore — Colin Raye and Blackhawk among them.

    Of course, I was also a DJ for a Top-40 station. At the same time that I was “spinning” country songs (just different shifts, of course). You can imagine how confused my fragile psyche was at the end of a week. Turns out, repeating the same song every hour for eight hours followed by playing songs in which every song is about heartbreak and pickup trucks? Not a good recipe for being well adjusted as a 20-something. Just sayin’… 😉

    • I believe it 100%. MLB also did a couple of stints on country stations – that’s pretty interesting.

      I’m sure you were totally well-adjusted in spite of the schizophrenia of two completely different music genres. 😉

  13. Mj, as you can guess I have never listened any of Randy Travis’s song before. But I will make sure, to listen them after I read this post.
    I hope this man is going through some tough days. But I have a feeling you have a soft corner for this man and his work.

    • Yes, you are right, my friend, he is going through some very tough days. And I do feel for him so much. I just hope it’s only a short setback for him, and that he’s back on his feet soon.

  14. Oh, I hadn’t heard about this! I guess it’s fairly obvious then that I’m not a Randy Travis fan (not that I have anything against him).

    My Jersey heart is torn when it comes to the twang. Trisha Yearwood and Carrie Underwood are two of my all-time favorite singers, but some of it’s too much for me.

    • I like Carrie Underwood’s music quite a bit. I haven’t heard much of Trisha’s, though. I too am not a big fan of really twangy music. I never listened to country music growing up, but have had some people around me who exposed me to it as a young adult. It’s still not my favorite, but I do like it occasionally.

  15. I suffered through forced exposure to country music during my years-too-long marriage. Concerts, radio, CDs. This from the guy that introduced me (thank you very much) to David Bowie in 1981. Since he left? No thank you very much…. Hate country music.

    Have trouble feeling bad for any celebrity that has the world at their fingertips and doesn’t know how to handle it. How drunk must you be for it to be okay to hit a convenience store with your junk swinging in the wind? Yikes…

    • That would definitely sour your taste on country music for sure. Probably amongst other things as well.

      It is a sad situation to see people fall from the top, so far down. It’s difficult to put myself in their shoes. And I’ve not wished for that kind of fame. I don’t know if it would change me or not.

  16. I went through all this stuff and married the honky tonk barmaid but I ain’t no famous singer but I was King of the local highway for several decades.

  17. Not a big fan of country. Or him. My mom on the other hand? LOVES most country music. Yet still, she hates Travis. She was disgusted by his arrest and went on and on about it the other day. I really don’t know who is he so I’m not as concerned as she is. Haha!

    • Sounds like you grew up with it around you, then? I couldn’t name five songs by Randy, but when I hear them, I remember them. I have so little knowledge of country, having grown up with Casey Kasem and the Top 40 (mostly pop/rock).

  18. Poor Randy, but then, this will just give him more content for his songs! I grew up listening to country music, so I can enjoy it from time to time, but if it’s on all day… I get a twitch. And you know, Twitchy Tameri is not something people want to see. Not as bad as naked and drunk in my trunk, but darn close. Ew.

  19. It does sound like he’s living in one of his songs. All that was missing was that his hound dog pee on him while he was lying at the side of the road.

  20. Growing up in Oklahoma, I know a thing or two about country. I think Randy needed new material. So look for a bucked naked and broke tune real soon. :-)

    • I didn’t remember that you were an Okie. I spent a couple of years there during my college years (OBU). Played a little basketball.

      I’m afraid you’re right – there’s plenty of material there. :)

  21. I don’t really like country music, but he’s definitely an icon. Drunk driving is kinda hard to forgive, in my book. Like you said . . . I hope he gets a big heaping spoonful of professional help. Either that, or jail time. He could kill someone next time.

    • Actually, EA, him not killing someone (or himself) was the first thing I thought about when I heard the news. Imagine, the police show up, you’ve killed someone, and your totally naked. It’s worse than what you’d see on tv, really.

  22. Poor Randy.

  23. He’s living in one of his songs or prepping to write a new one. When your big like that you really need to be extra careful about what you do. It’s sad, but a fact of life. Your life isn’t all yours anymore. It’s a headline of the next tabloid.

    Now I have to ask – Why? Why naked? Ugh.

    • You do belong to the world once you accept the whole celebrity fame thing.

      It is very curious that he made a decision, at some point, to forego his clothes, and I’m totally with you – WHY??

  24. It’s unfortunate that celebrities live under a microscope. They are just human beings. They make mistakes, they screw up, they need help sometimes. I hope Randy gets the treatment he needs to get his life back on the rails. It’s a shame that he gets to do something he loves and yet he is clearly not able to enjoy it anymore.

    • It is very unfortunate. Because we want more from our idols, we also roast them when they can’t handle the pressure. That part I don’t think is fair to the celebrity, but it’s always gonna be a part of it. I too, hope he gets it back together.

  25. Judy Berman says:

    While I did work in news at a country radio station, my favorite music is rock ‘n’ roll. The Beatles, Pet Shop Boys, and many others. A poster above mentioned Eminem. I don’t like the swearing, but I love the musicality of his work, the heavy dance beat.

    As for Randy Travis, I hate to see anyone crash and burn. Celebrity is overwhelming for some, especially at a time when they’re going thru a crisis. I hope he gets it all together again and comes back to his music roots with some great material.

    • I’m with you, Judy. Oh yeah, I love The Beatles and PSB’s are one of my favorite 80’s groups.

      Yeah, clearly Randy is undergoing a big time of despair, for reasons only he, or those around him may know. I hope he pulls out of it soon.

  26. I love/hate Country music. I sometimes go through phases of listening to it — I’m a folkie at heart, but country has edged it out. I do like it though, and I like Randy Travis quite a bit. I can remember him being on TV with Andy Griffith, who was chatting him up, and talking about that lovely trill Randy has.

    But probably my favorite Randy Travis song is “Is It Still Over” — the perfect parody of a country song. Or is it just reality.

    Like the rest of the gang, I hope Randy can get it together …

    • Hmm, I think that’s what it is for me too, Elyse: love/hate. Never thought about it that way till you mentioned it. I do love folk – more than country.

      Wow, I had to pull that song up on youtube, it had been SO long since I’d heard it. That was a great one.

  27. So sad. Sometimes we have to hit rock bottom . . .

  28. Maybe he has been listening to his Storms of Life album/song too much recently. “Got to stop my wandering ways… Why do I get high, when I get low.” or something like that.

    • Those lyrics fit perfectly with what’s happening with his current problems. Hope it gets better for him very soon. You don’t want your life imitating your music when you’re a country star. :)

  29. Oh, Randy– why? My mom used to be a big fan of his when I was growing up. (And actually, my first ever crush was on country star Dwight Yoakam. Don’t laugh! I was six.)

    I didn’t actually hear about this story until now. You’re right, though– it’s almost like he’s a living country music song. Wife is gone, dog is probably gone, too, and now it looks like his sanity/decency is gone as well. Poor, poor Randy. :(

    • Wow, another Dana comment I missed. So sorry!

      Ha, I like your 6 year old Dwight crush – you must do a “6 year old’s letter to Dwight Yoakim” post! :)

      Poor, poor Randy is too right, Dana!


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