"It's like taking a nap on that little rug when you were in kindergarten."

Catch Me, I’m Fall – ing. Or is it Fall Behind, Spring Ah…

Growing up in the fine American Midwest (Omaha, Nebraska), I always looked forward to the rapid shift from summer’s hot, muggy days to the cool crispness of fall.

That benchmark usually occurred – in my mind – as soon as Labor Day was over.

You knew that time had come, as you watched moms everywhere put up their lightweight, light-colored clothing and shoes.

Well, today is September 6th, and the true start of fall – or autumn, as it is also known – is September 22nd this year. I wish that fall were in the air, but here in Southern California, it doesn’t appear to be coming anytime soon.

As I look fondly over my favorite season – FALL – these are some of the things that come to mind:

1. Piling up the raked leaves and then jumping into them with family and friends.

fall, leaves, pile, kids

 2. The sound of college football on television – and that would mean my two favorite teams (mine and MLB’s) – the Nebraska Cornhuskers and the Alabama Crimson Tide.

fall, college football, nebraska cornhuskers Alabama Crimson Tide, fall, college football

3. Back to school “signs” everywhere. For some of you, that is occurring in August now.

Witness all those poor parents – they are “poor,” after they pay for a new backpack, clothes, and all their kids school supplies – saying “no” to screaming kids’ in the aisles of every store … we all know that drill, right?

4. The sun is setting so much earlier than it did in June. I look out at 7:20 pm and it’s already dark.

In a way I kind of like the shorter days, and the rapid approach of night and its metaphorical enveloping, like a cocoon. On the other hand, it means that all those things one should have gotten accomplished in the summer – cleaning out the garage, repainting the house, etc. – no longer can be done during the fleeting daylight. Wait, is that a bad thing??

5. Nice, warm soup. How about some clam chowder, chili, butternut squash soup, or Irish stew?

Clam Chowder, fall, Boudin     chili, mccormick, fall, soup


What do you think of when you think of fall?


I leave you with a few interesting quotes with the word “fall” in them:

“Most of the arguments to which I am party fall somewhat short of being impressive, owing to the fact that neither I nor my opponent knows what we are talking about.”    Rodney Dangerfield

“Love. Fall in love and stay in love. Write only what you love, and love what you write.”  Ray Bradbury

“Even Castles made of sand, fall into the sea, eventually.”  Jimi Hendrix


  1. I love fall–no bugs, no bathing suits, no lathering up my kids with sunscreen from head to toe. But this daylight thing I had forgotten about and I’m in my pj’s by 7:30 now and really sleepy when it’s dark. That is not a good thing.

    • That sunscreen is such a mess, isn’t it? Don’t know what we’d do without it, but it is such a hassle to keep it on.

      I’m SO with you on being tired as soon as it gets dark. I didn’t use to be until I turned 40, and then it was downhill at darkness. :)

  2. Judy Berman says:

    Fall did seem to come up real quick. For me, it’s right after Labor Day. Like you, Michael, I loved jumping into a pile of fresh raked leaves and the comfort food to get me thru those cold months. I think of everything pumpkin – pie, bread, pudding, cheesecake – when it comes to fall.

  3. Great post. I adore fall and wish it was here like it’s supposed to be! This heat seems ominously indefinite. Soup. Yes. Soup. I would make a big pot of soup every day if I could. And home made bread. And apple pie. Yum. Just the cool crisp air and changing colors are always such a treat. So good to put the summer clothes away. I would take spring and fall all year long and never even bother with summer and winter. I suppose I wouldn’t appreciate them so much then. I’d be willing to give it a try tough. You know. Just to prove myself right!

    • Are you inviting me over for a good ol’ Midwestern sit-down? I’ll have some soup, bread, and apple pie, thank you very much!

      I can agree with you on just spring and fall. Summer’s a bit too hot and winter, no matter where you are, is just too cold.

  4. Fall. It should be in North central Texas about the first of November. Halloween is usually iffy. Could be freezing with our first cool front of the year or a maddening last 100-degree day. Fall is a time of relief. More 70’s and 80’s during the day and 50’s and 60’s at night. Maybe we will get snow this year? Meh. Doubt it. I love fall. It means the AC won’t run as much. Nebraska, eh? Does that make you a OU hater? Boomer! :-)

    • Oh boy, NC Texas is pretty dang hot. You have a ways to go, my friend. No snow last year? Hmm.

      I’m a loyal Husker, but I always rooted for OU when they played anyone other than the Huskers. Are you from Oklahoma? I did spend a year and a half at OBU – I played basketball there for a year, back in the dark ages. :)

  5. Hi mj,

    Fall in Michigan meant gorgeous fall colors, a drive out to the cider mill for hot doughnuts and cold cider, and raking up leaves in a big pile at the curb and burning them. If my mother was not in visual range, we would ride our bikes through the fire, and never di more than singe a shoelace or two. It is a wonder we ever survived childhood to tell the tale. Fun post. Autumn is my favorite season.

    • Hot doughnuts and cider sounds fantastic.

      Love your biking through burning leaves. It’s surprising any of us made it to adulthood! Do you think we can engineer global temperatures to only have fall? :)

  6. I’ve decided, in the last day or two, which seasons I really like. And Fall, or Autumn for us here in Aus, is def one of them. Aside from the school and college football things, all good stuff, playing in the leaves, soups, early darkness… Love it.and coz you can start layering up with all the good clothes. No more sweating and feeling icky. Oh, and love Spring aswell. We’re starting now and the days – aside from literally right now – have been beautiful!!

  7. I LOVE Fall! Open the windows, simmering soup on the stove and crisp air. Everything has more spice in the Fall, including me!

  8. Does southern California do seasons?

    • There aren’t four distinctive seasons as there are in most places. There isn’t a winter as one would normally expect. It gets cooler in Oct through April and then summer starts in June.

  9. I absolutely love fall, although here in sunny South Florida, we see very little of it. The weather doesn’t turn cool until December, and then THAT’S when we get to sit around the fire pit and roast marshmallows. Thanksgiving is actually my favorite holiday of the year..and I’m with you on the soup thing—-having some hearty stew simmering in a crock pot all day is THE most welcoming thing in the world to come home to (geez, I think I’ve been watching too much of the cooking channel lately)!

    • I didn’t realize it didn’t get cool until December in FL. Still pretty muggy until then?

      I love your thought of hearty stew in the crock pot – I’ll be virtually right over. :)

  10. I look forward to being able to work outdoors in comfortable, cool temps. I run a burn pile a good bit of fall and winter, cleaning up downed timber in our woods. There is something soothing and theraputic about the work itself, and the cleanup… improving the canyon, building pathways and making it wildlife friendly. Sometimes we have a weenie roast and toast marshmallows over the hot embers. Daisy deer is already getting her winter coat, due to the shortened days. Soon she will be a wooly-coated young lady looking for her first beau. Hmm, maybe next spring I’ll have a little granddeer running around here!! 😀

    • Boy, I bet you do, Lori. After all those hot days, you deserve the cooler weather. I’m definitely coming to your place for weenies and marshmallows.

      I’m surprised it’s happening that quickly with Daisy’s coat. They know the season change way before we do. That would be so cool to have little Daisies. :)

  11. Fall is one of my favorite seasons. Except those leaves, that gives me heebie jeebies thinking of all the bugs in there, I love what you love about Fall. In SoCal, we don’t really get the seasons, just shorter days and a crispness to the air. Still, it beats the humid hot days of August, so I’m happy! That, and the beaches are free of a million people. Oh, and apple pies from Julian. Those are the best. You need to take MLB on a drive up to Julian later this month to see the colors and have some apple pie. Yum.

    • I call you “sister,” Tameri – your love of all things fall runs in the family. Don’t let a few bugs, bug you though.

      I didn’t know that Julian had a big apple pie thing going on. I thought I was going to miss Northern Cal’s Apple Hill, but now I don’t have to: It’s at Julian. Will definitely be doing that. Is it packed full of cars and people? When is the best time to go?

  12. I love fall. Up here it is short. We go from hot to cold in a heartbeat, so fall is about three days between leaves turning lovely colours to bare trees to three feet of snow. Well, maybe not three days. But not three months. The only long season we have is winter. Damn it.

    Best part of fall is pulling out my high heeled leather boots. I call them my winter boots because I wear them until spring. Which is sometime in June.


    • Three days? You poor guys in Canada. That’s way too short. But on a positive note, you get 10 whole months of winter, right? Sorry just kidding, my friend.

      I hope it’s a shorter winter for you this year. :)

  13. I love early fall. It lacks the muck and cold of spring and the baking heat of summer. Everything is still green, it’s breezy all the time. Sweater weather. Perfection. (And, you know, there is the minor added bonus that my pea-soup spitting, demon-possessed, HIGHLY excitable 6-year-old princess is out of the house eight hours each day. No snowpants or Kamik’s required. Woot!)

    • What a great description of your daughter. Particularly love the “pea-soup spitting” part. I hope you have an extended fall, shorter winter, and a great school year.

  14. Fall is the BEST season there is. If I could have six months of that, three of winter (with temps staying at exactly 32 degrees), and three months of 70 or 75 during the day, I’d be thrilled.

    What do I love about it? Candles, sweaters, fuzzy socks, going to the apple orchard, cider, stew, homemade chicken soup, getting my bread machine out, the colors on the trees and bushes. Mostly I just like the cooler temperatures (and the fact that I do need the sweaters), and the way the air feels and smells. It’s like the cleanest air you could ever breathe.

    I always liked raking leaves…as long as it wasn’t for yard clean up. Nope, when I was a teen, I liked raking them into floor plans. Yeah, I know. But I’ve never claimed to be especially sane. :)

    • You’ve put in a request there for Michigan-Warming, KK. I don’t think you’re going to get six months of fall, even though we both agree that fall is the BEST. SEASON. EVER.

      Candles. Check
      Sweaters. Check
      Fuzzy socks. un-check
      Apple cider. Check
      Stew, soup, homemade bread. I’m coming to your house. Check
      Cooler temps (but not too much cooler than 65). Check
      Raking leaves into floor plans. Interesting, and I like it a LOT. 😉

      • UN-check the fuzzy socks? They keep your feet really warm when it’s cold, MJ. And it’s not like you’d have to wear pink or anything like that. They also come in lime green and powder blue. 😉

        • Okay, I am a bit partial to powder blue. Check on the fuzzy socks. *sheepish bow of head*

          • Good choice on the powder blue fuzzy socks. 😀

            And if you’re ever in Michigan, let me know. I’ll be happy to make some soup or stew and bread. I’ll even make a pumpkin pie…to prove that homemade tops any you could ever buy in a store. The difference in the crust alone is worth the effort. :)

  15. Open windows, cool breezes, the disappearance of bugs, comfort foods, the smell of autumn, the visuals of the leaves changing, the impending winter (that of which I hate, so I’m not terribly sure why I like this ominous feeling), shorter days…

  16. Great post MJ! I love everything about fall. I love to decorate my living room for the seasons, but when it comes to fall, I have to extend to the dining room as well (because gosh, I’ve got so much decor for the fall season; being my favorite one). I love seeing the chrysanthemums in full bloom, pumpkins tucked into corners of the yard, kids making piles of autumn leaves and then jumping in for hours. This is the best time to bake breads, apple and pumpkin pies, sit by the fire in the backyard for a weenie roast. Sipping hot chocolate at high school football games when the chill is in the air (but not the freezing, toe-numbing cold of winter). I really hope we have a nice, long fall season this year; I’m sure not ready for another Nebraska winter, LOL!

    • I’m coming your way for fall, Jules! 😉

      I’m all for pumpkins – pumpkin pie is a food I could eat year round at any meal, snack, or in-between. Just the BEST. I could also have some of your baked breads and apple pies.

      I LOVE high school football. Probably my favorite thing about fall. But alas, we moved and now I don’t have a tie to any of the teams. Maybe I’ll go and check a game out anyway.

      Hope you have a long fall and a short winter, my friend.

  17. I think “fall” in love but not down the stairs…”fall” into place but not if it means compromising your values…”fall” over heels in sheer happiness!! :)

  18. Fall reminds me why I had to wear a jacket for the first time today in three months!

  19. Fall is my FAVORITE! I too, love the crisp air, the hearty food, and football. We have glorious fall foliage here, as you know, and so I love the colors. I also feel really in my element – I’m ready to hop right back on whatever horse I fell off of, and start fresh.
    I feel I am at my best in the fall.

    • Based on your FB posts, you are a huge RS’s fan. Who knew? And you’re not even in DC. You have a GREAT qb in RG3. Gonna win a LOT of games.

      Enjoy the fall colors – they are spectacular there.

      I’m with you on feeling your best in the fall. I feel the same way, until it starts getting dark early, and then I feel really sleepy.

  20. Mj, are you sure, you are going to jump in to those raked leaves. :) I did n’t knew much about autumn at your part of world; until I came in to this blogging stuff. Here schools are off during summer. So thanks for sharing your autumn , so that I could have some idea about it.
    Enjoy your time!

  21. Fall is my fave — for 5 reasons:

    1. Pumpkin pancakes
    2. Pumpkin pancakes
    3. Pumpkin pancakes
    4. Pumpkin pancakes
    5. Pumpkin pie


    I can’t wait…

    • OMG!

      You know pumpkin is my FAVORITE VEGGIE, right???

      I eat pumpkin pie from October through late January. Until they take it out of the stores. I’ve tried EVERY pumpkin pie in the world, and the best is still Costco’s, bar none.

  22. Miami has 1 season: hot

  23. I love autumn as well, MJ. There’s something about those leaves changing colours that gets me all nostalgic! I also love a good excuse to drink a warm cup of tea and/or indulge in soup every single day.

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