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Why This Isn’t My 100th Post, 1 Year Blogging Anniversary, or Duke the Dog’s Birthday

This well-crafted bit of writing was supposed to be my 100th post, one year blogging anniversary, and Duke the Dog’s first birthday post all rolled into one.

Duke, puppy, post

Awww! Duke when he was just a pup.


Duke, one year old, post

Duke at one.


There’s only one slight problem – I’m a month late getting it out. So instead, this is my 110th post, Duke is now one year and one month old, and I have failed miserably as a blogger, dogger, and marker of memorable events.

Why didn’t this post get done, you ask?

1. Maybe I set my expectations too high.

Here’s what I had planned:
A video thanking all those who had toiled through one year and 100 posts on my blog. You all deserve huge thanks – and some sort of combat medal – for putting up with my drivel.

The video was going to be funny, witty, and very professional, except that I’ve never made a video. EVER. Okay, I did open the video software and record me saying “Thank You” to everyone. That’s as far as I got.

You know, kind of like when you were a kid and watched the Winter Olympics and said you wanted to be that person who cross country skied a billion miles while shooting at targets, only you never had a gun or cross country skied in your life.

biathlon, olympics, cross country ski

Yeah, these guys – skiing and shooting.
Please don’t trip on the skis!


2. Too many significant events in one post = epic failure.

What the heck was I thinking: 100th post, one year blog anniversary, and Duke’s first birthday.

I’m lucky if I remember what I did this morning, let alone yesterday. So, imagine me trying to remember all those great ideas I had in my head; to put all of these significant happ’nings into one post, um, just didn’t leap onto the screen like I thought they would.

I’ve done well to never have missed MLB’s birthday or our anniversary, but all bets are off after that. No, don’t ask the kids any pointed questions about my memory. You know kids can be untrustworthy. :)

3. Oh, that pesky job search.

For some reason, Duke and MLB don’t see the blog as a high priority when I’m on the job hunt. Duke keeps wanting to eat and poop, and demands treats all the time. MLB has this crazy notion that I need to be working so she can finally move and live here as well. She’s so demanding!

As for me, it’s such a toss up – make actual money working, or continue raking in the millions of dollars from my blog (what is $0 x 0? Oh yeah, nothing!).

Blog, counting money, accountants

Photo of my “accountants” counting
my blog earnings. hehehe


4. Too many other post ideas infiltrating my brain.

You know how it is, right? All of those great (okay, mediocre, in my case) ideas flood one’s cerebellum, taunting one to put the “anniversary post” on the back burner. And of course, one does. Because so frequently, I’m sure “this post” will go viral. NOT!

5. Procrastination?? No, it couldn’t be.

The last possibility is that I kept putting it off, thinking to myself that I would just do it tomorrow. Or maybe I’ll knock it out right after one hour of television. Nah, I don’t think it was procrastination.

Since I was so derelict in my duties, I hope this post redeems my tardiness – albeit one month too late.


Go ahead, regale us with YOUR tale of tardiness;
your penchant for procrastination.

No, really, none of us will judge.


  1. DesiValentine says:

    Dude. My husband (then boyfriend) missed my birthday every year for FIVE YEARS. And, my birthday happened to be the same day as two of his relatives’ (which he dutifully remembered). And I married him anyway… roughly a year later than he would have liked. I’m thinking a month is not that big of a deal, you know? Happy 110, MJ! Keep ’em coming!!!

    • That is so funny, Desi! I can’t believe he forgot five years in a row.

      It’s funny, at least I did get the post out late. Most of the time, I just think to myself that I may as well just not do it when I’m this late. I guess I was a little persistent in my undiscipline. :)

      Thanks for the well-wishes, Desi!

  2. Aww, Duke is so cute! How did he go from being a red merle to a blue merle? Trick photography? He looks an awful lot like my Ganon. If he’s with you down here, we should get the dogs together for a play date.

    Me procrastinate? Never happens. Nope, not once. Simply by the fact that I have a knack for pushing dates around to make it look like I don’t procrastinate. I think. Let me get back to you on that, I need to check some facts. This might take awhile.

    Happy Blogoversary, your 110th post and Duke’s 1 year 1 month birthday!!

    • Ha, he’s always been a blue merle. I thought yours was a red merle. we will definitely have to get them together. Duke loves to play, like most Aussies.

      I’m positive you don’t procrastinate. You make things happen. :)

  3. Damn this for not having a like button, now i have to write something totally inane and useless except to say, I like
    it, very cool and happy birthdays and anniversary :)

  4. Happy blogaversary, Michael. Thank you for your support – especially when I was just starting.

    I celebrated my first year blogging on Sept. 8th (two days early) with the story, “One Small, Sweet Gesture.” This was a month after Dave and I celebrated our 28th anniversary. You’re right. That’s one event too many to roll into another.

    Good luck in your job search. I remember that time well. Nothing … nothing … nothing. Then, BAM! It all jelled. It will for you as well.

    • Well, you are certainly well on your way, Judy. So glad I could help in some small way.

      I will definitely read your post. I’m SO far behind on reading blogs and barely posting on mine. I must catch up soon.

      Congrats on your blog and wedding anniversaries. Both are big milestones, especially the 28th. Many more to you.

      And thanks for the kind words about the job search. I really appreciate it, my friend.

  5. There’s a commercial where they make fun of a guy who thinks it’s ok to quit his job to write a blog… something we can all relate to. I usually try not to put deadlines on myself when it comes to blogging b/c then I’m sure to fail. 😉 Congrats on all the things you’re celebrating!

    • I love that commercial, and so does my wife. I wish it could happen, though. :)

      Yeah, I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up about doing it. I usually don’t come through on these type of things because the priority level drops with real life happening. Thanks for your support, my ex-dental friend.

  6. It takes me FOREVER to crank out a new blog post. You did 100 in one year??? That is fantastic and something to be very proud of!! Every time I start to think up a new post, before I put my thoughts down on paper, I end up trolling through Facebook for an hour… then I check the fridge to see if anyone left me some amazing surprise to eat…like an ice-cream sundae or maybe even a left-over egg roll…then back to the computer where I start hopping through pages of new blog posts written by other writers…which leaves me feeling a bit insecure and overwhelmed….so I pick up the phone and call a friend for moral support. By then it’s time to walk and feed the dogs, figure out what I’m going to make for dinner. Pretty soon it’s after 8:00 pm and I’m back at the computer..checking Facebook and….do you see where this is going? This is why it takes me so long to produce anything. So be very proud of yourself for 100 posts–I say CONGRATULATIONS on your 1 year blogoversary. Which reminds me…the reason I am here now is because I was going to try to write a new post but I got a bit side tracked…

    • Heal Now and Forever Be in Peace says:

      You are hysterical! I was thinking the same thing is why I am here. Mj does a great job of getting things out there. I wait till the late minute and crank one out early AM when it is due. The results are less than perfect. I really must get organized.

      Congrats! You;ve have done well in a year! If you get a job, we might lose our bloggy entertainment!

      • Hey Jodi, isn’t MM just the funniest?

        Thanks for dropping in and for the congrats. You have been one of those who has been with me for the longest, so I have to give you a huge pat on the back for putting up with me. :)

        I’ll always be blogging, so no fears. Wow, I sound like Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca: “We’ll always have Paris.” :)

    • I just love your comments, MM. Always glad to see you on the blog.

      You and I follow the same thought process. hehehe. I love this line: “Which reminds me…the reason I am here now is because I was going to try to write a new post but I got a bit side tracked…” That sounds so much like me. As does checking FB, making lunch, checking the computer, looking for work, feeding the dog, eating again, etc.

      Why can’t it be simpler?? 😉

  7. I haven’t celebrated a blogiversary since year one. And I had high hopes for my 500th post (yes 500!). But I noticed I was at 503 or something. Oops.

    I blame it on ADD. We all have it. It’s from all the electronics warping our brain waves.

    Duke is freakin’ adorable!! My fur kid just had her 10th birthday. Yes, I plan on blogging about it. Eventually. Lol.

    • Wow, 503? That’s amazing. That’s some serious longevity. Plus your photography is so awesome.

      I’m with you on the ADD. Our environment is making us that way vs. the other way around.

      Thanks on the Duke comment. He’s one of the coolest dogs around. The one blue eye and one brown eye lend a sense of mystery to his whimsy.

      Look forward to your post on your kid, whenever that my be. hehehe

  8. Hi mj,

    Happy blogiversary! And good luck with the job search. I am WAY behind on my posting. I posted today after almost two weeks, which is the longest in between posts since I started last December. I’ve been out of town, and on trips and attending conferences. Just dropped my baby off at her university. Now I am 700 messages behind, and trying to catch up. I know, a storyteller should come up with a more colorful excuse. How about “My blog ate my homework?” No, no! It should be “My homework ate my blog.”

    • I think you have several good reasons why you haven’t posted, Naomi. Especially taking your youngster to college. That’s a huge reason. Hope that went well.

      I love “My blog ate my homework.” You should do a post on that. What a fab play on words. I look forward to reading that post. :)

  9. Birthdays. I’ve stopped buying birthday cards and now I simply lay in a pile of Sorry, I’m late cards.
    Happy Birthday Duke
    Happy 100th post
    Happy job hunting, M.J.

  10. This post looks as good as any, despite being one month and 10 posts late. Keep feeding us with your entertaining posts!

    • Thank you so much, Elaine. And thank you for hanging in their with me. You’ve stayed with my blog almost the longest. I really appreciate you reading and commenting. Now I have to catch up on reading all those I’m so behind on reading.

  11. Happy 100th post, MJ!! Boy, the vlog thing can get out of hand so quickly, trying to come up with just the right presentation! I so feel your pain.

    Lately on the procrastination front, well…if you saw the cobwebs in my house… I told Peppermeister yesterday that we need to have company so I’ll actually clean.

    • Well, I’m no Go Jules Go, that’s for sure. You have that vloggy thing down! I just need to practice and work with the software.

      I know what you mean about the cobwebs – I came outside the front door and a spider had made a web overnight! Those stinking productive little creatures!! Now why can’t they procrastinate like the rest of us, eh?? :)

  12. You have much to celebrate, my friend — doesn’t matter to us when you do it, only that you DO IT! Congrats to you and your dog! :)

    And you know, I’m offended that you actually suggest that we, your loyal readers, procrastinate. I mean, really. Wow. So presumptuous.

    (…says the girl who hasn’t updated her blog in about 14 effin’ eons…but whatever…)



    • Well, Mikalee, I did finally get the post out, so it is something, I guess. :)

      Oh, I surely didn’t mean that YOU procrastinate, WBFF! You never put anything off.

      You know, I was waiting by my phone that entire weekend when you were in LJ, so that’s why I didn’t get my post done on time. Yep, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

      And as for your blog, whenever you do a post, you KILL it every time. It’s not quantity, it’s quality.

      Your WBFF Always!

  13. Happy Belated everything, MJ. Who needs to keep deadlines, anyway. They are a socialist plot.

  14. Happy belated blogoversary et al. The most important thing is to keep writing and show gratitude to the folks who follow you — in real life, and on the interwebz. What’svwrong with celebrating 110? Why is that wrong? What makes 100 any more significant? Silliness.

    That said, since my computer died, it’s been very hard to write on my phone. and I fear I am loing my accountability, my good practice habits. Hopefully on Friday, I’ll be hooked up again. We’ll see!

    Congratulations on being where you are.

    • Hey, thanks for typing your comment out on your phone. You’re a trooper, Renee. And thanks for assuaging my guilt. I really wanted to do a timely post a month ago. Oh well.

      Hope you get your computer hooked back up soon. I need to get back to reading blogs myself. I’ve been out of touch with my favorite bloggers and I miss that. You included.

  15. Happy blogoversary plus one month, 110th post, and year and a month birthday to Duke! So as not to procrastinate, guess I’ll start planning my blogoversary post for January, and figure out just how many posts I’ve put up. No clue…

  16. Whenever you finally get it out, a milestone like this one is worth celebrating. Congratulations!

    • Thanks Andra. You are one of the most supportive, encouraging writers out there. Always there for everyone, and such a great example for people to see what blogging is all about – from writing to commenting.

  17. Happy late blogging birthday! Long may it continue. I can’t believe you’ve only been blogging for a year, you seem more experienced somehow lol.

    Duke is the cutest! I love the fortune cookie pic as well.

  18. Ok, Duke is just the cutest…happy Birthday Duke. Happy Anniversay MJ and many more for the future. Why conform to deadlines, they are so stressful. Just roll with it, that seems to work for you especially in your writing this was great.

    • He is a cute little guy.

      And thanks for the advice on just going with it. I was stressing over it as I came up on a month past due, but then just thought, I may as well do it late than not do it at all – which is what happens sometimes when those benchmarks pass by.

      Thank you for your kind words as well.

  19. Duke was one cute pup (but then, all pups are cute, aren’t they?). I see you had good intentions. Better late than never, right?!

    • Duke has so much personality. He ran down a hill this morning and skidded across his face. Left a grass stain on the white fur on his nose – pretty funny.

      I like your pic with your dog on your avatar there.

  20. MJ, just think of yourself as a trendsetter. EVERYONE does 1 year/100th blog posts. And everyone, including our 4-legged friends, celebrates birthdays every single year on the same date. But who ever thinks to put it off month? It makes you stand out from the crowd.

    So Happy 13th month in blogging. Happy 13th Month Birthday, Duke. And yay on 110 posts.

    Now next year, if you kind of want to keep on track, you should aim for 11 months from the date of this one. Or you could do 15 months, and then the third year surprise everyone by only waiting 8 months.

    Are you confused? Don’t feel like the Lone Ranger. :)

    • I like that, KK – trendsetter! And great thought on changing it up from the same-old-same-old of one year, 100 posts, birthdays, etc.

      It would be almost as confusing as most of my posts! :)

      I’ll have to think up a really complicated formula and then pre-plan the posts out – like I’d be able to do that successfully – and then try to explain the convoluted math behind why I did what I did.

      … or not! hehe

  21. Cheers to you on your belated anniversary!

    Do I procrastinate? It’s my normal state of being.

    Good luck on the continuing job hunt. And try to do a vlog for your 150th post. That gives you PLENTY of time to put it off, right?

    • Thank you, Darla. I really appreciate it. And thanks for hanging in there for the long haul.

      I like the idea of a 150th post vlog, but I don’t know if I can get the baton twirling down by then. 😉

      Then again, it will probably end up being a 165th post, post instead of vlog.

      Thanks for job hunt support. I remain in my la la land optimistic mind, in spite of how bad the job market looks.

  22. Hi MJ, congratulations on your blogging milestone! :-)

  23. Coleen Patrick says:

    Congrats! I also had massive plans for an amazing 100th post video and then I did a craft project instead. I don’t know what I was thinking. I’m hoping your 110 number doesn’t catch on until I’m past that, I can’t handle thinking up another milestone post. :)

  24. Awww, Happy Birthday Dukie!!! And congrats on your blogging anniversary MJ, a well-deserved celebration is in order! If comedians get paid, you deserve to get paid too! :)

  25. Have I ever gotten a blog post up the day I first thought I would? (No.) My answer? I never set any goals whatsoever with respect to my blog. It’s more fun that way.

    Job-searching? You have my sympathy. So am I.

    Thanks for this. You made me smile.

  26. J Timothy Quirk says:

    Congratulations on your blogging anniversary with your 110th blogpost ! I hope next year you celebrate your 220th blog posting and keep the extra ten bonus postings in your stats!

  27. MJ by the count at the top of the comments section, this is your 50th comment on this post! ha, ha. That makes you half way to your 100th comment on this blog. Now it is up to others to respond, and not procrastinate, to get you 100 comments on your 100th post. For me it is not so much procrastinating, but obsticles… otherwise, known as priorities: work, garden harvest, last year’s summer projects still on my to-do list, and upcoming vacation.

    • Yeah, I don’t know how you do it with everything you have going on there, Oscar. You have a ton on your plate. I admire your work ethic. Would love to see your place, but I doubt I’ll be on that side of the country any time soon. All the best in the garden harvest and vacation.

      • Thanks. Regarding the internet access stuff, my employer has figured out how to let me read blogs, but not leave replies from company computers (I am off the clock of course, ethics and all), thus I have to recall to return to leave comments from home. I’ll just be one of those hundreds of anonymous “views” now and then, until I can get back to the queue.

  28. Well, MJ I gotta say one thing.
    Okay, I forgot like I failed to do my one year blogging post but at least you got this post out and awesome!!!
    I so enjoy your posts, even if I get here way late, I really need to work on this tardiness…and this rambling.
    Duke is sooooooooooooooo cute! :)

    • Well Sunshine, looks like I’m even later in responding to your comment – so sorry.

      And thank you for stopping by each and every time. You have always been here for me, and I really appreciate it.

      Duke says “rank roo.” :)

  29. Mj, congrats on your 110th post and your blog anniversary and also belated happy birthday to Duke! :) It’s never late to say thank you to those people, who support us unconditionally during this blogging journey. I always enjoy reading your post and I am glad to know a person like you, who always spread laughter and kindness in this blogosphere.!! Best wishes to you Sir!

    • Sorry this response is so late, Arindam. I really appreciate your friendship and support, and hope that this continues for many years to come. You have a big heart and I look forward to reading your book. All the best to you, my friend! :)

  30. Despite our best laid plans, life intervenes, doesn’t it?Happy 110th post and happy one-yar-one-month birthday, Duke. Sounds like an excuse for a party.

  31. Hi MJ — congratulations on your blogging anniversary! It’s so fun to reach these milestones, and I think the 110th post is just as important as the 100th. (Course, I’ve been away from blogging all summer, and may have missed your 100th post — so maybe it was the better one. Just teasing!) And a big happy birthday to Duke. He looks like such a sweetie. I wish you nothing but happiness as you embark on this second year. And I wish you much MUCH good luck in your job search! Hang in there, I know it’s tough, but just know we’re all here cheering you on. :)

    • Thank you, Melissa, not only for the blog congrats, but more for the job search wishes. It is greatly appreciated. It’s been a journey, but I’m optimistic that something will take in the not to distant future.

      As for Duke, he’s a great dog, full of all kinds of personality. He thinks he’s fierce, but he’s such a big baby. I bounced a basketball on the tile floor and he ran out of the room shaking like a leaf. He has anxiety issues. lol

  32. Okay. You know I could’ve written this one. You summed up all my issues in this post. Well….I don’t have a dog named Duke and I don’t know what post I’m on. I forgot when my anniversary was and …..well hell…..I guess I couldn’t have written this exact one.

    Bloggertile Dysfunction: Welcome to the club.

  33. I even compose posts that seem wonderful at the time, but become obsolete before I actually work out the kinks or check for stats and quotes. One thing we love and can count on with your site is plenty of good humor. Thanks.

    • Thank you so much, Renee. It means a lot to me.

      I do SO know what you mean about posts becoming obsolete before getting all the preliminary stuff done. I have 45 posts in draft and I’ll end up deleting 35-40 of them, because they’ll be stale.

  34. riainthecity says:

    I want your dog and I actually want to receive notifications when you reply to me but I don’t :( WHY! :(

    • Hmm, Ria, I don’t know why you aren’t getting notifications. I will look into that.

      As for Duke, there are times when I would give him to you, but MLB would never let it happen. He is a great dog about 97% of the time. 😉

  35. Gee…. tardiness. Does commenting on this post two months after you wrote it count? 😉

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