"It's like taking a nap on that little rug when you were in kindergarten."

Blog Falls off the Map! Concerned Follower Outraged?

I’ve been away from the blog world for so long, I almost forgot how to put up a new post. My number of views per day has dropped faster than …

“What is ‘from 10 hits per day to 1 hit per day, Alex?'”

If I’ve said it once, I’ve stated it a million times – I am NOT prone to exaggeration.

When I tell a story, have I stretched the “facts?” Nah.
Are the numbers spot-on accurate? Of course – at least 99.2% of the time.

Well, since I feel that so much time has elapsed, and because I’m SO very factual, the only way I can describe it is to put it in perspective by using metaphor:

The last time I posted to my blog …

10. there were no political ads on television.

9. we were looking forward to the final episode of Seinfeld.

Seinfeld, final episode

8. MLB and I were celebrating our wedding anniversary with TIN (10th anniversary) and we’ve been married 25+ years.

7. the New England Patriots were a bad NFL football team (1990 to be exact).

6. I was actually employed. Wow, has it been that long??

5. facebook” was what we called a photo album.

4. 50 shades of grey could be found in the Home Depot paint department.

3. hunger games was what you did to your kids if they didn’t eat their vegetables.

2. the first “Star Wars” movie was in the theaters.


1. Howie Mandel had hair.

Howie Mandel, hair, blog  


I may be exaggerating just a wee bit about how long it’s been since I’ve posted on my blog. It sure feels as long as I described in the list of ten above.

It seems as though time has passed even faster with my favorite blogs. Some of you have posted *GASP* an astonishing 34 TIMES (thank you, prolific Andra Watkins at The Accidental Cootchie Mama for really making me feel like I’ve been away for about three months!!).

Looking forward to catching up on all of my favorites when the dust settles from this time of transition in the Monaghan household – and to hearing from all of you. I’ve really missed the interaction.


How have you coped with absences from your blog, and/or writing?


  1. I cope with copius amounts of Vino (in a box of course)!

  2. Ha! You’re so funny, MJ. It’s been far too long, that’s for sure. Glad to see you’re back on the blog. Hope everything else is going well with you and the fam.

    How do I cope with absences from my blog/writing? I don’t know what that means. I never take a break from writing. See? I can do the non-exaggerating thing, too!

    • Oh, you’re a busy little bee, Tameri. You can’t fool me. I know you’re on the writing and on the blog without backing down. You’re good inspiration.

      We’re doing fine. Just waiting for feedback on a couple of things. As you know, patience is my least-observed qualities. :)

  3. Let me just say that I have been very, very, very concerned about you. When FB deigns to show me any of your posts, I have clicked ‘like’ to let you know I missed seeing you. So, now you know how often FB shows me your posts.

    There’s nothing wrong with taking time off. I’ve contemplated it here and there, but I think I would go into DT’s and become so unruly MTM would divorce me………..

    • I appreciate the concern, Andra. I’ve wanted to post, but have been busy prepping for interviews, travelling for an interview, and nose to the grindstone searching.

      The exile was not a desired situation, but lack of ability to get a few hours of dedicated time to come up with a post. I’ve missed all of you so much. And of course, your writing is right up there at the top of the list. :)

  4. Personally I like the chromium gray in flat for the walls and high gloss white enamel for the doors and trim.

  5. Humor is the best coping mechanism, and you’ve done a great job in that category. And keep that sparkling sense of humor as you re-learn WordPress. Just shake off the hiatus and dive back in. Write more posts and they will come. Seriously, with a great blog like yours, followers will be flocking back. So glad you’ve returned!

    • Hey AA, how are you? So good to be on the blog again and hear from great people like you. It was definitely not a break I was wanting to take, but needed to due to job-search/interview activity. I love being in the blogosphere and interacting with everyone.

      Thank you so much for the kind words, my friend.

  6. Glad you and your wit made an appearance to let us know you are in fact alive. Jeez now I must put you in the category of my kids & elderly mother who leave me imagining the unimaginable when they don’t answer their phones!

  7. I was beginning to get worried when I didn’t see a new post of yours pop up in my blog sidebar! So not like you! I hope everything is OK. See, that’s why I only blog once every two weeks—I need time to regroup. And besides, it’s hard to be funny 24/7. I’m not sure how other bloggers do it. And just so you know you are in good company, my husband lost his job 5 weeks ago and then I lost mine 2 weeks ago, so we should have PLENTY of time to write…except for that nasty reality check that keeps reminding us we have a mortgage to pay. Anyhoo….glad you’re back, and btw, #3 is HULarious!

    • Thank you for the concern, MM. I’ve been wrapped up in the job search – very heavily. I may have something to report in a few days.

      Are you going back to work? Hope the search goes well for both of you.

      Ha, you remember those days of eating ALL the food on your plate, don’t you? 😉

  8. Good to have you back but are you my evil twin? We seem to be living in parallel universes….I haven’t posted since March! and need a good kick in the pants. Where is a “Blog Bully” when you need one?

    • I’ve been looking for your posts, especially during the summer. So glad to see you here again.

      Sometimes real life just gets in the way of this fun world, doesn’t it? 😉

  9. Coleen Patrick says:

    Funny post. :) Happy to see you back! The last time I took a blog break I did not do much catching up on the posts I missed. Too overwhelming. Instead I just started making the rounds the day I came back and went forward from there.

  10. Welcome back! What Coleen said. I didn’t try to catch up on what I missed either. I think that would have put me over the edge. People are putting out too many posts too fast. Just move forward from here on out. Loved the post. You had me giggling the whole way through. 😀 Glad to have you back. Move at the pace that fits you best.

    • You are always so kind, Debra. I always think I can get more done in terms of reading and commenting on other blogs, but I’m just too slow. I’m with you on moving at my own pace. :)

  11. MJ! I’m stunned. You forgot one. Washington was still president. And I didn’t know they had television back then, much less political ads.

    Okay. I’ll stop now. Not enough sleep the past few days so my smart mouth is smarting off worse than ever. Glad you’re back and posting on one of my favorite blogs again.

    What do I do when I can’t blog? I say I’m changing the schedule so I have to cut back. Not really (but I am doing that right now for NaNo…and maybe until after the holidays). If I’ve got too much going on, I’ll post ‘reruns.’ I also will do a video and add a paragraph about something. Right now I’m doing a video and quick mashup (links to a few blogs I enjoyed reading).

    It also helps, when you have a little extra time, to write a few rainy day blogs…and only use them when you can’t do a new post because you’re not feeling well, or have too much going on. A couple of clicks and it’s there.

    But unless you started off different than most of us, you’ve probably got a couple of months worth of posts that hardly anyone saw. Recycling them gets them read. :)

    • Wow, KK, I thought Lincoln was president last time I posted. And they didn’t have tv back then.

      You’ve got to get some sleep and not write 90 gazillion words per day. You wonder why you can’t sleep?? :)

      I like your idea of running some of my previous posts from when I had zero followers. Ha, I have way too many of those. I should do that.

      Hmm, rainy day posts are a good idea as well.

      • I knew you were pretty old there, MJ… 😉

        Sleep. I do remember experiencing that at some point in my past. And I’m not quite at 90 gazillion words a day…yet. I think I hit 89.327 gazillion last night though. :)

        I have way too many unread posts from my first several months, too. And people are always harping about recycling and saving the planet. Not sure that a recycled post (or 50) will help save the planet…but it sure can free up some time. :)

  12. This isn’t a joke. I missed you! I always worry when I don’t hear from a favorite blogger in a while. I don’t know why I’m programmed like that. But I knew you were okay. You know, because you were kicking my arse in WWF! 😉 Glad you are back!

    • So very kind of you to say so, my friend. Did you say “favorite blogger?” I just had to write that out. :)

      Hmm, I don’t remember WWF quite the same way as you do. You must play again! C’mon!

  13. I wondered where you were…. Glad you are back!

  14. My gosh. I KILLED my blog. Held its funeral and cried big croc tears over the coffin. My mourners wailed and moaned (okay, maybe that was mostly me). Then, three months later, I raised it from the dead. Wait. I just realized how cool that is. My blog is the walking read. Bwahahaha. So, don’t worry. We have all been there. Missed ya! Great list. Howie’s fro!! LOL.

  15. So accustomed am I to your acronyms that I thought TIN in #8 was one. Kept trying to figure out what it meant…

  16. As usual, you made me chuckle. Great to have you back, Michael. Hope all is going well for you and your MLB.

  17. Wondered where you’d been. But I’m not one to talk. Between work and my sister and dry walling and editing 2 novels and now NaNoWriMo, my poor blog has been quite neglected…. Should we start absent bloggers anonymous?

    • You’re doing well on your Nanowrimo efforts based on your FB posts, Julie. Keep up the good work. I’m afraid I’m going to be in and out until I make a move here in the next few weeks and settle in. Hmm, I didn’t hear about the dry walling. Do you have reno going on at home? All the best to you in that endeavor, if so.

  18. I think all bloggers must take a break at some point – when I took mine I didn’t miss the writing but like you missed the community. But it is hard to come up with content continually as well as having a life, so I’ve cut back on my posting frequency. Good to see you back!

    • I love coming up with the content, but the formatting and getting it set up correctly in WP takes me the longest amount of time. I enjoy the posting and the community/camaraderie. I’ll be glad to get back to it once the dust settles.

  19. elainegriffindesigns says:

    Hey MJ!! Ebb and flow, right? Glad to see you boppin’ around the blogosphere!

    • Hey, thanks Elaine. I’m ebbing more than flowing, right now. lol

      I’ve enjoyed seeing some of my favorite bloggers through FB posts that takes a bit less time to read than blogs.

  20. Welcome back, my Writer Best Friend Forever. See what I did there: I spelled it out, in case you had forgotten. Because while absence makes the heart grow fonder, it also can lead to a giant case of “I forgot what WBFF stands for…” And we can’t have that, now can we?

    So your question posits: “How have you coped with absences from your blog, and/or writing?”

    My response: Hahahahahahahaha! Never heard of such a thing! What is this crazy “absence from your blog” of which you speak? Sounds preposterous…


  21. I was wondering what you’ve been up to, haven’t seen you in so long, it seems. (now I know it’s been since Seinfeld!) I was going to email you to make sure you were okay! Good to see you back.

    I took three weeks off in the summer and it was hard at first. But it was a much needed break.

    • Hello Darla. So great to see your smiling “mug” in your comment box.

      Hope you are well and the hubs and kids are doing famously. Will check up on your blog, pronto. :)

  22. >I may be exaggerating just a wee bit about how long it’s been since I’ve posted on my blog.
    – Ahem, a wee bit. Right. And I’m the princess of Monaco.

    >It sure feels as long as I described in the list of ten above.
    – Aye. ‘Tis true.

    >How have you coped with absences from your blog, and/or writing?
    – I’m never NOT writing. I also write a sizeable amounts of e-mail to my personal contacts, so my writing (which I enjoy) fix is, well, fixed.

    With my blog, as you know, I schedule topics ahead of time. Even then, I can’t commit to publishing as planned. My recent sabbatical from my blog, for instance.

    I could have scheduled those 3 post I skipped ahead of time, but I did not have the time before I left on assignment to put those three together in a manner I would have been satisfied with. I made my peace with that and did not waste a wink of sleep over it.

    Recently, a friend of mine who, on account of a tight work schedule (she’s an architect), struggled with guilt over not being able to spend more time with her ageing aunt visiting from overseas.

    Here’s our exchange about her inner battle.

    Friend: Kate, I’m sad because my work needs so much more of my time. I wish from the bottom of my heart to spend more time with Aunt Liz, but I cannot shirk my work. I am sad that I can’t do justice to both.

    Me: First off, Sienna, accept that both are important – your work and Aunt Liz.

    Next, be content with the time you choose to give each. That way, you will not waste energy regretting, and will have that energy to give your best to both – work and Aunt Liz – when it is their allotted time.

    >I’ve really missed the interaction.
    – You were gone because you needed to be elsewhere, MJ. But you’re back and that’s all that matters here and now! Bring out the champers!


    P.S.: See? Nothing has changed since you left. I STILL long comments. :-)

  23. MJ: How have you coped with absences from your blog, and/or writing?
    Sunshine: I just took 2 days off from posting, felt guilty the whole time, but I come back and I joyfully see YOU!! Welcome back, Kotter…oops, I guess it has not been that long!

    Missed your style of entertainment and very happy you put yourself back on the blog map. :)

    • Sunshine, so good to have your little sun on the blog again. I know, I’ve been the one who’s been away. I have to make time to check in more frequently, right?

      Hmm, I like your definition of my “style of entertainment”. Others would call it “weird!” :)

  24. Welcome Back! Hope all is well in MJ Land. Last year I took a break from blogging due to an unexpected and unwelcome diagnosis for my daughter. My attention and time was tied up in doctor’s appointments and research. Usually writing is therapy for me, but it took awhile before I felt stable enough to communicate about it. Eventually I resumed my blogging mojo and the reception from my readers was overwhelmingly supportive…it’s good to know there are still many decent human beings in the world!

  25. Welcome back, M-to-the-J Mizzle. I’ve taken a few breaks from blogging. I always love all the free time, but when I finally decide to get back to writing I’m shocked that there aren’t a few million people ready to like my post. Takes time, I guess :)

    • Hey, T-Nel, so great to see your happy little avatar in the corner of your comment. I wish I had a lot of free time, but I’m trying to tie up the loose ends from the job search/upcoming move – YIKES, there’s a LOT to do! I know you know how that shizzle goes down. :)

      I for one, am always grateful to see Tori in the house!

  26. Well I, for one, was outraged at the total lack of MJ availability but now I realise how long it has been, I am mollified.
    Welcome back, MJ.

  27. HI mj,

    I am slow and steady. I do at least one post a week, or maybe two posts every ten or eleven days. Even at that rate, my other writing suffers, but I keep blogging away because I enjoy my blogging buddies, an author should to establish a social media presence, and because I enjoy it. It’s nice see our presence in the blogosphere again

    • Ah, you are a wise one, my storytelling friend. One post a week is a great target amount. I need to get back on that kind of schedule soon. All great reasons to keep a social media presence – especially because it’s fun!

  28. Good to see you here, MJ., but I didn’t know you were gone, because I was gone! Life gets crazy sometimes. I have 5000 emails in my blog acct. I’ve been making the rounds now….I can’t fathom going back through the old posts! Welcome back!

    • Hi Judy, great to hear from you. I hope you’re time away was for a needed break vs. something that forced you to be away. And I’m so with you on not going back through old posts – as much as I would like to do that.

  29. Hey MJ! I have been out of the loop for a while now too. Groovylove (Baby Sister) and I were just discussing that we hadn’t seen you around in a while. We Shucker’s have to stick together you know… anyway, glad you’re back. I plan to write again, just as soon as Old Man Winter blows in and I’m stuck in the house a little bit more. Meanwhile, I’m outside cleaning up the woodlands with some of my therapeutic burning, or I’m busy chasing Daisy deer around… taking in some deer porn… you know, the rut is going on right now! I’m hoping for some good material for blogging. At least that’s what I hope for!

  30. Blogging breaks are sometimes necessary. I’m glad you are back though. Your humor is always such a nice addition to the blog-o-sphere.

  31. It’s great to see you back.
    Thanks for the time travel though I do not think that you have actually missed that much. In a few days you will feel as if you have never made this break. Welcome back, friend!

  32. Hilarious, Mike!!! If you get 60 comments on an “I’m back” post, you were MISSED! As for your final question, the only absences I’ve had from my Mon.-Fri. photoblog since launch are the weekends when I take more photos and create my posts for the next week. [GUILT ALERT] I have never missed a weekday post since I started my blog on Nov. 1, 2010. Have a good weekend! :)

    • Wow John, I can’t believe you haven’t ever missed a post. That’s amazing. Great job.

      Ha, I’m so glad I was missed. I sure miss reading everyone else’s blog, and your sense of humor.

      Hope your Thanksgiving was a great one.

  33. Did I hear correctly that you’ll be moving yet again, MJ? I hope the blog absence wasn’t due to anything negative happening with your health or family. I routinely fall out of the blogosphere for 6ish months every year, and I’m finally starting to adjust to my mostly MIA posting schedule. Ha.

    Glad to see you back, and good luck with the interviews!

    • Yep, you heard it right, Dana. And here I am late at getting back to my comments. I will be so glad as this transition moves forward and the dust settles. You have a busy schedule as well with seasonality.

  34. Oh, and I thought that I was just off cyberspace while in the bushveld of South Africa!

  35. You are really funny, Mj. :) And welcome back !
    I was thinking about your absence in blog world. But I knew everything was fine at your side, as now I am in touch with you on Facebook. :)

  36. Greetings to you! I’ve not been keeping up too good on blogging much myself until recently, but I’d be fortunate to even get one hit a day!
    Seems I have some catching up to do… on how the geographical move is for one thing… it’s kind of been that long for me. Appears that move + the transition to the new web domain is working out for you with the sense of humor still in tact anyway. Thanks for a way of keeping in touch with us over at WordPress, some of us need the laughs(“-“)

  37. Missed you…hope your holidays are blessed.

Love to hear from you.

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