"It's like taking a nap on that little rug when you were in kindergarten."

A Few (35) of My Favorite Things

In Rodgers and Hammerstein’s highly-acclaimed musical, The Sound of Music, Julie Andrews – as Maria von Trapp – sang about a few of her favorite things:

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things

After watching Carrie Underwood sing it in the first live musical production on network television since 1957, I thought it was time for my version of “A few of my favorite things.”

One through Ten

1. Having a full tank of gas.

2. Disneyland.

3. Going out to a movie on Friday night with MLB.

4. Lunch after a hard morning of work.

5. Having some cash in my pocket.

6. Sunset over the Pacific Ocean.

Sunset over La Jolla

7. Watching an episode of a favorite show on DVR.

8. Keeping up with old friends.

9. Actually recognizing that my wife got a haircut.


10. College football games (Nebraska – Go Big Red!, and Alabama – Roll Tide!).

Eleven through Twenty

11. Researching trivia on Google. I could do it all day!

12. Great spelling.

13. Parking the car in the garage.

14. Finishing a home improvement project.

15. Putting on a just-ironed shirt.

16. Duke greeting me when I come home from work.

17. Getting packages from Amazon (yeah free two-day shipping from Amazon Prime!).

18. Anything with bacon.

Favorite Things, bacon

19. Sappy Christmas movies.

20. Getting comments on blog posts.

Twenty-One through Twenty-Six

21. A great find at a thrift store or auction.

Thrift store, plaid, favorite things

22. Text messaging.

23. The Green Bay Packers.

24. Art, art museums, anything about art. Oh, and art.

25. Online shopping.

26. Pumpkin pie – this would be toward the top, truth be told.

Twenty-Seven through Thirty-Five

27. Going to a movie when it first comes out.

28. Urban slang. Fo’ sho’!

29. Clean sheets.

30. Old books.

31. DISH satellite television.

32. Plaid, of course (see pic above with thrift store).

33. Warm Krispy Kreme donuts.

Krispy Kreme donuts

34. Writing.

35. Interesting words.


What are some of your favorite things?


  1. Nice to see you, MJ!

  2. Travel, cozy sheets, my mom’s cherry pie, warm & sunny winters, happy daughter, happy husband…
    Great post MJ! And it’s really good to see you back here again. You have been missed!

    • You should have mentioned Santa Barbara, Pearl! I’m so with you on warm and sunny winters, though we don’t get them here in NE.

      Thank you so much for the kind words, my friend.

  3. my kids, a warm blanket right out of the dryer on a cold day, books, my kids (yeah, they rate twice), the smell of lasagna in the oven (right now, smells amazing). And of course, MJ’s blog posts :)

  4. What the whaaat? I just saw you over at Elyse’s! Good to see you again, MJ.

    That being said, I laughed that the Packers were on your list. My poor hubby bought himself a Green Bay Packers baseball hat and now gets constantly made fun of by the mean Patriots fans around here. He finally stopped wearing it (and they lost today, didn’t they?)

    • Darla?!? It’s been so long. Hope you and the fam are well.

      :( The Pack is losing at the moment. Not over yet, but not looking too good. I knew I liked your husband and I only virtually know him through you. Tell those bully Patriot fans to knock it off.

  5. MTM is my favorite person, place or thing.

    I can totally see you in those plaid shirts.

  6. Right now: This brilliant look inside your brain box!

  7. I was right with you until you said text messaging. Ptuey! Yuck. I’d rather type or talk. :)

    My favorite things? The way Jack looks at me when he thinks I didn’t finish my supper…which is frequently. He can’t have everything because I don’t think everything is good for a dog…but he always looks so hopeful. Love his eyes.

    My kids make me happy. Finishing wrapping the Christmas gifts makes me happy (still waiting for that moment to happen). Family, a pretty snowfall, good old fashioned Christmas music. Bruce Willis. The smell of fresh out of the oven homemade bread…even though I can’t have it anymore. Comments from my favorite people on my blog post (who are also posting more regularly on their own blogs again, and good book reviews.

    It’s a long list.

    MJ? WE HAVE SNOW!!! Finally. :)

    • I actually prefer typing to texting on that miniature keyboard, but like the immediacy of the medium.

      Ha, Jack sounds like Duke. And we try not to give him much in the way of “people food.”

      Good list, KK. Like the Bruce Willis choice. I need to comment on other blogs more often!

      I love the look of snow, but it makes work quite a bit more cumbersome to say the least.

      • Phone conversations are pretty immediate, too. 😉

        Yeah, Bruce Willis is always a good choice. And yes, you definitely need to find more time to pop in once in a while…so we don’t think you were abducted by aliens.

        The only thing I don’t like about snow is when the roads are bad. I’ve had to drive in three snowstorms in different parts of the state FOUR TIMES since the day before Thanksgiving. The last time a 45 minute trip took 90 minutes. I’ll admit that’s getting a little old.

  8. Sally Moore says:

    – Eating warm KK doughnuts AT KK while snow is falling outside and eavesdropping on a group of old retired men telling war stories about past snowstorms (oops, think that is a memory)

    – Caress of a warm spring breeze on my face while sitting in the sun

    – Waking up to a steaming mug of hot coffee before I’ve even gotten out of bed (courtesy of a loving husband who understands)

    – Pottery mugs

    – Warm chocolate chip cookies and milk

    – Sunrise at the beach

    – Quiet

    – A starry night sky in a place dark enough to see it

    – Yellowstone National Park

    – Mt. Rainier

    – The Pacific coastline of the Olympic peninsula

    – The smell of library stacks

    – Singing in church when the band cuts out and all you hear are voices in harmony

    – My screen porch on a lazy afternoon

    – A cold beer on a hot day

    – Night in the country

    – Laughing, and anything and anyone that gets me there

    – the nighttime smell of honeysuckle combined with the music of crickets.


  9. my few faves… seeing MJ’s post in email … having $$ in purse … currently going crazy over haiku. good to read your top 35 favorite things – Merry Christmas in case i miss the big celebration with you.

    • Sunshine, you’re one of my favorite commenters – always so positive! Hmm … I’ve written a Haiku or two, but it’s been SO long.

      Merry Christmas to you and your family, my friend.

  10. Blogging friends like you!

  11. Great list– and long! Someone asked a similar thing earlier and off the top of my head I was like “my dog, keurig, and wordpress.” It was the most normal answer I have EVER given to any question, so I repeat it here for you now 😉

  12. Awesome to see you, MJ! I hope everything is well with you.

    Some of my favourite things (in no particular order):

    – Depeche Mode
    – America’s Funniest Home Videos (don’t laugh– I effin’ LOVE that show!)
    – The West Coast. Everything about it.
    – Avocados
    – Self-employment (successful self-employment, I should clarify)
    – Blogging, reading blogs, the internet in general
    – Danielle LaPorte’s book, “The Desire Map” Oh-em-gee LOVE LOVE LOVE!!
    – My dearest husband
    – My ridiculously over-the-top slippers. I never had anything like that when I lived in freezing Alberta, but now that I live in mild Victoria, I wear them all the time.
    – Hot lemon water in the morning
    – Smart phones. Just got one last year. Wondered how I even survived without one?
    – Dogs
    – KALE!!!!
    – Our dehumidifier
    – Travel plans (like, SOON)
    – My wonderful doctor, Personal Jesus

    • Hey, Dana, everything’s going well here.
      I’m loving your list. Don’t ever apologize for AFHV’s – who doesn’t like that show!?

      I hadn’t heard of Danielle LaPorte’s book, but looked it up and it looks fascinating. A great blend of analyzing your desires, entrepreneurship, and art. I’ve been a HUGE fan of entrepreneurship and art since I was a wee lad.

      I’m intrigued by your last line. You must elaborate.

      I so agree with you on the smart phone. I think I’ve had one for two or three years, and I use the internet portion WAY more than I probably should. 😉

  13. Chris Twiner says:

    Great to catch up the other day, lots going on and the world continues to turn

  14. Nothing like a fresh Krispy Kreme hot off the conveyor belt!

  15. Somebody saying “I’ll do that so you don’t have to.”

  16. I was in Nebraska for five days which makes me very happy to say… one of my favorite things is being back home in Oklahoma where it’s halfway warm during the winter!! One of these days Juli and I will pay you a visit!! But I guarantee it will be summertime when I show up!

    • You got that right about getting back to warmer weather, Lori. I’m bummed out that you were up here and didn’t stop by. :( You will have to look us up when you come in the summer!

  17. One of my favorite things? Seeing one of my favorite bloggers posting a funny, touching story. Great seeing you. Merry Christmas to you and MLB.

  18. If one loves plaid, is there any need for a lengthy list? The pattern is everything.

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