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7 Strange, But True, Christmas Albums

Christmas albums are a great way for “artists” to connect with their fans beyond their regular music. Who doesn’t want to hear that David Bowie and Bing Crosby version of The Little Drummer Boy? I, for one, enjoy that now-standard Christmas song.

But, boy-oh-boy, set down your glass of milk before you get a glimpse at some of these … shall we say, classic  Christmas albums:

1. KFC and Christmas. What goes together better?

Imagine how that round-table conversation went:
Marketing exec: Hey, we can get Henry Mancini and Harry Belafonte if we could just get Colonel Sanders.
Producer: We could put the Colonel on the cover. We’ll sell meeeellllllionnss! *read in Mike Myers Dr. Evil voice*

Colonel Sanders, Christmas albums

2. American Idol contestant, William Hung. with an oddly titled holiday LP.

I wouldn’t have believed it without seeing it on Amazon with my own two eyes – which I may now have to gouge out.

William Hung, Christmas Albums

3. Funk up your festive season with Afroman.

A picture’s worth a thousand words.

Afroman, Christmas Albums

4. Okay, 80’s fans. Here’s your George Michael, WHAM! fix.

You all are laughing, but you know you loved that hair back then.

WHAM! Christmas albums

5. What says Christmas better than “Crime-A-Billy?”

Dare I say, “nothing?” Even better – it’s “The Strange Tones!”

Strange Tones, Christmas albums

6. We got “Physical,” and “Grease” was the word!

How could you possibly pass up ONJ and John Travolta – our two favorite “Johns!” Loving the understated black t-shirt on JT.

Olivia Newton John, Travolta, Christmas Albums

7. Yep, I’m bringin’ it:

The “Greatest … of All Time.” None other than Dr. Demento!

Dr. Demento, Christmas  album

There you have it – seven of the strangest Christmas albums ever recorded. You wanted them, and my crack research team scoured the internets, mail order, and even a few dumpsters to bring you the very best (or is it worst?) Christmas albums out there.

You’re most welcome.

I leave you with one more:

Vyking, Christmas albums


What strange Christmas albums have you seen that my “team” missed, but shouldn’t have?


  1. What rock have I been under, to have missed ALL of these?!? MJ, you’ve added to my education today, and I thank you. Merry Christmas — hope you have some REAL Christmas music to listen to as you break into the presents!

    • Hope you had a great Christmas as well, Debbie. Those are certainly some crazy albums. After I published this post, thinking this was such a unique idea, I googled weird Christmas albums and dozens of articles popped up. There really is nothing new under the sun. :)

  2. My favorite album is “Oy to the World,” a collection of Christmas Klezmer, and the only Christmas album that makes me want to get up and dance the hora. I hope your Christmas was a merry one.

  3. When I was a kid we somehow got an album every year put out by the Goodyear Rubber Company. Actually they were compilations of Christmas songs by the then-contemporary artists. Still listen to them.

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