"It's like taking a nap on that little rug when you were in kindergarten."

About Me (a work in progress)

27 Possibly interesting things about me:

  1. I feel really young (let’s just leave it at that).
  2. My wife and I fell in love-at-first-sight. She’s my constant companion when we aren’t working.
  3. I’m a Californian who was raised in the Midwest, and is now back in the Midwest.
  4. Living in California was interesting – it’s one of the most remarkable states in the country with its incredibly varied geography and climatology, but it’s very expensive.
  5. I’m the second oldest of seven, and have thirty-something nieces and nephews. There is never conflict in our family ;).
  6. I love children. Our kids are grown and some have kids of their own.
  7. I really like books on a variety of subjects. But if you went through my shelves you’d see mostly art, inspiration, leadership, and design books.
  8. I’ve been told I use puns – to excess (I’m not sure I agree with that though!).
  9. Music is wonderful – I like just about all kinds, from jazz to hip-hop. I’ve even listen to some country music since my wife opened me up to it.
  10. If I could meet someone past or present, it would be Leonardo da Vinci.
  11. I love technology (any kind), but it doesn’t always love me, and occasionally it’s downright perplexing.
  12. I’m mechanically inclined, and have completed numerous home improvement projects.
  13. Must love dogs in our house.
  14. I always wanted to play the drums.
  15. Due to some genetic mishap, I developed a phobia about flying, elevators, and bridges – AFTER I was 35. It’s not your fault, all of you ancestors on mom’s side of the family!
  16. I wear glasses whenever I’m awake, even though my eyesight isn’t that bad. I just can’t put something on my eyeballs (contacts).
  17. I love to go to the movie theater – with my bride – when a movie first comes out. My preference is romantic comedies or action/adventure.
  18. I like water – swimming and surfing. Some prefer the ocean vs. mountains and vice-versa – it’s the ocean for me.
  19. I am very analytical, but there is also a strong creative flow that also comes out – not as much as I would like, though. Blogging has been a good way to express myself.
  20. Fall is my favorite time of year. Ideal weather – 75 degrees F. and sunny. I like snow – in pictures and on television.
  21. My faith is very important to me. I’m a Christian, but far from perfect.
  22. I love photography, but most of my family doesn’t want to be around when I have a camera. I will take hundreds of photos on a vacation – guaranteed; too afraid there’s something that won’t be captured.
  23. I’m a dabbler – in the sense that I love so many topics and have a variety of interests. This can also be a distraction.
  24. I like getting dirty and sweaty, but at the end of the day, I need to step into the shower and clean up. (which is why I never liked camping).
  25. I’m left-handed.
  26. Diet A&W, Diet Dr. Pepper (DDP), and Diet Pepsi are a food group – and one of my favorites!
  27. I love shopping on Amazon.


  1. Mike, I enjoyed hearing your thoughts about leadership and chuckled over your thoughts about Chick flicks. (By the way, I don’t think it is ever safe to comment on another woman’s appearance to one’s spouse or anyone who might know one’s spouse.)

  2. Very interesting! The list approach isn’t something I’ve seen a lot of- I recall in your OC post that you were looking for what hasn’t been done before- I think this counts! :) I probably should change my “About” page up. I say I’m a humor blog but I say it in such an un-funny way. haha!

    • Thanks for the feedback, Tricia! I hope it works. For the record, I like your About page. You are funny, you have a lot of great parenting/craft/Laredo posts. I guess what I’m saying is … you offer more than just humor. You are also a resource to your local, and blogging, community!

  3. As a fellow Californian derived from the Midwest, I gotta say, Uff-da! 😉 Definitely an interesting list. I see several that beckon full-fledged stories…#2, for example. Do tell!

  4. frenchtippedwanderlust says:

    I’ve been having trouble finding good, humorous, interesting blogs to follow.. and it looks like you are the new winner! Just read your most recent post and “about me”! I enjoy puns so keep em coming!

    Also seems like your humor might like my boyfriends humor..

    (he doesn’t have too much yet, but he just started)

  5. Nice blog, thanks for sharing it – love the humor!

  6. Nice blog, thanks for sharing it – love the humorous take on life.

  7. I really enjoyed your blog. BTW, I am also one of seven kids, and a Midwestern transplant. I couldn’t decide between mountains and ocean, which is why I chose to live in Seattle–it has both. But to be honest, I only go into the water in Hawaii!

  8. I think it’s really sweet you still call your wife your bride after all this time :)

  9. Number 27 is great, very funny last fact!

  10. Thanks. I know … I should be drinking more water.

  11. lifeloveandbaby says:

    I too love shopping on Amazon – not that I love admitting that!

  12. Why Leonardo da Vinci? That is, why him in particular? Is there anything about him in particular that you find interesting (other than the fact that he was an all-around interesting guy)?

    • Jacob, thanks for the question. He was such an extra-extra-extraordinary person! His talent in art, science, perseverance, dedication were unparalleled. He was a visionary … I could go on for hours about LdV!

      • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

        LdV: THE original renaissance man (and a lefty too; )
        Truly enjoying the reparte here – must come back often. Cheers, D.

  13. Wow love the way you express, i wrote something similar in the past : http://reeflections.wordpress.com/2009/04/30/you-think-you-know-me-eh/

  14. Loved reading this!
    Must love dogs in our house too! :)

  15. Thanks, TTD!

  16. Wow… I can relate to too many of these – dad? (Woah, just kidding about that…. I hope)

    1, 2 (first sight for me anyhow, she had to take a second glance), 6 (mine are not grown though) through 12, 19 through 21 (although I do love winter as well – mainly because it is fun to get warm), 23 through 26 (but, camping I can do for up to 2-maybe-3 days).

  17. Mike! Look at you! Your about page appears to be very popular, indeed! haha!

  18. I must say, “WE HAVE A LOT COMMON!” :-)

  19. Pleased to meet you, MJ!

  20. I always wondered about left-hand diet dr. Pepper drinkers! :) u gotta watch those guys!

  21. Hey! Although you’ve already received it, Id like you to know that I gave you another nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award. Check it out here http://cathyespiritu.wordpress.com/2011/12/13/the-versatile-blogger-nomination/ :)

  22. MJ, where are you living in California? I am your neighbor! I live in the L.A. area :)

  23. You have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Awards. Please check here…http://jenbeads.wordpress.com/versatileblogger…moi?
    Of course you don’t have to do this all over agian.. lol :)

  24. These were ALL interesting! Thank you for sharing, and for deciding to follow my blog. By the way, I think puns are totally under-appreciated :)

  25. #8 — Use of puns is not a fault!

    #26 — If you like Diet Pepsi, try Pepsi Max. I live on it.

  26. You will like my post of 12/24/10. I am not trying to promote my blog by leaving this comment here so delete my comment.

  27. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog; I will enjoy poking around here, I can already tell.

    And you too love Diet DP and shopping on Amazon? Kindred spirits I tell ya!

  28. I love your About page. I might have to redo mine now!

  29. Hi, I like how your About page is put together. It is not easy to create a unique one, but I think you did a good job. :-)

  30. MJ,

    Please join me in the protest against SOPA/PIPA. Visit my blog for more details. If you want to black out in protest as well, log into your dashboard, click “Settings” then “Protest SOPA/PIPA then select the option you wish.



    • Joe, I was too late to the party. I silently supported the protest! :) I didn’t even get into it until I saw everything going black and then the little icons in the upper right on blogs. I’m so 20th century!! Nice, huh?

  31. MJ!!! I had no idea you were freshly pressed a while back ago! This changes everything! You’ve reached the summit of the WordPress blogosphere! I feel inferior now, like I should call you “Sir” (I guess I should already do that officer) or “Almighty MJ”.

    Congrats! Yes, I know it’s late but you know how the old saying goes… :-)

    • Joe – Shhh … I don’t like that to leak out. Then people may actually think I know what I’m doing – and we know that isn’t true!

      No “Sir”!! But you can call me MJ, Michael, Mike, Dude, etc., just don’t call me late to dinner. :)

      Thanks for the kudos, but keep it on the DL or expectations could get too high!

  32. Hi MJ Monaghan with a g! I found your blog through the other MJ. I love how one blog leads to another. I swear I could spend hours just poking around going from blog to blog. Yours is a good find and I look forward to reading more.

    • Wow, just saw this Jeanette! Better late than never, huh? I’m with you on checking out by “blog-hopping!” Thank you for stopping by. Greatly appreciated, fellow Monaghan (g-less). :)

  33. Good to see you know yourself like as such…Can I also know you the same way? Though in my literature class, I was told to atke everything a person says of himself or herself with a a pinch of salt…

    • Peter, thank you for the comments. Your blog is very interesting, though the link did not take me there. I had to google your name and then found your blog.

      For the most part, I am “an open book.” But you are correct, everything anyone says should be taken with a pinch of salt! :)

  34. I nominated your blog for the One Lovely Blog award!


  35. Hi MJ. I’m sending you the Kreativ Blogger award because I enjoy reading your blog. I understand that some people are ambivalent about these awards, and that’s okay. I’m a bit ambivalent about them myself. But, if you’d like to participate, check out my blog for the award blurb. And thanks. 

  36. I love your new home. :)

  37. Your new blog looks fabulous! You’ve also got a great list here…I lived in California for a couple years, LA area. The sun was very consistent 😉 As a Seattlite wasn’t used to so much earthy affection. I look forward to seeing what you do here!

  38. Your blog is one of the most entertaining around. Glad I found it. And your “MJ Elf” is ready and waiting. Hope you like him 😉

  39. Interesting!! 😀

  40. MJ, I’ve nominated you for a Shine A Light Award for blogging, should you want to tell us some more random things about yourself. You can check my blog (3/10/12) on the award. Oscar

    • Oscar, I thanked you for the prestigious Shine a Light nomination on your blog, the other day, but wanted to be sure to get it on the record here as well. Thank you so much, my friend!

  41. Michael J. Monaghan says:

    I was just going through Twitter and I noticed there were quite a few other Michael Monaghan’s…but yours struck me as interesting. You are a writer, I am trying to be a writer. You grew up in the Midwest, as did I. Your middle name appears to start with a J and so does mine (James). Other than that whole Fall thing we have similar tastes as well :)

    I just thought I would drop you a line and say howdy to a fellow MJM’r :)

  42. 28. You love jokes
    29. You LOVE taking pictures
    You are wrong we do think your funny (sometimes)
    and i have way better eye sight than you FGM with or without glasses as we have proven

  43. Hey! I nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger Award! I know they are a bit of effort but really wanted to let you know you are a favourite of mine!:)

  44. Love your bio. I can relate to much of it…including a fear of heights and bridges (I have never been able to drive across the Mackinaw Bridge, much to my kids disgust). :)

    • Thanks, Kristy. When we lived in northern California, I REALLY avoided the Bay Bridge. And yes, that’s the one that had one section collapse onto another during the 1989 earthquake. For me the fear is more a matter of getting stuck there in a traffic jam, as opposed to the bridge giving way. :)

  45. Hey MJ, I want to run a live online discussion on how social media has taken over our lives and how journalists/writers manage to stay on top of it all, while staying semi-sane. I thought you’d be a great co-host. Please let me know asap if you’re interested. Thank you,

  46. Great about me page

  47. Hi MJ,
    I just wanted you to know I enjoy your blog so much, that I have nominated you for the “One Lovely Blog” award! It was given to me the other day, and I would like to pass it on to you. If you would like to accept, he details are on my site groovylove.wordpress.com. Have a great day, MJ!

    Groovylove (GL)


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