"It's like taking a nap on that little rug when you were in kindergarten."

A Way with Words … Not Have Way

Do our words make sense? As a writer you hope to resonate with your audience. You want to capture lightning in a bottle. Kind of like winning the lottery ... with words. Maybe you hope the post or article you write goes "viral" on the internet. Or … [Continue reading]

I Used to be a Yuppie, but I’m Still a Preppy

MJ with Penguin

Preppy:     I WAS a Teenage Yuppie Yuppie - short for "young urban professional" or "young upwardly-mobile professional." Honestly, you grow up your whole life hearing people say, "Time goes so fast. When I was your age, I never thought I'd … [Continue reading]

Life is Good. And Life Goes On

MLB, MJ, Brother, Sister, Niece, BIL
In front: Mom and Dad

"Life goes on with or without you, time stops for no one!" Here's what we may think of ourselves, and our troubles, a lot of the time: But we quickly learn, throughout difficult periods of our life, that it isn't really like that at … [Continue reading]

Christmas, Family, Extended Stay, and Rigid Flexibility

Sunset over the field (800x558)

It's Christmas time, and that means reflecting on family, friends, and the true reason for Christmas. In my mind, and without any intent to be blasphemous, I must go back to my Catholic upbringing and make a confession: "It has been more than one … [Continue reading]

Moving from “Surf City” Sand to “Children of the Corn” Rows

mm feet in sand side shot (800x598)

Moving Our feet firmly anchored in beach sand, grains drain through the thin middle and pile effortlessly onto the base of the hour glass.   Drifting snow and swirling winds replace high and low tides. New adventure … [Continue reading]

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