"It's like taking a nap on that little rug when you were in kindergarten."

Why This Isn’t My 100th Post, 1 Year Blogging Anniversary, or Duke the Dog’s Birthday

This well-crafted bit of writing was supposed to be my 100th post, one year blogging anniversary, and Duke the Dog’s first birthday post all rolled into one.     There’s only one slight problem – I’m a month late getting it out. So instead, this is my 110th post, Duke is now one year and […]

Child’s First Birthday Cake – Make it a Smash Cake

It’s your baby’s first birthday. You buy a fantastic cake. Really well-decorated, tons of frosting – a pastry of perfection that anyone, except for a newly-turned-one year old would truly appreciate. One that looks something like this: I’m all for a really nice celebration, and great cake, for that special little youngster. However, I’m still […]

Happy Birthday!!

This is what it would look like with 53 candles!! It’s the 28th of February again. For those of you who know me well – and may you survive that fate – you may think of this as a day that lives in infamy. hehe Yes, I’m that guy with the quirky, okay, if truth […]

December Birthday, Christmas, and Cate

It’s 3:53 am, and little puppy Duke is lying at my feet wondering why we aren’t going back to bed after he went outside. Doesn’t he know what day it is? It’s December 23rd – the birthday of my lovely bride, Cate (also his human momma). I think he’s just thinking, “There he goes again, […]

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