"It's like taking a nap on that little rug when you were in kindergarten."

Obsessive Compulsive (OC) Blogging – Two Years Later

It’s been more than two years since I wrote my first real post about blogging. I was pretty naive at the time. Looking back, I find it pretty interesting to see how I was dead-on in some ways, and in others not so accurate. I thought I’d take a peek at what I wrote, and […]

Why This Isn’t My 100th Post, 1 Year Blogging Anniversary, or Duke the Dog’s Birthday

This well-crafted bit of writing was supposed to be my 100th post, one year blogging anniversary, and Duke the Dog’s first birthday post all rolled into one.     There’s only one slight problem – I’m a month late getting it out. So instead, this is my 110th post, Duke is now one year and […]

The ABC’s of Great Blogging and Writing

For purposes of simplification, let’s assume you’re writing for your blog and blogging for your writing. Most everyone who blogs wants to write about what they’re passionate about. It’s fairly easy to pin that down: What do you love to do, think about, talk about, or live for, that you’re so excited about that you […]

Guest Post Poser – The Interview

Guest Posts – we all love to read those quirky, interesting posts that pop up on our favorite blogs, don’t we?? ————————————————————— Well, my goodness, it must be summer. Everyone’s going on vacation, enjoying a break from the action. I feel like I should be, too. So, in order to take a much-needed respite from blogging, […]

Spam – a – LOT!!

Oh my goodness. I was just cruising through my spam folder (1,941 spam messages since February 15th), and I must share some of the hilarity. *** “Hey, stupefying deem !” This is interesting. Usually when I’m called stupefying, it’s followed by “idiot” or a swear word. So … I feel pretty good about this one. […]

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