"It's like taking a nap on that little rug when you were in kindergarten."

Why This Isn’t My 100th Post, 1 Year Blogging Anniversary, or Duke the Dog’s Birthday

This well-crafted bit of writing was supposed to be my 100th post, one year blogging anniversary, and Duke the Dog’s first birthday post all rolled into one.     There’s only one slight problem – I’m a month late getting it out. So instead, this is my 110th post, Duke is now one year and […]

Beach Patrol – Assistant Lifeguard On-Duty

Sitting from our beach blanket vantage point, we looked out at the clear blue sky and green-tinged ocean spewing rhythmic, whitewater waves. It was just another day at the beach. *** What it looked like to the south and north, from where we were sitting:               As our skin soaked up ray […]

My So-Called Simple Life – Shunning Social Media

There is no social media in MJ’s life. Twitter is the sound of a bird tweeting, a magazine or newpaper on the newstand “in town” must be a “facebook,” surely “google-ing” someone must mean to look at them strangely, and “blog” is a funny mispronunciation of the word “log” by a child. It’s the crack […]

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